Friday, 24 April 2009

Disgraceful Liverpool Echo

Is it any surprise that the profits and turnover income of this disgrace of a newspaper rag are on the slide. For newspaper reporting and accuracy, even the despised on Merseyside Sun newspaper tells more truth than this sham excuse of a local newspaper. Their description of yesterdays events which they title "BNP IN CITY HALL RUMPUS" must be the biggest distortion of facts since Alastair Darling revealed his budget on Wednesday this week.

The other contributor to this blog SCOUSEBNP has described the incident accurately on the earlier article posted today. United against fascism who should be called United against peace and democracy followed and pursued the BNP members who had finished their leafleting session for nearly three quarters of a mile intent in causing violence.

The usual Labour Party Union sponsored idiot was on hand orchestrating the attack upon BNP members while keeping a safe distance himself. The Liverpool Echo who know who this guilty criminal is normally are only too quick to quote this Union leader, but on this occasion are not able to do so as they know they will link him to this crime against 14 peaceful BNP democrats.

To the Liverpool Echo violence against peaceful people is acceptable. Shame on them, we the Liverpool BNP know where they stand, what they stand for and who they stand with.

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