Sunday, 6 September 2009

A proper response from a Labour MP...Vote BNP

The letter below is a letter to Roger Godsiff Labour MP for Birmingham, Sparkbrook & Small Heath, from a very concerned constituent. Article taken from the Green Arrow Site (CLICK ORANGE headline above)

Dear Roger Godsiff,

I, Sir, am becoming increasingly concerned with the behaviour and attitude of the public at large, in Birmingham. I hate to admit it, but i am starting to become a little bit phobic toward the influx of 'Asian' peoples who have been populating our city in recent decades.

I am not particularly biased toward one race or whatever, I believe in 'live and let live' basically, but, i cannot help but notice the belligerent attitude and generally anti white culture that is now prevalent in this area.

I have seen numerous disputes recently (roads, shops, etc.) Where young Asians have harassed drivers, shopkeepers, people minding their own business.

I try not to get involved, but, i find, the ferocity, abuse, and confrontation is escalating out of all proportion.

This area is fast becoming a hot bed of strife and anti-ism which is rivalling the seeds of Nazism...

Name Withheld.

The Labour MP'S response letter is fascinating, click on image to enlarge.

Where can I start as regards the letter to his constituent from Roger Godsiff. The first thing I would like to say is that it is unusually honest and straight to the point.

This letter is an example of how one's MP in a constituency should reply to a concerned member of the public. OK, he's Labour and consideration must be given to the fact that the general election is around the corner and that Labour is desperate for support.

Myself I have received many responses from MP's over the years on Merseyside to my concerns. I have tried every different approach in the book with my letters. One thing I have never received is a letter like the above, with one of my Merseyside MP's giving me a response which makes me feel remotely like a human being. sometimes I am lucky to get a one sentence response if that.

Here's to keep on trying eh.

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