Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lying proffessional black Weyman Bennett accuses the BNP of Murder....Time to phone the police I think.

A hat tip must go again to the Green Arrow blog for bringing this video to our attention. Visit his superb site by clicking on the ORANGE headline above.

Weyman Bennett of the UAF is a particularly nasty piece of lying filth. At every opportunity he uses the fact that (obviously) he is black. This makes him a professional black man, someone who uses the color of they're skin to make a living out of it. Fair enough with losers like Weyman who carries the "usual chip on his shoulder" larger than Mount Everest, that most ethnics carry, because of "whitey" don't forget, we are continually forced and have to pander to all the shit and bile that they spew out, each day and every day.

Between him and Alec McFadden, who is a compulsive liar (we have proof) you have to ask who is the champion of lies, deceit and untruths. At every opportunity these UAF Communist liar's spew it out and everything is excepted. Well I for one will be contacting the police (again) over this latest outburst which is a total pack of lies. I would ask that everyone else do the same thing once viewing the video also.

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