Thursday, 16 April 2009

Merseyside police dragging their heels.

I have received letters again through third parties from the Liverpool BNP PO box. Letters requesting updates from the various complaints made to Merseyside Police by BNP members and the lack of correspondence and interest shown by the police in replying to follow up letters sent to the police by the complainants.

As we all know Merseyside police force is one of the most politically correct police forces in the country with one of the most politically correct Chief Constables Bernard Hogan Howe (pictured above) and also Chief puppet for Gordon Brown's Labour Party for policing on Merseyside.

There are three very serious ongoing complaints at the moment with not the slightest hint of progress being made. Two complaints against the fascist Labour Party union sponsored thug that is Wirral's Alec McFadden, pictured below

and a separate very serious racist verbal attack on a BNP member by Huyton's, St. Bartholomew's Labour Party Councillor Tony Cunningham also pictured below, which as I understand it the file concerning this racist verbal tirade has now been forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service. Such is the confidence and contempt that these Labour councillors have, this racist verbal tirade was blasted at our BNP member whilst Tony Cunningham was standing next to a Huyton police officer!

We will keep updating on these complaints... Oh and the days are long gone when we are going to stay silent on their criminal activity that our political opponents try and bully us with.

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