Sunday, 18 October 2009

BNP street activism in Merseyside then up to Glasgow

Many apologies to readers who are wondering whats been happening to our site over the last ten days. The situation is that Merseyside BNP has been very busy working towards and campaigning for an election that will be happening shortly. More news on this when it is announced officially by the council concerned.

Yesterday Merseyside BNP had the famous BNP truth truck which was put to good use for three hours in South Liverpool. I have the report back from the organiser Peter Squire that people in South Liverpool gave the vehicle and the message on the vehicle a fantastic response.

It was unfortunate that Merseysides traffic and Labour Party police were on the scene within minutes of the Truth Truck arriving and Parking in South Liverpool. Apparently the police wanted to know of the intentions of the driver, where he was going and who with and as to how long he intended to be parked (quite legally)in a public lay-by. Shame the police think its fit to harass motorists instead of catching criminals.

It was handy the Merseyside BNP photographer was around who just managed to catch the end of the Labour Party police admiring the BNP vehicle. They soon shot off after realising they were getting filmed (footage below). If one could only read the thoughts of the male police officer considering the look he gave the camera man on fleeing the scene. You can click on the ORANGE headline above to go to the You Tube site, as sometimes the footage on this site is cropped off the right of the footage screen.

The Liverpool BNP team arrived up in Glasgow at 10.30 pm, picture below.

An interview with our key personnel up in Scotland with our Scottish BNP brother Walter Hamilton by the North West Regional Organiser Clive Jefferson. Video below.

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