Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Prime Minister Prat...An Announcement, nothing to do with his polll ratings by the way.

Get the sick bag ready. Because due to the disaterous poll ratings of the Labour Party thanks to halfwit gormless Gordon and his band of Labour crook MP's, Labours latest soundbite offering is particularly gaulling. At the moment in this country there is a dangerous shortage of kitchen plugs and kitchen sinks thanks to the unlimited expenses enjoyed by parliamentary MP's and through the enthusiasm of the MP's purchasing these "sink waste" products.

Gordon is jumping around like a jack in the box on this video with his battery operated smile really does look like the squirming eel that in real life he really is. His "personality docors" really must have nightmares with this disaster of a prime minister getting to look relaxed in front of the camera whilst the country implodes thanks to him and his Labour policies.

Lets not believe for one moment that any of the soundbites that Gordon drowns the country in daily will ever be fulfilled. This is a prime minister that always walks by on the other side of the road when someone needs help on your side! The only entertainment value this video has is by seeing with your own eyes how its such a strain for Gordon to say something when he quite clearly knows its a pack of lies and of which he will not deliver on.

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