Sunday, 20 June 2010

Green Arrow’s TRAITOROUS SYCOPHANTS now joins in on the Leadership Attacks!


The traitor of Nationalism Green Arrow and Britain’s number one sycophant has now launched an attack on lifelong Nationalist and activist Peter Stafford JNR because of his sexuality and what has been posted on this blog. I would like to firstly inform everyone that Green Arrow has admitted his loyalty is to “Mr Griffin” and not to the party. Green Arrow is a NON MEMBER OF THE BNP, he clearly thinks that the BNP is the Nick Griffin appreciation society, it is not a political party what so ever, or a political movement with the aim of saving our race and nation. We must add that it may not be Griffins hope, but it is clearly the hope of his supporters who he should immediately distance himself from.

Green Arrow talks about the Dowson Video, that video was shown to show the readers that an anti-gay activist’s is currently in control of the party. It is now no surprise that after so long of this matter being known to many people that his supporters are now using the very issue they accepted and had no problem with to attack and character assassinate a hard working activist and candidate at local level and in the General Election.

As for the gay marriage issue Peter Stafford has told us his opinion is this: “He believes that Civil Partnerships are perfectly adequate and are fair and right. However does not really believe that marriage should be opened to homosexuals as it is traditionally a religious ceremony and that religious beliefs should not be infringed. As for straight people not being able to get civil partnerships it’s a bit of a moot point as they are in essence very similar and that straight people are still entitled to use registry offices to get married.”

Green Arrow then goes on to re-produce a photo of Peter and his partner kissing which was included on “the video which was made to attack him”. Green Arrow is either too stupid or ignorant ( we suspect both) to understand it wasn’t us that went around posting this picture all over the net or bringing up the issue of sexuality but it was the Griffin sycophantic supporters to try and smear hard working activists who support a democratic, free and fair leadership challenge. Peter has never gone out of his way to make his Sexuality an issue and has kept it a private thing and has never thrown it in any other persons face. However certain cretins have decided to go digging around private pictures and decided to throw Peters sexuality in every ones face. If Green Arrow therefore has a problem then he should take it up with the Griffin Supporters and the leadership, but at least pay for his BNP membership first and become a member with the right to criticise.

Further to that as the pictures used are private and not the property of the Griffin supporters, copyright action is now being considered against the makers of the video and the Green Arrow blog. Interestingly Peter has just completed a course which covered copyright and intellectual property law.

Green Arrow then goes on and rants about sodomy at 14, something Peter has assured us he is opposed to fully as well as the teaching of sexuality in schools and even the obscene gay ‘pride’ marches which he feels only damage the image of gay people as they are hijacked by Marxists.

As for other Christian values they may find Peter and the posters of this blog agree on most of them such as to Abortion. So if they wish to post things maybe they should get their facts straight, rather than jumping to wrong conclusions.

It’s also unfortunate that the Green Arrow’s impaired judgement has now got in the way of what an utter state this Party is now in and the direction its heading. He has let his personal battle and vendetta he has ongoing with Simon Bennett to totally send him up the wrong road rendering and leaving his thought processes in a delusional scrambled mess. The Green Arrow has chosen his bed partner and so he can sleep with him. BNP members and patriots with a conscience as this sites blog contributor’s have, will continue the push for change NOW and not when Nick Griffin thinks it suits him and his future retirement plans!

We have been contacted by many out there who wish us all the best. However I wish to say this to all the other BNP members in Branches and Groups throughout the country “who know” that since our Question Time appearance the popularity of the BNP in the eyes of the public has plummeted catastrophically, for reasons which are known to many.

As members it’s perfectly OK to criticise and question the leadership. This is NOT Nick Griffin’s party with his small band of “jobs for the boy’s” at the top; this is a political party that belongs to the membership. The real traitors are the ones that stay silent and are prepared to watch idly by while the party gets plundered and becomes bankrupt through continued BNP appearances in unnecessary court battles. The reformers will not be silenced; indeed the traitors are the ones who are not prepared to speak out!


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