Monday, 2 November 2009

Colonisation?... This is GENOCIDE of WHITE British people.

Hat tip to Roger Phillips of the Green Arrow Blog site. Click on the ORANGE link above to get on their superb site.

If ever proof was needed that White British people are being booted, displaced out of their homeland, then the above video is proof enough.

The scum politicians in this country aren't interested in us, they are too busy planning their next little fiddle on the expenses, whilst giving YOUR tax money to the invaders above on the video.

Roger Phillips in the interest of his own safety had to talk in Welsh at the end of the video, just in case he was attacked for saying what he was saying. Its unbelievable that this is happening in our Capital City of Great Britain London. But its been happening for years now UNREPORTED, because the powers that be in this country want it that way.

This is GENOCIDE!!.. The Labour Party, The Conservative Party, The Lib Dem Party are all complicit in the utter destruction of our country that is now happening in every town and city.

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