Monday, 26 October 2009

Daily Mail Mislead the readers about the Liverpool 13 and Peter Molloy!

In a article published today which names Peter Molloy and is about him being arrested with 12 other BNP Activists in November 2008 in Liverpool City Centre.

This article is misleading as it says they were arrested for distributing racist material. The material was the Racism Cuts Both ways which was published by the BNP. However the article tries to make out that the Liverpool 13 are still under investigation/charges by failing to mention that charges were not brought and all bail was dropped after we forced the hands of Merseyside police by holding a demo the following Saturday in which Nick Griffin was present.

Also what makes the twisting and distortion of the Daily Mail even worse is the fact that the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police has admitted Liability and as a result Merseyside Police have began to pay each person arrested the sum of about £2200 EACH!

Maybe people should write to the Daily Mail and complain?

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