Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wednesday today, but what a day yesterday!

Where were you yesterday?..If you cannot remember, well you really did miss out on Nick Griffin at his superb best. From a prolonged continued attack from the British establishment Nick Griffin side stepped every attack and forced his opponents to fumble, drop the ball and forward pass continually, all day.

Normally you save the best till last but I want to show you the best first here as far as I'm concerned. Channel four news last night was a masterclass in how to dismantle your opponent before your opponent has even had a chance to reach full stride. Nick did this superbly with the 5th Lord James Bethel(who's not a Conservative you know)... Not until he said he was! By the way the Generals who had been so vociferous in their attack by ganging up on Nick were nowhere to be seen, even though they were invited to debate against Nick on the news programme!

The fun starts at one minute in when Nick Griffin "exposes" Lord Bethel as a Tory toff, the cameras focus in on Lord Bethel who delivers the biggest visible toad like gulp any one could deliver on camera!.. You could almost read Lord Bethels mind at that point thinking "shite I've been rumbled" The following sixty seconds are priceless with Lord Bethel mumbling,bumbling and stuttering to compose himself exposing his Conservative credentials in the process. But the damage had already been done by his admission and Lord Bethels case against Nick and the BNP was left in tatters.

Click on the ORANGE headline above to view the video on full screen.

Below another great performance from Nick earlier on in the day, this time on Sky News.

The Generals (dont mention the Conservatives) for hire.

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