Friday, 24 April 2009

Peter Tierney arrested as he defended himself against attackers!

I am informed that on St Georges Day as team of 14 members descended upon the streets of Liverpool City centre to hand our BNP election material for the European Elections on June 4th.

The team stood at the infamous spot of the Liverpool 13 arrests on Church Street, after about 40 minutes of standing there psychotic unwashed leftists, trade unionists and Labour supporters arrived verbally attacked and harassed the BNP members especially the female and elderly members.

After a short while the BNP team decided to leave after a tremendous response from the public and lack of material left. However the bunch of unwashed cretins decided to follow the BNP team, clearly with intention to harm them. Members then heard a trade unionist leader (I wont name as there is a police investigation) began to order his people to attack the BNP members while he stood away. He was heard ordering them to attack the BNP leader immediately the BNP members began to warn the leader as the unwashed charged towards them to attack the BNP members and forced the BNP members to defend themselves as they tried to leave.

After successfully defending themselves the other unwashed then backed off while their weasel leader squirmed in the distance. The police then arrested two of the attackers, one of the attackers then apparently complained about Peter Tierney defending himself and the police then arrested him.

BNP members then stood outside Wavertree police station to show our support as he was released. He had his clothes confiscated and was forced to wear a suit which made him look like he had come out of some political prisoner camp.

Peter Tierney has had bail conditions enforced upon him that he can not enter the city centre. We ask is it a coincidence that we are in election time, he is the Liverpool Truth Truck driver and that he has been banned from the city centre?

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