Saturday, 18 April 2009

Buy British - The British Pages!

Ask not what can your community do for you.
BUT what can do for your Community ?

First lets be clear up what community we are talking about here. The British Community, to be more specific, the British Nationalist Community. For several years now there as being talk of creating a Nationalist directory of companies. The idea being we would be able to locate and patronise companies that are owned by like minded Patriots.

This is the motivation behind the new website BRITISH PAGES. The site will provide an online directory which initially will be split into regions, making it easier for you to locate the service you require. With the knowledge that even while your spending your hard earned cash you are still supporting the Nationalist cause.

Another feature of the site, in fact an even more ambitious project is the EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE. We hope that Nationalist employers use the Exchange as their first port of call for advertising all their vacancies. This gives our community a double edged sword, not only do we get to spend our money with Nationalist companies but vice a versa for probably the first time employers have the chance to choose their staff from a Nationalist labour pool. In these times of economic strife it is imperative that our community not only pulls together and supports each other but in doing so we in fact grow stronger. The site as several other features but I don't want to give it all away.

For this project to succeed we need your support. There are several simple but effective ways you can help the BRITISH PAGES grow into strong link in the Nationalist community. Of course when you have finished reading this article I hope your next visit will be to our site, please register and give us your support.

More importantly we need you to recommend any and all nationalist companies you believe will benefit from being included in the directory, this is a mammoth task and without the help of fellow Nationalists nigh on impossible. Living in an enriched area as I do, I made a point of approaching the few remaining British owned business to see whether they would be interested in registering with British Pages, not only did I get a really good response but this opened up the conversation giving me the opportunity to offer a solution to what British business was facing. VOTE BNP. I got one definite and 2 possibele, they will be seeing me again !

To other Nationalist bloggers/ forums or Nationalist websites please place a link back to the British Pages on your sites. If you find the time and space a little mention would be greatly appreciated as well. We need to make our community self reliant and hopefully British Pages will become a useful tool in achieving that.

These foreign companies only exist because British people keep patronising them. The British pages can provide the British people with an alternative to funding their own destruction. Many thanks in advance for any help you provide.
British Pages:


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