Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Eddy Butler makes his case!

We are in troubled times and many members are feeling disillusioned. I know some of you are thinking of quitting. This would be a fatal mistake. In times such as these it is essential that all members stay at their post. If the Party experiences a set-back it is vital that we face up to it and move on to achieve greater success in the future. It would be a tragic waste were any member to feel they had to quit, still worse if anyone felt they should set up or join a rival organisation.

I will not insult your intelligence by claiming that we just had a good election. In most places (with the notable exception of Barking) our Parliamentary election results improved marginally but at the same time we lost over half of our ‘proper’ council seats (that is excluding Town, Parish and Community councillors who however valuable they might be to us are not counted towards totals for comparative purposes).

After five years work, the simple truth is that we must do much better than marginally increase our vote since the last General Election. When faced by such a set-back it is vital that we re-group, re-evaluate and re-new. Doing nothing or at best tinkering with things around the edges is not an option. We have too few years in which to secure our country‘s and our people’s future. The stakes are too high.

It is essential that the Party goes ahead united. There must be:

· Financial transparency – so we can see how much money comes in and where it goes.

· Financial competence – so that our accounts are available and presented in an orderly and clear manner

· Administrative competence – so the best staff are able to work efficiently and without fear of offending others in the hierarchy and where proper documentation and legal employment processes are followed.

· Political competence – so that we are not being forced into costly and unnecessary legal battles all the time, so that leaflets are produced on time and so that internal bulletins are delivered on time.

· We must have our resources channelled into worthwhile avenues - to support electioneering and the work of our elected officials.

· We must have a leadership which is a bonus and a credit to our Party in the eyes of the public and not a downward drag on our vote.

· We need a modern public image that befits a Party that wishes to take power.

We must move out of stagnant waters and make another leap forward. The times are right – our policies are pretty much right. We must join together to build a new future for the Party. Pretty much everyone in the Party agrees with this. So please everyone stick in there and help build a new future.

Eddy Butler

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This blog believes in Democracy and Freedom, therefore we will be supporting these principles. We are an Independent blog for Nationalists in Liverpool, the views expressed here are the views of the writers only.

In the case of a leadership challenge, this blog will support who ever the membership decide to vote for. We will always back the BNP and not any other party, the cause is too important to lose.

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