Monday, 14 September 2009


Liverpool BNP were out at the TUC conference in Liverpool yesterday. They were giving out leaflets to the passing public who were very receptive to our message. As you can see from the leaflets given out we do mean what we say. Unlike the communists at the TUC who pontificate over anything that is beneficial to British workers rights. British jobs for foreign workers is the motto of the TUC union traitors!

Such is the violent nature of the UAF scum, the police shadow them at every opportunity. This UAF male layabout being followed by the police was searching the Albert Dock for his next drugs fix no doubt.

That's right say cheese you Communist anti British traitor

Well the biggest fools of the lot are in Merseyside on Tuesday. George Galloway is at the Adelphi Hotel at 7pm with all his anti British Communist stooges. No doubt they will have the hammer and sickle flag on full display whilst all hero worshiping their hero, the Russian mass murderer Stalin. Pathetic, the lot of them.

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