Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A mini victory for Justice

Today Liverpool BNP super activist again attended Liverpool magistrates court in Dale street. His appearance at his own request to get the draconian bail restrictions put upon him lifted. Since the shameful, vicious and frenzied attack by the UAF, which was ordered by a Merseyside Union leader on St Georges day, upon our OAP ladies and elderly war veterans, Peter who himself was also attacked was banned from the Liverpool city centre as a result. This city ban was due to a counter claim assault allegation, from the person who viciously attacked Peter!!

Peter Tierney upon leaving the court stated to friends that "this was a victory for justice today" He also further went on to state that "the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post rags have done their best to bankrupt me. Both of them papers the way they have reported this is nothing short of a character assassination of me"...

"Most of my business as a self employed person is conducted within the Liverpool city centre. There have been days when I have been thinking, how am I going to pay the bills, because of these unnecessary bail conditions". "Thankfully the Magistrates agreed with my request and even the police prosecution was sympathetic by offering absolutely no objections to bail being lifted. Now I can go home, start planning my business and perhaps stop worrying about what to put in the shopping trolley just to feed my family".

Peter further added "Of course this is only part one of the victory, the other part in the Crown court is yet to come. I will tell the truth and be honest as always and hope that justice prevails at the crown court as it did at the magistrates for me today"

Well Peter, the whole of Merseyside BNP will be behind you for that one mate and no doubt democratic patriots from around the country will be there. Well done on your result today. I'll congratulate you when I see you next.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it eh Alec!

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