Friday, 25 September 2009

Martin Wingfield in Liverpool..What a night!


Seven o'clock in the morning and I'm just off the M6 near Wigan.

Last night I spoke in Liverpool and today there's an important Advisory Council meeting in Warwickshire.

Yesterday evening it was an excellent meeting at a packed working man's club. Massive buffet, great hospitality and a thoroughly professional set-up all brought together by new organiser, Peter Squire.

My supporting speakers were Paul Rimmer and Gary Aronsson and they were both excellent. Each was very different in their delivery but both enthralled the audience with their contributions.

Paul, a committed Christian, reported on the Catholic owners of a Liverpool guest house who are being prosecuted by the police for inciting religious hatred after daring to argue their corner with a Muslim guest. It was a blood and thunder speech as Paul called on the British people to wake up at this 11Th hour and save their country.

Gary's speech - Water on the Moon - detailed the rise of 'poor' India and compared it to the demise of 'rich' Britain. Of course it was the Indian space mission that found the water on the moon, and it was the British taxpayer that funded the mission with their foreign aid to 'poor' India. Gary gave a long list of similar examples of British 'generosity' to others and delivered it in his usual dead pan style. The meeting loved it and it was a great warm-up before I took the floor.

Football, Freedom and working for Nick Griffin was my theme and it seemed to go down well.

The AC meeting today is about the Equality Commission's court case against the British National Party. Nick Griffin met with solicitors yesterday and he will be reporting to us what they had to say before a way forward is mapped out.


Having attended the meeting I can say it was outstanding. Martin Wingfield, a giant of a man and a giant of a man for Nationalism. I hope its not too long before he visits us in Liverpool again. To read his blog click on the ORANGE headline above.

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