Saturday, 5 September 2009

Liverpool and Sefton BNP welcome UKIP'S Nigel Farage...NOT!

Have this leaflet Nigel..Oh and its free so you cannot claim for it.

He's been banned from Liverpool city centre but super activist Peter Tierney is on the front line in Southport.

This weekend UKIP held its AGM in the North West of England, at a hotel in Southport.
The North West region of the British National Party will not easily forget the night our Chairman won the historic BNP North West seat in the European Parliament. We also remember the UKIP MEP turning his back on democracy and walking off the stage with the rest of the establishment, proving beyond doubt that the UKIP leadership are totally complicit with the Lib/lab/con.

To read the full Cumbrian Patriots article click on the ORANGE headline above.

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