Monday, 21 June 2010

The Duty of Nationalists - Lee Barnes!

QUOTE: "I gather from chatter on the internet that there is going to be a leadership challenge in the BNP.

The fact that this is a leadership challenge, as opposed to an coup within the party as during the Decembrists attempted takeover, means that this is going be run in accord with party rules and procedures.

Heres a tip for nationalists.

The true leader of a Nationalist Party is that one that realises that no-one wins a victory if the credibility, integrity and unity of the party is damaged during the leadership process.

At the moment it appears that some people on the internet seem to think that a formal leadership challenge is one based on smear blogs, attacks and dirty tricks.

Anyone involved in that sort of behviour does not deserve to be in the BNP, let alone to lead the BNP.

All political parties have regular leadership challenges.

It is a basic feature of the democratic internal process of all political parties.

The sign of any mature political party that is ready for power, is how it undergoes that leadership challenge process.

At the moment I see two sides totally hostile developing on the internet, who each seem to think that this leadership challenge process should be fought as though it were based on Mutual Self Destruction and total loathing.

The only people who profit from a BNP leadership campaign based on smears, attacks blogs, name calling and factionalism - is the enemy.

Any Nationalist who uses this leadership challenge to undermine the BNP, the Nationalist cause and our political growth is a traitor.

This challenge, will and must be, fought in a way that brings honour to the party and nationalism.

Those that are trying to use this challenge as a mechanism to peddle division, factionalism and hate amongst our ranks is an enemy - and must be treated as one.

Regardless of who they support, those that act in that way are the inner enemy.

All those whose actions damage the party, the nationalist cause and our political growth in society - will be remembered.

Those who think there can ever be a victory in any leader inheriting a divided, factionalised and disunited party - is either a fool or a traitor.

I would ask all those bloggers, BNP activists and supporters to act solely for the benefit of the party.

If you support a candidate - then simply support them, and do not attack the other side in such a way that the information can be used against us in the future.

This leadership challenge is beginning to cause real damage to the party and British Nationalism.

Those who act in such a way to undermine the party will be liable to a disciplinary hearing as regards their internet activism, if it can be demonstrated that they intended, or should have known, their comments could be used by the enemy against us and have damaged the party and our long term political growth.

Campaign all you like for whoever you support, but if you think you can turn this campaign into a BNP Boot Party, and destroy the party in the process, then think again.

I will be collecting all comments and statements from people that could or have damaged the party.

Those who are trying to use this campaign to undermine the BNP will be stopped.

I have only one thing to say on what has happened so far.

Those who film the antics of a drunken idiot in order to release that information on the internet, and those who are involved in leaking that footage on the internet, are as bad as the drunken idiot.

Each is as despicable as the other.

Neither gives a toss for the party, British Nationalism and our growth as a political party.

The only people who benefit from that sort of behaviour are our enemies.

The fact that people do not seem to understand the fundamental issue, which is that the candidate they support has to try and run the BNP - and they cannot do that if the party is divided, disunited and factionalised - means neither side wins a victory.

If people cannot act as intelligent, rational and decent human beings and show respect to fellow Party Comrades in a way that brings credit to the party and nationalism - then they do not deserve to be in the BNP." END QUOTE


We feel this is a very good post by Lee Barnes, and one the Griffin supporters should take note of. It has been them that have been bringing the party into disrepute, we from the outset have come out saying we want a CLEAN free and fair election which will only make the party stronger. However the Leadership have decided to descend to such low levels of smearing good members. They have now made themselves look like the Homophobic idiots that the far-left make them out to be.

Then you have people following Green (Brown) Arrow who isn't even a party member but has the audacity to attack and insult party members who do more than he can dream of doing. What is he doing now apart from being a homophobic prick? Oh thats right milking his drones (supporters) of money which could be better spent at local level recruiting new people!

Time for Change!

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