Monday, 31 August 2009

200 Muslim darlings attack police in Luton

A group of 200 Asians attacked a police patrol team with fireworks in Luton, north of London, where a right-wing march had been planned, police said on Sunday.

In a statement Bedfordshire Police said 50 officers and six police horses had been called in the afternoon after a small team of constables and police community support volunteers had been attacked by about "200 members of the younger Asian community" in the Bury Park area of Luton.

Two people were arrested but nobody was injured, a spokeswoman for the police told Reuters.


Lets get one thing straight here. I am sick of beating around the bush. Sod being politically correct. Am I to understand that 200 rioting Muslim filth start attacking police and only two get arrested!

Please compare that to November 2008 when 15 BNP members were peacefully leafleting in Liverpool city centre, not breaking any law when 13 out of the 15 get arrested. The two who didn't get arrested was a mother and daughter who was watching the BNP distribute leaflets.

Lets ask ourselves why only two of the Muslim scum got arrested, does any one reading this blog have an inkling perhaps why the police are *hit scared of arresting these anti British Muslim animals. Could it be not wanting, petrified of upsetting community relations.

Well I know why, but I would be here all night giving the reasons. People out there who don't know, well it's not worth dragging you away from the TV, because no doubt the usual brainwashing TV is what your life revolves around. You are all oblivious to it..Aren't you?

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