Saturday, 31 October 2009

James Roberts CONVICTED UAF THUG and anti democratic idiot.

It seems that the UAF have got their knickers in a bit of a twist over the recent conviction of UAF McFadden lackey, James Roberts of Jubille drive, Kensington. The trouble with the UAF along with Roberts is that they think they are above the law of the land.

Taking a look at the video above its evident for everyone to see that this idiot with a dress sense straight out of the Steve Radford school of fashion has no respect of law, as well as of the police who he quite clearly is insulting to.

Merseyside BNP welcome this guilty conviction for the major public order offence on April 23rd 2009 committed by James Roberts. However this was only the first half that you see on the video, the second half perpetrated by him and his UAF goons happened a little while later, in a cowardly attack by the UAF on BNP OAP men and women up at St John's gardens, with their Communist Stalin worshiping hero Alec McFadden in tow.

Alec McFadden recently admitted to Roger Phillips whilst live on radio Merseyside that he had the stolen BNP membership list on his home computer (this was illegal). He was then going to use the list to pressurise their employers in exposing the BNP employees about their BNP membership. This was a clear admission by McFadden to breaching the data protection act ( an imprisonable offence). Now that James Roberts is a "convicted" and in our opinion quite clearly an "unbalanced individual" member of society, we feel in the interest of public safety this may be an avenue which may be open to us in the future.

Certainly a teaching career would be out of the question for Roberts looking at the video with such a volatile temper and such a propensity for violence and disrespect for law and order. It would be our public duty that being the case to "bring to attention his conviction" to future employers should they be thinking of employing him.

On reflection in the world of Roberts, he may start to realise his moments of madness are going to cost him dearly for carrying out orders on behalf of others.

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