Wednesday, 2 September 2009

BNP membership rules case adjourned.

The idiot above, Trevor Phillips, states the "BNP should be treated as less than human"...The article below is taken from the superb Green Arrow site.

A legal case about ethnic restrictions on the British National Party's membership rules has been adjourned.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission whose chairman Trevor Phillips, once referred to BNP members as being "less than human" has issued proceedings against BNP leader Nick Griffin and two party officials.

It claims the party's policy of limiting its membership to "indigenous Caucasian" people is illegal, whilst not mentioning any of the thousands of "black only" organisations that bar white people from joining.

The party has quite rightly, called the action a "pathetic attempt" by the commission to divert attention from its own problems where staff are vanishing quicker than snow on a summers day due to internal problems.

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