Saturday, 4 April 2009

BNP at the races!

Today 10 Activists from Liverpool British National Party took the European Election campaign to Aintree races. The 10 activists distributed over 3000 of the EU and British Jobs for British Workers leaflets to a very receptive public.

The positive response far outweighed the negative, it was hard for the 10 activists to keep up with the speed of the movement of the crowds. However what was clear is that we made our presence felt and seen to the public.

Merseyside police also kept their interference to a minimum probably not wanting a repeat of what happened after the Liverpool 13 arrests. This was the first of many high profile events planned by the branch at the last activists meeting last Thursday and as it was such short notice it was good to get 10 activists and so many leaflets onto the streets.

What was also good to see was the number of members of the public who came up and told us they were already members of the party, clearly a sign of how the British National Party is growing.


  1. The Betrayal of British Manufacturing: The Last Tyneside Shipbuilding Yard Closes


  2. The Great Power

    There are countless stories of fear instilled in people using incredible tools and technology. Countless stories of war, disease and pestilence. Countless homeless people everywhere with their numbers growing every day. We are told more war is needed, more pointless battles to fight imaginary enemies. And wars to fight tiny enemies whose real size has been blown completely out of proportion. Apparently tiny enemies can multiply like rabbits, even in caves with no women around. These mighty phantoms of smoke stand ready to take on the most powerful nations in the world. We must believe that terrorists apparently don't have bills, families, jobs, the need to eat , crap or have any day to day concerns. They must be super-human.

    I said back in 2001 that time would prove the lie that terrorism doesn't really exist. I also said that nothing more would happen. The only acts of terrorism after September 2001 until April 2009 involved the stock market and anthrax. Both of these were government created. Even Dr. Thomas Barnett, political scientist and consultant to the pentagon, stated more than five years ago in a very public speech televised from the pentagon that these are "Horizontal events that can be built upon." He had a large wall screen multimedia display which showed this graphically, too.

    Many great countries in the world have attacked themselves in one form or another to manipulate their people. When done correctly it works every time. The citizens will clamor looking to their government for help, not realizing they are embracing the enemy.
    Today, there is fear around every corner. Members of armed forces stand guard at airports with machine guns, seemingly ready to spray lead at the slightest provocation. Taking pictures of tall buildings is forbidden in some cities, as though there is some kind of advantage for an imagined terrorist to have such photos. Yet these photos are available on-line and have been for years. So what if someone takes a picture? But it isn't about preventing an attack. This is really about creating fear, and it works.

    People today barely notice the clever editing performed in many old movies and past television shows. These often surface after having not been in video rental stores or for sale since release. Editing and computer technology have provided an easy means to put the word "terrorist" into old TV shows and movies. Usually this word is heard by a lead character who utters it off-camera. Yet few notice these patterns unless they are looking for it.

    Most people know the story about Pavlov's dogs. He found that if he electrically shocked a dog it would foam at the mouth. When he rang a bell at the same time he shocked the dog, eventually the dog would have an association of the bell and electric shock so engrained that it would foam at the mouth by only hearing the bell ring.

    Similar conditioning techniques work on human beings, too. That's what boot camps are all about. But there's more to it.

    War veterans, who have been subjected to enemy mortar fire in battles, become trained and conditioned to hit the ground immediately when a mortar shell comes down. The idea is to do this quickly enough before the shell lands and explodes to avoid the deadly flying shrapnel. When these men come home, for some of this is so engrained that a back-firing vehicle will make them hit the ground. Known as shell-shock, this is rarely seen anymore. Modern electronic ignition systems have eliminated back-firing in vehicles.

    People in debt can be sickened by the ring of a doorbell. The visitor could be a bill collector or process server handing them a summons for a debt they cannot possibly pay. They only need to have this happen once or twice to condition them. Even a ringing phone can be a source of great stress since it is a bill collector's favorite tool. These people use an answering machine or caller ID to screen their calls.

    Even a television is a conditioning tool as it trains the mind to think a certain way. A sixty second commercial production company (they make those commercials with a blue screen at the end) told me something interesting years ago. They stated that statistically a viewer needs to see a commercial about six times or more, before it clicks in a viewer's head. Then they will pick up a phone to place an order. Now you know why that green lizard is on television everywhere. That one is way past six thousand times.

    Yet few consider the tremendous cost of advertising ­ and that the insurance subscriber is heavily subsidizing it. Even fewer know the ease that an insurance company can now raise rates on policy holders, even on a monthly basis in some cases. You start out cheap, and end paying more than you did before you switched to them. Some things that appear to be a deal are not. The grass is always greener on the other side

    Whether it's a terrorist around every corner or a seemingly harmless green lizard, the average person is assaulted many times every day by a barrage of mind-controlling BS. It comes in waves through all forms of the media, even on the web.

    What about a deep hole and several cubic yards of concrete to be isolated from it? Imagine a man who stands in such a hole and pays off a driver to flip the lever on the cement truck to bury him in concrete. Soon the weight of it is so great that he cannot move his arms and legs. Then his cell phone rings and it's a company selling windows for a home he doesn't even own.

    The answer here isn't avoidance, but awareness. It's about making family members and children truly know they are heavily, and I do mean HEAVILY manipulated. There are armies of psychologists hired by big corporations and they know precisely how to push most anyone's button. But like psychological warfare, all this mind control only works on the unsuspecting and the un-informed.

    It brings tears to my eyes and others to see the staggering amount of suffering in the world. Who cannot see it and not be moved? A food ministry television commercial asking for contributions shows a long line of people waiting at a semi for food ­ and they are all Americans standing in an American parking lot.

    What has America been reduced to? Many have said for years and still continue to say, "Things are going to get bad." Clearly they don't realize that everything has already gone bad, but reached a new low of badness. Watching things "get bad" is equivalent to watching the hour hand on a clock. Its movement is barely perceptible, unless you have a long time to stare at it. But it happens slowly and surely.

    It doesn't matter if the goal is to make people live in fear and terror, want a world government, go buy temporarily cheap insurance or buy a chamois cloth that soaks up gallons of grape juice.

    It's all about conditioning the mind to be receptive to the message and not about truth. Always has been, always will be.

    In fact, if one examines the ways people are manipulated and controlled from organized religions to government controlled events, you'll quickly see the pattern.
    Only then can you wake up from the bad dream.

  3. “ I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.?


    EU Forces

    At , Rick Rozoff, an investigative journalist specialising in NATO affairs, has an article entitled: EU, NATO, US: 21st Century Alliance For Global Domination

    Among the points made:

    1. The EU and USA are in bed together, with the USA being the dominant partner.

    2. The NATO-EU-US military alliance has imperial ambitions and aims to encircle Russia.

    3. Three years ago, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said:

    "NATO and the EU are making rather good progress in coordinating the development of modern military capabilities. I am optimistic that we can extend our cooperation to additional area ... such as the Caucasus and Central Asia."(NATO International, March 31, 2005)

    4. In 2009, Giampaolo Di Paola, Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, spoke of the "need for a new form of world governance in which NATO, the EU, and other major international organisations have a part to play." (ADN Kronos International [Italy], February 13, 2009)

    5. The main EU and European NATO states are the former colonial powers - Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Germany.

    Imperialism 1800

    6. British troops are back in Afghanistan, Iraq and Sierra Leone; French ones in Haiti and Cote d’Ivoire; American armed forces are back in the Philippines.

    All 26 NATO states have military personnel in Iraq.

    7. In 2005, the EU’s Javier Solana, former NATO Secretary General, spoke about the EU’s expanding military buildup.

    He said that "by becoming a stronger and more capable international actor, we will be a better partner for the United States."

    He spoke of the Balkans as the original testing ground for this triumvirate, “Through our concerted efforts, with the United States and NATO...."(Defense News, November 10, 2005)

    8. In 2008, the EU’s presidency was held by France and Nicholas Sarkozy 'was the prime mover in pushing for the EU-NATO-US axis at the Bucharest summit'.

    Bush’s speech at the summit pointed out that "NATO is no longer a static alliance....It is now an expeditionary alliance that is sending its forces across the world...." (USA Today, April 1, 2008)

    9. After the summit, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned, "This attempt to form some new global union with a Western core wishing to claim all but UN functions." (Interfax, April 17, 2008)

    10. The EU is training security personnel in Afghanistan.

    11. In December 2009, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner confirmed the EU’s role in supplementing US and NATO arms and military involvement in the South Caucasus.

    12. The EU is becoming integrated with NATO.

    "The US is ... the central foundation, of NATO."

    Thus, the EU is "in effect subordinated to Washington."

  5. Hate preacher Abu Qatada smuggles out jihadist rallying cry from high-security British jail

    Hate preacher: Abu Qatada has issued a 6,000 word rally cry to his followers from jail
    Extremist cleric Abu Qatada has issued a 6,000-word statement to his followers from inside one of Britain's high security prisons.
    The letter was reportedly smuggled out of Long Lartin high-security jail, Worcestershire, and is circulating on jihadi websites.
    The 48-year-old Palestinian preacher praises the Mujahidin and the 'martyrs of Hamas' and claims his treatment is helping to radicalise a new generation of young British Muslims.
    In the statement he says: ' A new generation of the Muslim youth has been raised and especially amongst our brothers who originate from the Indian subcontinent, who were no longer mesmerised by the English authority, nor English values - rather they hate it and they know its enmity towards them, so they have become enemies towards it.'
    He also boasts that prison has helped him lose more than 50lb in weight and he has been cured of diabetes and back problems.

    The cleric claims that Bilal Abdullah, the NHS doctor jailed for the car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow in 2007, told him he was heavily influenced by his taped sermons.
    James Brandon, of the Quilliam Foundation, told the Times: 'It is terrifying that Abu Qatada has been allowed to distribute pro-jihadist texts from within British prisons.
    'The very reason that Abu Qatada has been detained is because he has threatened public safety by inciting terrorism and violence.

    'Yet the Prison Service appears powerless to prevent him from continuing to incite violence and hatred from behind bars.'
    Quatada is considered one of the most dangerous Muslim hate preachers and classified as a high-risk Category A prisoner.
    High-security jail: Abu Qatada is currently being held at HM Prison Long Lartin near Evesham, Worcestershire
    He arrived in Britain on a false passport in 1993 and was originally arrested in 2001, but was released soon after.

    He was eventually detained under emergency anti terror laws in October 2002.

    He is currently being held pending deportation to Jordan, where he has been convicted in his absence for involvement in terrorist attacks.
    Qatada is being held in an isolation unit while all his telephone calls and letters are monitored.
    A Prison Service spokesman said: 'This prisoner has absolutely no access to the internet and cannot personally contribute to websites.
    'However, we are unable to prevent third parties from publishing information which is, or claims to be, on other people's behalf or in their name.'

  6. Brilliant write up Liverpool BNP. Keep up the great work and your efforts for the true British movement.

  7. Three homes Hoon: Iraq war Minister claimed expenses on one home, rented out second ... and lived in third for free

  8. PE teacher at top public school is jailed for dealing cocaine

  9. Teacher suspended after writing 'fictional' book in which her pupils have sexual fantasies about her

    'Miss Rusty': Pupils have protested at her suspension
    She insists it is merely a work of fiction designed to encourage her pupils to read more.

    But an English teacher's account of pupils' sex fantasies, flirting and truancy has had a devastating impact in the real world.

    Leonora Rustamova has been suspended from her post, along with a colleague, prompting mass demonstrations by pupils and a campaign by parents to have them reinstated.
    The story - Stop! Don't Read This! - appeared on a self-publishing website. Although it is claimed to be all invention, it features five genuine teenage pupils at Calder High School in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire.

    It contains swearwords, has children skipping lessons, refers to a pupil flirting with a teacher and compares two youngsters to 'gorgeous Mr Gay UK finalists'. The story names several teachers, including real headmaster Stephen Ball, and features pupils missing lessons, stealing phones and setting themselves on fire.

    One pupil is described as fantasising and flirting with 39-year-old Miss Rustamova, while she says she would do anything for a smile from another. She writes: 'It's getting harder and harder to see them just as kids.'

    Later she describes in the novel how the youngsters practise 'orgasmic moans', which sound like 'the soundtrack to teenage gay porn'.

  10. How do MPs deal with row over expenses? Scrap the rules!

    UNDER FIRE: Smith

    GREEDY MPs have secretly granted themselves the right to milk Britain's taxpayers for yet MORE dodgy expenses.

    Parliament's Green Book bible of the hefty cash allowances they can claim has just had a hush-hush rewrite.

    But instead of closing up loopholes and clamping down on excesses they have simply SCRAPPED the strict rules that have tripped MPs up, sparking the recent wave of scandals.

    And this shameless move comes only a week after Jobs Minister Tony McNulty was exposed for claiming £60,000 in second home expenses for using his parents' house-just a few miles from his own London family home.

    In future MPs won't have to worry about meeting stringent criteria on what they can claim back from the public purse.

    Instead they THEMSELVES will decide if their demands are fair and justified-despite being PROVED again and again that they can't be trusted to.

    Ironically the new rules start on Wednesday, April the first. And critics believe the MPs are trying to take the British public for fools.

    The news will outrage hard-pressed, hard-working taxpayers who foot the bills. They will be incensed that just as recession-hit families are being forced to tighten their belts the fatcats running the country are letting theirs out.

    On top of the furore over McNulty, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is being investigated for claiming her MAIN HOME was a ROOM in her sister's London house.

    That meant she could claim £116,000 of taxpayers' cash towards the mortgage of her Midlands "second home" where she actually lives with her husband and kids.

    The case is still being investigated by Parliament's anti-sleaze watchdog. But meanwhile our MPs' cosy system of running their own affairs has come up with the new Green Book wheeze to sidestep the problem in future.

    Under Parliament's rules MPs who live outside inner London can claim up to £24,006 a year for a second home, either in their constituency or near Parliament.
    HEAT: McNulty
    The current Green Book defines a "main home" as "the one where you spend more nights than any other."

    Mrs Smith used that to justify her claim, insisting she spent more than half the week at her sister's place.

    But the new rules impose NO such restriction, giving MPs complete freedom to decide which house they can splash the cash on.

    They can decare a house is their main home even if they are hardly there. Meanwhile they rake in a tidy fortune towards their REAL No 1 pad.

    The new relaxed guidelines say MPs merely have to ensure their claims are above reproach, necessary, and only for Parliamentary duties. But it will be up to their consciences to decide if claims are fair!

    The revised Green Book also warns MPs they should bear in mind "how comfortable do I feel with the knowledge that my claim will be available to the public under Freedom of Information?"

    The change comes as a shock when the old rules have been repeatedly exposed for being too lax AND Gordon Brown has ordered the Committee on Standards in Public Life to launch a full review of MPs' pay and allowances.

    As well as McNulty and Smith, husband-and-wife ministerial team Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper were in hot water claiming London was their second home-and qualifying for expenses-even though they spent weeknights in the capital and their children go to school there.

    The couple were cleared of any wrongdoing.
    Last night Lib Dem MP Norman Baker, who tried to stop the second homes rule change, said: "The new system is a recipe for disaster. Instead of rules we now have a set of principles for each MP to interpret as they wish."


    Jose Manuel Barroso warns millions more Europeans will lose their jobs
    The president of the European Commission warned yesterday that millions more Europeans were still going to lose their jobs in the economic crisis in spite of optimism arising from the G20 summit in London that world leaders had agreed a recovery plan.

  12. HANG HIM!!!!

    Blair is world’s best paid speaker
    Former prime minister has emerged as the highest-paid public speaker, earning almost £400,000 for two half-hour speeches


  14. What a good idea Liverpool. Thank you.

  15. The ordinary man is passive. Within a narrow circle, home life, and perhaps the trade unions or local politics, he feels himself master of his fate. But otherwise he simply lies down and lets things happen to him." - George Orwell.

  16. no one asked me! Yet they asked my family to fight and die! then they tell me I cannot join the police, but the enemy can! over 4000, of our enemy within ,have gone to afghanistan to kill our children!,who believe they are giving their lives for us! Yet upon returning home! the same people who they have been fighting will be given prefference in jobs houses!even a job in police fireservice and more benifits!Who is my enemy! VOTE BNP while you can


    CP BBC Merseyside Radio biased interview with Brian Gerrish (see full archive article) (02/04/2009)
    BBC and Media
    So rattled is Common Purpose by the steady leak of information revealing its political agenda and huge fees taken from the taxpayer, that they have now apparently enlisted the BBC to manage their tawdry image. Brian Gerrish was recently invited to speak concerning CP on BBC Radio Mersyside on Friday 27 March 2009 after the Presenter Roger Phillips linked his name with the BNP. Mr Phillips claimed that he was only able to find material by Brian Gerrish on the BNP's website. This is despite the fact that a single entry of the name Brian Gerrish in Google produces hundreds of linked articles and talks. Brian complained at the BBC bias and was quickly invited onto the Friday lunchtime show apparently to star the local Liverpool Common Purpose Director Ken Pye.

    On the day, and not surprisingly, Mr Pye was 'unable' to appear. This left Roger Phillips to attempt to discredit Brian Gerrish. Normal tactics were used including suggestions of 'conspiracy theory', BNP and claims that Common Purpose was 'suffering' under Freedom of Information requests from the public. But why was Mr Phillips so keen to defend and support Common Purpose?

    Aside from the fact that hundreds of BBC senior staff have been Common Purpose trained at £3950 plus VAT each (see BBC and media Archive of this site), Mr Phillips is a regular participant in Liverpool Common Purpose net-working events, alongside none other than Mr Ken Pye. Using license payers money on air Mr Phillips was happy to make claims trying to highlight the honesty and probity of Common Purpose although he had no documents or evidence to support his claims. Phillips apparently made further supportive claims for Common purpose after Brian Gerrish had left the show. Is this what the BBC is for...Common Purpose advertising? Mr Phillips had also failed to look at any of the documentary evidence on this site. So the interview was again biased. Welcome to Common Purpose control of the media. The interview will be posted on this site shortly. See the BBC Media Archive section on for a copy of a Phillips / Pye Common Purpose event.




  20. Social workers said because I was a soldier, I was more likely to be violent to my own children
    Sitting in his mother-in-law's living room, Matthew Dean's eyes widened in shock as he listened to what his social worker was telling him.
    Because he was a man and a soldier - accustomed to fighting for Britain in war-torn countries - he was, they said, more likely to be of a violent disposition, and therefore more capable of abusing his baby son, Louie.
    'I was furious,' says Matthew. 'To be told that my occupation and gender should have any bearing on my parenting skills and sense of decency was absolutely beyond belief.'

  21. Rail boss facing corruption allegations found dead after 'suicide pact with his wife'

    Network Rail boss Anthony Burgess is said to have killed himself after being arrested on suspicion of taking bribes
    A senior Network Rail executive facing corruption allegations has been found dead in an apparent suicide pact with his wife.

    Anthony Burgess is understood to have killed himself after being arrested on suspicion of taking bribes, including Rolex watches and a Porsche, from firms bidding for contracts with the company, which runs Britain’s rail infrastructure.

    He and his wife Marian were found dead at their £350,000 detached home in a cul-de-sac in the quiet Essex village of Clavering.

    They are understood to have left a note for relatives. It is unclear how they died but the deaths are being treated as ‘non-suspicious’ by the coroner, who has opened and adjourned an inquest.

    Mr Burgess, 45, was sacked from his £75,000-a-year job as corporate offices manager, responsible for handing out millions of pounds worth of contracts to equip, furnish and manage Network Rail offices across the country, and was on police bail when he died.



    Blair steps up fight to be crowned first 'President of EU'

    Brown gives grudging blessing to his old rival's return to new job at centre of the global stage

    Mr President? Another 'no' vote in the Irish referendum, or Angela Merkel's EU ambitions, could still thwart Blair

    Tony Blair has emerged as the leading candidate to become the first permanent president of the European Union after Gordon Brown gave his grudging blessing to the plan. The former prime minister has stepped up his campaign for the job, which he wants to use to build a bridge between Europe and the new Obama administration.

    His return to the global stage would be a shock to his critics over the Iraq war and dismay many in Europe.

    But The Independent on Sunday has learnt that Mr Brown has accepted that his old rival should be in pole position for the appointment, on the basis that Britain needs to have a key figure in the architecture of the "new world order".



    Labour's first black High Commissioner returns from South Africa after 'wife bullied staff' Paul Boateng and his wife Janet have returned from South Africa amid allegations of bullying
    Former Labour Cabinet minister Paul Boateng is returning from his post as Britain's High Commissioner in South Africa amid claims his domestic staff were bullied by his wife, it emerged last night.
    Mr Boateng was the first black High Commissioner and his appointment was seen as a breakthrough in the diplomatic service after he gave up his role as Chief Secretary to the Treasury when Tony Blair asked him in 2005.

    The hugely sensitive allegations against his 52-year-old wife Janet, involve staff who work at his official residences in Cape Town and Pretoria.
    Mrs Boateng, who is a former Labour councillor in Lambeth, South London, is alleged to have bullied black gardeners, cooks, cleaners and security staff at the nine-bedroom property.
    He will be replaced by Nicola Brewer, who recently quit as head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

    Miss Brewer, 51, resigned as chief executive after causing uproar by suggesting companies should not be not required to conduct equal pay reviews during the recession.

    The daughter of a Welsh rugby international, she is married to a diplomat, has two children and used to work at the Foreign Office until she joined the Commission in 2007.
    A spokesman for the Foreign Office said yesterday: 'We do not discuss diplomatic appointments.'

    Foreign Office officials are said to have been appalled when Mr Boateng was sent to South Africa as he had no experience of Africa or the diplomatic service.

    Mr and Mrs Boateng and their five children had the use of two residencies while in the country – one with nine bedrooms in Cape Town and a second with eight bedrooms in Pretoria.

    Mrs Boateng oversaw the running of the homes, whose local staff include cleaners, cooks, gardeners and security guards.

    Many are said to have worked for several previous High Commissioners.

    Any grievance by a member of the consulate staff would be dealt with in the first place by a senior representative, usually part of the High Commissioner’s office.

    As the complaint against Mrs Boateng would have led to a conflict of interest, it is understood it was dealt with by the Deputy High Commissioner.

    During his term in South Africa, Mr Boateng has been credited with building up a close relationship with the ANC government.

    But the bullying allegations are not the first time the former top barrister has faced family problems there.

    In January 2006, his eldest son, Ben, 21, was accused of raping an 18-year-old girl on a Cape Town beach after a New Year’s Eve.

    He was cleared by police after an 18-day investigation.

  25. Still going on about that CP guff?
    You're beginning to make David Icke look sane.
    Seriously, the guy never answered the questions as to his 'evidence'. Merely directing people to a website is hardly debating the issue. As you will see from the list provided above, there is a cross-section of businesses and public bodies. Oh yeh, and people who wouldn't be allowed to join the bnp!
    Next week get Lee Barnes to write about UFOs over Garston, 9/11 caused by a discarded fag, and how JFK was really shot by MLK.

    I have it on good authority that you received a less than favourable reaction to your leaflets at Aintree.

    So horse manure wasn't alone at the races!

    Equality and Diversity Manager
    Employer One Vision Housing Posted 03 Apr 2009 Location Bootle Contract Not specified Hours Not Specified Industry Sector Public Sector, Social Care & Charity Position Equality and Diversity Manager Salary £35,000



    Traveller jailed for three years for conning 89-year-old out of £185,000 life savings
    Traveller Kevin Laney was sentenced to three years for hit part in the £185,000 paving scam
    A traveller has been jailed for helping to con a vulnerable pensioner out of £185,000 for repaving a path which should have cost no more than £10,000.
    The woman, an 89-year-old retired hospital matron, was bled dry of her life savings over six months after being persuaded to have the front of her house resurfaced then paved.
    Police have spent more than three years trying to trace the gang of travellers responsible for what was branded 'Britain's most expensive driveway'.
    Now Kevin Laney, 48, is beginning a three-year jail sentence for his role in cheating the pensioner. He is the fifth person convicted over the scam.
    He paid a £96,000 cheque from the woman into his bank account and then tried to make a number of quick withdrawals, telling counter staff he was buying a Porsche.
    Laney even took the pensioner to a branch to try to prove that one transaction was genuine - and allegedly lied to the manager that the woman was his mother.
    The pensioner was targeted in 2005. She was asked if she wanted the driveway of her home in Wythenshawe, Manchester, replacing, first with asphalt and then with block paving.
    In all, she paid £185,000, including money from a £20,000 legacy left her in a friend's will.


    CABINET minister Margaret Beckett rented out her home to an MP while claiming taxpayers’ cash AND living in a free flat, it has emerged.
    The Housing Secretary received more than £160,000 in second home allowances while living in a nearby grace-and-favour apartment for ten years.

    A storm is also brewing over claims made by PM Gordon Brown, Chancellor Alistair Darling, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon.

    Former Home Secretary David Blunkett also last night admitted claiming second home allowances while living for free in a government house.

    Mrs Beckett moved into Admiralty Arch in 1997. She rented her flat in London’s Westminster to fellow Labour MP Gillian Merron from 2000 to 2002. Miss Merron claimed £32,669 in Commons’ second home allowances.

    It is not known if the claim related to Mrs Beckett’s flat. Mrs Beckett claimed more than £160,000 in second home allowances between 1997 and 2007, a study suggests.

    Using local estate agents’ figures, it is thought she would also have earned £172,000 in rent on her flat.

    Mrs Beckett — who had paid off her mortgage by 2006 — also spent £65,000 of taxpayers’ cash refurbishing her government home making a total of around £395,000.

  29. 'Radioactive' college head admits having child pornography on computer
    Back in court: Thomas Leopold today before pleading guilty to downloading five indecent images of children
    A 'radioactive' college principal who taught Lord Frederick Windsor and Billie Piper today admitted keeping child pornography on his computer.

  30. Organisers used the social networking site Twitter to rally opposition to a Communist victory in legislative elections

    At least 10,000 protesters gathered and police fired water cannon but were unable to stop the crowd from breaking into the buildings.

    Moldova uprising shows the strength of Twitter
    A small group also broke into the president's office, which security forces had defended with tear gas and water cannon as thousands of protesters smashed windows and hurled stones at police.

    The street protests came two days after a parliamentary election handed victory to the ruling Communists of President Vladimir Voronin.

    Up to 10,000 demonstrators, mostly students, massed for a second straight day.

    "The election was controlled by the Communists, they bought everyone off," said Alexei, a student. "We will have no future under the Communists because they just think of themselves."

    Protesters carrying Moldovan and European flags and shouting anti-Communist slogans gathered outside the government building and made their way down Chisinau's main boulevard to the president's office.

    Some policemen were seen nursing minor injuries.

    Voronin, the only Communist president in Europe, has overseen stability and growth in Europe's poorest nation since 2001, but cannot stand for a third consecutive term. Parliament elects the president in the country, Europe's poorest, wedged between ex-Soviet Ukraine and EU member Romania.

    President Voronin has made it plain he wants to retain the levers of power and analysts say he could try to take on another influential role such as parliamentary speaker.


  31. Moldova uprising was organised on Twitter
    A Twitter uprising has taken place in Moldova, with anti-communists using the internet site to mobilise supporters and organise a demonstration in the country’s capital. Activists apparently used the tag #pman on their tweets to build a network of supporters.

    Evgeny Morozov, author of the net.effect blog for Foreign Policy magazine, writes: "No, 'pman' is not short for pacman; it stands for Piata Marii Adunari Nationale, which is Romanian name for the biggest square in Chisinau, Moldova's capital.

    "This is not the first time that a Twitter tag has been used to mobilize young people around a particular event; the most famous previous case has been that of 'griots' - the tag used to report on the youth riots in Greece, which later spread to Europe, arguably also with the help of Twitter."
    But Twitter is by no means unique in this ability. Before Twitter mobile phones were used as a way to organise large groups quickly. In the Philippines in 2001, President Joseph Estrada was unseated after hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets in demonstrations largely organised by text message. Emails and text messages are credited with a significant role in the election of President Roh Moo Hyun in South Korea in 2000

    We will see more of this in the future thanks to Twitter and tools like it. Twitter's flexibility makes this kind of group organisation very easy. There's no need for anyone to be in charge. Once a few people have started things off, movements can develop organically, and very quickly.

    Moldova may seem like an unlikely place for a Twitter revolution but the internet makes it easier for people to find the right tools. For now, Twitter is the right tool and its influence cannot be constrained.

  32. Conspiracy Theorists

    Everyone has heard, and has probably used the term "conspiracy theorist," and the fact of the term being in common use, also indicates that we generally agree on what it means. I saw a film by that name, and the title character was a raving lunatic who kept his food in thermoses with combination locks to reduce his chances of being poisoned by imaginary enemies.

    Regardless of how the stupid film turned out, what's important here is the common perception people have of someone to whom that label is applied, and just as important, is who it is that applies the label. The common perception is that someone who is labeled a "conspiracy theorist" is suffering from some type of psychological disorder, and that label is usually applied to people by our government, and our news media. The next thing to consider, is that the label is applied to anyone who questions our government's version of events in any matter. Doesn't it logically follow that the media are teaching us to assume that anyone who questions the government is insane? When that label is applied to a person, doesn't it become easy to dismiss everything they say without even hearing it? How convenient for them.


  33. Capitalism will never fail because socialism will always be there to bail it out." Ralph Nader

  34. Plastic plant pot 'too dangerous' for binmen
    A grandmother who threw out a plastic plant pot was told by council officials that binmen could not collect it because it was deemed "too dangerous".


    Church should fund NHS chaplains

    The society says churches should pay for hospital chaplains
    Religious groups should fund their own presence in UK hospitals and save the NHS some £40m per year, the National Secular Society (NSS) suggests.

    The organisation of non-believers says such money would be better spent on "much needed" nurses or cleaners.

    The NSS claims even organ players in hospital chapels are on NHS payrolls.

    NHS guidance notes all patients have a right to religious observance and that trusts should provide both faith representatives and places to pray.

    'Pressure on services'

    The NSS said it contacted 233 acute and mental health trusts which spent a total of £26.72m on chaplains, at an average of £48,953 each.

    The society extrapolated these figures for the whole of the UK to produced a national average of £32m.

    But the NSS said this took into account only the salaries of the chaplains, and excluded national insurance contributions, pension payments, administration costs, office accommodation, training, and the upkeep of chapels and prayer rooms.

    NSS president Terry Sanderson told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the £40m figure was equivalent to employing 1,300 nurses or 2,645 cleaners.

    "I think if people were given the choice they would choose the latter [nurses or cleaners] because frontline services are under pressure, they are going to be increasingly so as the recession bites, and it's important that savings are made wherever they can be," he said.

    But Father Paul Mason, a Roman Catholic hospital chaplain in London, said there was a call from patients for chaplaincy services.

    "We are all busy, there is a demand, we're not there because we're trying to find something to do, we are there because there is demand on the ground for chaplains to be present," he said.

    'Health burden'

    The role of NHS chaplains - who come from a range of faiths and denominations including Anglican, Roman Catholic, Jewish and Muslim - ranges from visiting the sick, to administering sacraments and advising on ethical dilemmas.

    They are also expected to help staff and relatives cope with death and serious illness.

    Chaplains do an extremely demanding job, often in difficult circumstances, and their skill and dedication is highly valued by patients, relatives and staff

    Department of Health spokesman
    But the NNS says these services are part of churches' own "fundamental responsibility", and as such should be paid for out of their own pockets.

    "Most people who go into a hospital come from the local area and it would be better if their own vicar, priest, rabbi or imam came to see them if they felt in need of religious support," Mr Sanderson said.

    "This could be done as part of the clergypersons' regular duties - it should not fall as a burden on the NHS."

    He added that in some cases organists were on the payroll to play in chapels and in other instances Catholic priests delivering last rites charge the hospital a "call-out" fee.

    The organisation said it was asking the Department of Health to conduct more thorough research into the extent to which these services were used by patients, and how appreciated they were.

    'Intrinsic care'

    A Department of Health spokesman said it was "committed to the principle of ensuring that NHS patients have access to the spiritual care that they want, whatever faith or belief system they follow".

    The spokesman said: "Chaplains do an extremely demanding job, often in difficult circumstances, and their skill and dedication is highly valued by patients, relatives and staff within the health service."

    A Church of England spokesman said: "Spiritual healthcare has long been acknowledged, by both medical practitioners and the churches, to be an intrinsic part of caring for people in hospital.

    "NHS Trusts pay for chaplaincies because they see them as part of their duty of care to patients, not because the churches force them to."

  36. What to do about the problem in the UK?

    Ideally, we should kick out all the politicians, police chiefs, judges and civil servants who support the police state.

    That means kicking out around 95% of Labour Members of Parliament.

  37. > What Is FREEDOM?
    > 1. FREEDOM is living in a community of one's own kind,
    > one's own folk and one's own race.
    > 2. FREEDOM is being able to belong to a group of related
    > persons which is not diluted by alien elements.
    > 3. FREEDOM is being able to avoid seeing aliens around oneself.
    > 4. FREEDOM is knowing that aliens will not compete for the
    > material goods of one's own land, now or in the future.
    > 5. FREEDOM is knowing that one's living space and that of one's
    > descendants will not have to be turned over to aliens.
    > 6. FREEDOM is being able to avoid alien influence and alien control.
    > 7. FREEDOM is being governed by responsible members
    > of one's own people.
    > 8. FREEDOM is having a government which seeks to enable a people
    > to defend its territory.
    > Reprinted from the Norwegian newspaper FOLK OG LAND, 1974
    > Multiculturalism is the opposite of freedom.


    22 Percent Poverty Rate in Britain — But Government Spends £100 Million on African Roads
    April 8, 2009 by BNP News
    Filed under National News
    Leave a comment

    A new report has revealed that a fifth of Britain’s population - equivalent to some 13 million people - are officially living in poverty. Almost simultaneously, the government has announced a gift of £100 million to “to rebuild southern Africa’s infrastructure after decades of neglect.”

    According to an Oxfam report called “Close to Home — UK Poverty and the Economic Downturn,” life for the fifth of the UK’s population living in poverty is set to worsen because of the recession.

    At the same time, Gareth Thomas, minister of state at the department for international development announced in Lusaka on Monday that Britain will be giving £100 million of taxpayers’ money to build a North-South corridor in Africa to try and rectify what he claims is the reason behind Africa’s plummeting share of world trade.

    Mr Thomas said, “One of the reasons why Africa’s share of trade has dropped from six percent in the 1960s to one to two percent now is because of how long it takes to get goods to market. That’s because of the poor quality of infrastructure in the region.”

    African governments themselves are responsible for the neglect, which has seen functional systems degrade into dilapidation in the decades since independence. Even major developments since then have declined in effectiveness, such as the Chinese-built Tazara railway from Zambia to Dar es Salaam, which now suffers from a shortage of rolling stock.

    Meanwhile, the Oxfam report on poverty in Britain contained a poll which shows just four percent of adults think the government has done enough to help those who have lost their jobs.

    The charity says the UK is becoming a nation of “Freds,” a concept it has created to sum up the plight of people it says are forgotten, ripped off, excluded and debt-ridden.

    A report issued by the children’s charity Barnardo’s in Northern Ireland has warned that the health and welfare of children living in poverty is set to hit crisis point as the recession takes hold.

    The charity is concerned more families will be forced to rely on loan sharks and will have to cut back on basics like heating to make ends meet.

    Lynday Wilson, of Barnardo’s NI, said poor families faced a terrible strain.

    “This is not a one-off for families struggling to get by. This is a constant cycle of deprivation they’re fighting against. But the pressure on parents, if only to keep their children warm, is harder than ever right now, with uncommonly cold weather, high fuel prices and growing numbers of parents becoming unemployed.”

    The government defines poverty as having an income of 60 percent or less of the median — on this basis 13.2 million people in the UK live in poverty, 22 percent of the population.

    Despite this dreadful state of affairs, it is clear that the government - in terms of foreign aid policies developed over decades by successive Tory and Labour regimes, clearly considers it more important to endlessly fund proven failed states in the Third World.

    The time has come to put an end to the Labour and Tory parties’ ability to play Father Christmas with British tax money handouts to undeserving and ungrateful Third World nations.

    The British National Party is the only party which unashamedly puts British people first. A BNP government will first ensure that poverty and deprivation are eradicated in Britain before any consideration can be given to foreign aid of any sort.

  39. " At a meeting in Oxford in 1940, the head of the political section of the subversive organisation described it's intentions, and MI5 received a report from Moscow the following year outlining the same plans. Members of the political section of the subversive organisation were to infiltrate the Political Parties. Those in the Conservative Party would lean to the left, those in Labour to the right. The reason being that the British it was said, distrust extremists. Those infiltrating the Conservatives were to be responsible for the `financial smokescreen` that would conceal the changeover from democracy to a Marxist Dictatorship. The description given fits entirely the manner in which the Heath Government took us into the EEC and explains the Tory party's support for the Treaty establishing European Union."

    Throughout, the method has been infiltration from the top. Although the people of a `member state` may continue to vote in national elections, the candidates are chosen by a very small select number of people, and since WWII, large numbers of the subversive organisation have entered the various national parliaments. I think it is now safe to say that this insinuation of subversives is mirrored globally and particularly throughout the west, and since the great weakness in the `party` system is the manner in which candidates are chosen, this provides fertile ground for subversive activity. A further weakness in the electoral system of the UK for example has been the `packing` of marginal `seats` where strong Anti Marxist candidates are standing, with immigrants who vote the way their own `bought and paid for` leaders tell them. Thereby circumventing true democracy, and undermining those prepared to make a stand against the subversives bent on achieving the Federal Superstate as the initial goal, and the `World State` as the final solution to the `democratic question`.

    The Damage Done

    Over the past thirty or so years, the primary objectives of the EEC Commission has been to pave the way for the Treaty Establishing European Union, and thereafter the creation of the Federal Superstate. The laws emanating from Brussels have seriously damaged the industry and defenses of member states and have introduced many changes needed for the smooth transition to a dictatorship. The significance of handing over vast sums of taxpayers money to the EU, only to have them returned, should not be overlooked. The money returned is spent according to the wishes of the Commissioners , mostly on altering the infrastructure of the nation that it may more easily be split into smaller administrative units, thereafter to be more easily absorbed into the Federation..

    In all of this, the complicity of national governments has been imperative, and the levels of treachery unprecedented in human history.

    The Penultimate Step

    Later this year, the Irish will be coerced into another referendum, and this time, there will be nothing left to chance. One way or the other, the Communitarian's of the EU will fabricate their `yes` vote and with the Lisbon Treaty finally ratified, it will be full steam ahead towards the Supestate.

    Within it's murky pages, the Lisbon Treaty holds no provision for the continuation of the Monarchy (not that in this writer's opinion that is any great loss, considering who and what they are) or National Governments. The Commissioners would become absolute rulers, with a Presidential `Puppet` fronting the tyranny. The Nation States of Europe will be divided into geographical regions divorced from all historical and traditional reality. The Map Of The Superstate to be, shows ten such regions in Britain including Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland, and four in the Irish Republic. It rejects entirely the existence of England.

    The European Union is the `prototype` for the other world `Super Regions` intended to become a reality in the near future as illustrated in the diagram below.

    The Final Solution

    The current financial crisis is intended to terrify the people of the world into accepting World Government. The calls for `New World Order` and for `global solutions for global problems` are increasingly being heard and transmitted across the airwaves by the media sycophants in thrall to the Globalists. Meanwhile, the political puppets are playing their part as dictated to them by their Illuminati masters, and although the `economic` route appears to be the chosen vehicle to attain World Power for now, does anyone doubt that if they feel it expedient, they will launch a global war on a scale hitherto thought unimaginable. We are not there yet, but the world situation deteriorates daily.

    This intended `Coup d' Etat` with the installation of Satan's' World State the intended `Final Solution`, is by far the most far reaching and sweeping change seen in human affairs in millenia, yet we have not been told about it by our elected leaders. The reason for this deafening silence is quite simple. The `Family` controls virtually everything it needs to ensure that the secrecy of the `Great Work` remains hidden, right up until that time, when like all conspiracies, it must raise it's head above the `ramparts` for all to see. This is happening now, but the mass of humanity is still in total denial, and seems to prefer to stick it's collective head in the sand and hope all the bad things just go away. There are comparatively few involved in this criminal conspiracy and if all those who are unconsciously helping them stopped doing so, the plan would collapse.

    As Kitty Little wrote, "Publicity is what they fear most and it will defeat them".

  40. By Sarah: Maid of Albion


    Within our nation there are a group of people who it is permitted, indeed almost politically correct, to despise. They are a group whom our trendiest and our most popular comedians mock, to the cheers of a modern multicultural audience and who are spoken of with contempt by politicians and social commentators.

    That group is the section of the young white British working class, from sink estates and those depressing corners of the dependency culture once promoted by those same politicians who now condemn them. The one ethnic group who we are allowed to call (white) trash.

    They are a group of people without a voice to speak for them, and who's own voices are only ever heard in auditorium designed to deride them. They appear as criminals on the peripheries of gritty cop shows, in documentaries about urban decay and social dependency, their words edited deliberately to make them seem more moronic and brutal even than they are, and on that other platform designed to present human failure as entertainment, the daytime TV Talk show.

    They are the cannon fodder of “Tricia” and the infamous Jeremy Kyle show, that slightly more cruel British version of US TV's Jerry Springer, where observing broken lives become a blood sport, and where inadequate and broken people are metaphorically eviscerated, to amuse viewers and make them feel superior.

    Such shows depend upon a regular but disposable cast of tattooed and inarticulate young men with a history of petty crime and failed relationships, together with tracksuit attired young women, Vicky Pollard clones, usually with a batch of children fathered by a selection of different men, often from a selection of different races. They are brought on stage, like lambs to the slaughter naively unaware of what is about to be done to them, and tell an unforgiving camera about their domestic disasters and dysfunctional relationships. How the viewers laugh at the “chavs”, but never with them.

    Of course, such people can be mocked with impunity, they can be scorned, ridiculed and derided for they have no lobbyist or special interest groups set up to defend them and it is certainly no crime to offend them.

    Even those of us who love Britain and its indigenous people, must confess to a twinge of appalled embarrassment when members of that uncouth and ill educated section of our countrymen appear before a national, and sometimes, international audience.

    Yet, we must not forget who these people are, where they came from, and who it was that made them what they are. For they are, in fact victims of the same forces which are determined to destroy all of us, their destruction is merely further advanced.

    There was a time when the British working class, even the poorest and least educated were a proud people with a sense of morality and family values far more rigid than those of their so called “betters”. A life of welfare dependency would have been viewed by them as shameful and to have a child out of wedlock would be a stigma, which a couple and their extended family would find hard to live down, even when, as he then usually did, the boy did the decent thing, and married the girl, something few young men, or even young women, would view as essential these days.

    Perhaps the moral codes and social values were too harsh, but they kept families and communities together, unlike in the broken and dysfunctional society we now inhabit.

    What was it, in a few short decades which changed such fiercely proud and moral people into the chavs, sluts and social failures who appear on the unpleasant Mr Kyle's TV show?

    They became what they are because that is what society deliberately taught them to be. The levels of welfare dependency we see today is a direct result of the class warfare of the 50's, 60's and 1970's, where the demands that the rich be taxed to support the poor were never accompanied by demands for effort and responsibility on the part of the poor. As we see today, under political correctness, and its communist predecessor, the chosen victim groups are never expected to accept responsibility for their own situation. The difference is that in 2009, the white working class are no longer the chosen victims, they have ceased to be of interest to the social engineers who seek to change our society.

    Those once portrayed as the noble poor, have been cast aside in favour of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, but not before much damage was done. Worse still, as the interests of poor whites often conflict with those of the establishments new darlings, it has been necessary for the establishment to cast them in an even less deserving light.

    However, their rejection by their one time champions only goes part of the way to explaining how this deprived section of our community became what it is. There were so many influences, all of them designed to change British society and all of them damaging to this particular group.

    As a liberated middle class woman, I am loath to blame the sexual revolution of the 1960's and would hate to go back to a time when gay men were sent to prison and women were condemned to loveless marriages and the early deaths which so often followed the multiple pregnancies of life before the pill. However, I have the education, the background and the back-up to have enjoyed and even benefited from the greater sexual freedom of our age. The confused young women (and men) on the worst of our run down Council estates saw no such benefits, without education, such freedoms can lead to disaster.

    Beyond the attitudes to sex, and possibly even more damaging was the new attitudes to discipline which have now become the holy writ of modern parenting. When our parents were children, indeed when some of you reading this were children, if a boy misbehaved he was spanked, if an older boy did so he got a good hiding, whereas if a girl did so, she would receive a ruler across her hands. This took place in schools as well as in the home, and it taught many generations before our own to respect authority and that misbehaviour had consequences.

    Then all that was taken away, we were told that corporal punishment brutalises children, and as a result we have raised a more brutalised generation of children than almost any before us. An un-spanked generation has now raised to young adulthood, a group of offspring with no respect for authority, no concept of discipline or of behavioural limits.

    To be fair, their behaviour and attitudes, are exactly those which our society tells them to have, all those standards and values which held families and communities together, and which made our nation great are now ridiculed and even condemned.

    Read any of a number of young girls' magazines, and you will find the message that the the ultimate female ambition is to be a slut, and preferably one with a black boyfriend. White working class girls are often mocked for their revealing and sluttish clothing, but in truth these girls are wearing discount versions of the "slut chic" outfits, those ultimate role models of celebrity trash Cheryl Cole and Danielle Lloyd wear to such acclaim. What these girls wear is what the media tells them they should wear, and then condemns them as white trash when they do so.

    For boys it is even worse, all the media tells them is that they are useless and guilty, which of course is what their teachers told them they were.

    Many blame poor education standards for creating this lost tribe of poor failed whites at the bottom of our society, and they certainly have a point, if you read the diaries of children from previous generations, even those from very deprived backgrounds, their language and grasp of the world around was far superior to that of modern children. Yet they were far more still “children” than are youths of similar ages in this century. Children from earlier eras may have known nothing of computers and mobile phones, but it is not such skills which create a citizen, it is language and understanding your world which do that.

    Apart from the standard of education, the blame lies also in what is taught, and what is not. I recall recently hearing a casual reference to the Crusades, as “a long forgotten piece of history”. Frankly, as recently as the 1970's and early 80's when I was a child, the Crusades were not long forgotten. From my days at school I know about Richard the Lionheart (or Cœur de Lion) , joining forces with Phillip of France and the Holy Roman Emperor to go on the fourth crusade, that they fought the Great Saladin or that Richard met and married Berengaria of Navarre on his way back. I know about the siege of Jerusalem (first crusade), the siege and subsequent sack of Constantinople, (fourth crusade – and an event which has, with some justice, been compared to what is happening in Europe today), I even know that King Richard's mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine participated in one the crusades (second or third) whilst still married to her first husband, the king of France.

    I know so much about English history, some I admit I have researched since, (although not the crusades) but most I learnt at school, and it has stayed with me. These were not just great and exciting stories, but they were valuable parts of my education which taught me about my country and my heritage. My parent's generation, of course, were taught far more of the truth about Britain's great and glorious history, which left them, as it had left generations of Britons before them with a sense of pride in their nation, and in themselves.

    No white British child is allowed to leave school today feeling proud about their history, or about their heritage.

    Indeed, I was lucky that, only thirty years ago, there will still teachers at the schools I attended brave enough to tell the truth about our history. Even then, had I attended a comprehensive school on a sink estate, I doubt I would have been taught such truths.

    What passes for history in our schools today comes straight from the foetid imaginations of the agenda driven, white hating enemies of our people, who are dependant for their incomes on maintaining the good will of Common Purpose. It is not in their interest to make their pupils feel good about their country or about themselves, and they will certainly not tell any truths which reveal what it was that made Britain great .

    In their student's position, you and I would know we were being told lies, but how would they know that? What their teachers tell them is what the telly tells them, and their parents were taught the same lies as they are, so there is nobody to put them right.

    This is a huge subject, and I have not done it justice, or done more than scratch the surface. There is a book to be written about what has been done to the poor whites in Britain. They have been assaulted on all sides and in all sorts of ways, and now their country is being taken from them. It is time for society to acknowledge the damage which has been done to them.

    Let us not blame this last group of people whom it is still permissible to condemn on racial grounds, for what has been done to them, the fault is not their's, it lies with a society which decided to make them its scapegoats, and to promote other groups and races over them.

    If you have no education, no money, you live in an ugly place, threatened by alien cultures, and if all around you tell you are a useless member of a race of brutes and racists, who are, in the words of Jack Straw, not worth saving, how would you behave, and would it be much different than they do?

    The people of whom I speak are the first casualties of a war which most of Britain, indeed most Europeans, do not yet know they are fighting. They were our weakest flank, and they were the first to fall. They deserve our sympathy, our help and our protection, not our condemnation.

    Anfield We are talking about something big Police source
    9th April 2009 By Bill Martin

    Fears were growing over a bomb threat to last night’s Euro cup clash as police foiled a “major” terrorist attack.

  42. Darling warns that families face 'years of austerity' as he prepares to deliver bleak Budget

  43. EIGHT gipsy families were celebrating last night after moving into £150,000 bungalows in a £2million gated community.

    One grinned: “It’s great the drives are already nicely tarmaced.”

    There's posh ... community's gate

    But their arrival caused fury among people living on the surrounding council estate, who claim the travellers have been given preferential treatment.

    The gipsies were handed new three-bedroom homes in Hackney, East London, after being forced to abandon their caravans on the 2012 Olympics site a mile away.

    The move to the gated community, which has an on-site warden, was funded by the London Development Agency, which is clearing land earmarked for the games.

    Each family was paid £8,500 to relocate and a further £4,800 for having to live in another gipsy camp for a year while their new homes were built.

    As they moved in, they were spotted unloading TVs and fittings from smart vehicles including a Mercedes and 4x4s.

    Proud mothers flung open patio doors on to turfed gardens.
    But one resident on the surrounding Millfields estate said: “It is completely over the top. I’ve lived here for 30 years and never missed a day’s rent. But I can’t even get my kitchen fixed

    Another Millfields tenant said: “When I found out what these homes will have — a fitted kitchen with fridges and ovens — I broke down in tears.”

    Mum-of-four Catherine Ryan, 46, who lives in a housing association terrace opposite, said: “Giving them such nice big houses in such a poor area is going to stir up a lot of resentment.”

  44. A HOMEOWNER who claims travellers are behind 250 crimes on his property is facing jail for refusing to pay his council tax after his life became a living hell when the group moved in next door.
    Roofer Bruce Charter, 62, claims his neighbours, who arrived when the council opened a traveller's site next to his £500,000 home without telling him 12 years ago, are behind the crimewave.

    He has kept a diary of the crimewave and recorded 249 offences – including one year where he called the police 119 TIMES.

    Mess ... Earith Bridge


    Mr Charter refused to pay his council tax in protest in 2000 and now owes a staggering £9,495 and has received 172 bailiffs' letters.

    But he vows to stand his ground and is willing to ''serve time'' before paying the tax.

    The grandfather-of-eight claims the council breached planning procedures when it set up the camp without giving him prior warning.

    ''It's like living in a war zone,'' he said. ''We don't enjoy our lives - they've been made a misery at best and a living hell at worst.

    ''Our home is now our prison, so if they want to send me to jail, so be it.

    "But I will never pay. They should buy my house from me.

    ''I'm not a law breaker and I'm not fiddling benefit yet they treat me like dirt and ignore my rights.''

    Mr Charter and his partner of 28 years Rita Redfern, 64, bought their derelict Victorian property set in two acres by the river Great Ouse at Earith, Cambs, in 1982.

    They spent £100,000 transforming it into a beautiful five-bedroom home with a granny annex and outbuildings, including a workshop.

    The couple lived their dream until the council purchased a small residential caravan site just feet from their back door in 1994.

    Council officers turned the two acre site, which occasionally housed local fisherman and land workers, into an official travellers site with 16 pitches.


    Since the first theft of a lawn mower in June 1999, Mr Charter has kept a daily diary and logged 249 crimes ranging from the theft of a £500 Honda generator to 2,000 roof slates.

    At one point he was burgled three times every week.

    But after police officers failed to make a single arrest, Mr Charter stopped reporting the majority of crimes, instead choosing to keep his daily log.

    The couple did not take a single holiday between 1992 and 2006 fearing they would come home to an empty house.


    This is despite Rita, a secretary, undergoing major surgery for a cyst on her brain.

    In 2001 he took the case to the local government Ombudsman, which found the council guilty of maladministration and causing injustice.

    The council was ordered to pay Mr Charter £500 and said it would seek to resolve his problems.

    He tried to sell the property but it languished on the market for four years.

    He was also unable to rent his workshop and lost the income, about £5,000 a year, which was supposed to be his pension.

    In 2005 he sued East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) for causing a nuisance and negligence.

    In September 2006, Mr Charter, and his former neighbour Carol Millar, settled out of the court for a ''small'' undisclosed sum of money.

    Prior to settlement Mr Charter had appeared before magistrates in Ely, Cambs, six times for non-payment of council tax.

    Now three years later Mr Charter has still not paid up and believes the council should purchase his home for market value – about £500,000.

    His solicitor Kathy Yates has been working to find a solution for almost a decade and is outraged at the way the council has treated her client.

    Mrs Yates said: ''Bruce is stuck. His life is a misery."

  45. THREE sons of jailed hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza faced prison last night over a £1million luxury car racket.
    The trio masterminded a scam in which expensive makes such as Mercedes, BMWs and Range Rovers were targeted.

    They spotted motors left in long-stay car parks and sent off their registrations to the DVLA, claiming to be owners who had moved house.

    Armed with new logbooks they got duplicate keys from dealers, London’s Southwark Crown Court was told. Then they stole the cars.

    Hamza’s sons Hamza Kamel, 22, and Mohamed Mostafa, 27, ran the fraud with stepson Mohssin Ghailam, 28, and three others.

    Kamel and Mostafa, of Acton, West London, between them admitted handling stolen goods, laundering cash and fraud. Ghailam, of Shepherd’s Bush, admitted fraud. The case was adjourned for reports.

    Mostafa has previously been in jail in Yemen over a plot to bomb tourists. A source said: “There is no evidence cash was spent on terrorism. They just used it to party.”

    Hamza, 50, who preached race hate at a London mosque, is serving seven years for soliciting murder.

  46. TEN MPs who act as anti-sleaze watchdogs claimed £4million in expenses.

    An investigation found members of the all-party Committee on Standards and Privileges have drawn £4,047,325 since joining in July 2005.

    This is on top of the MP’s salary of £64,000. Three committee members claimed the full £23,083 “second home” allowance last year. A fourth pocketed just £1,000 short of the ceiling.
    Last year the powerful committee claimed £1.4million in housing, travel, staff and office costs.

    Tory MP Sir George Young, who chairs the committee, employs his daughter from his taxpayer-funded allowances. Labour’s Andrew Dismore spent £37,414 on stationery in the year he joined the committee and £29,145 the following year.

    Questions were last night raised about their ability to rule on others when they claim so much themselves
    Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “As the saying goes, who watches the watchers?”


    Worth Watching.

  48. 'The BNP are now a bigger threat than ever'

    Labour fears the far right will win its first European seats in June, Harriet Harman.

    'We are telling people to come out and vote or they will let the BNP in,' says Harriet Harman
    Labour is facing its biggest threat from the BNP, Harriet Harman admits today, as the party gears up to prevent the far right group from winning its first seats in nationwide elections this June for the European Parliament.

    In an interview with The Independent Ms Harman, the Leader of the Commons, who is heading Labour's election effort in in her role as the party's chairman and deputy leader, said Labour was launching its biggest-ever campaign targeting the BNP. "It is a worry," she said. "Certainly they [the BNP] are a bigger threat than they have been before."

  49. British Newspaper "The Telegraph" reports this week that it is in possession of a confidential document containing the minutes of a meeting organized by the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS). In attendance were "10 of Britain's most senior officers and policy makers."

    The document states that "corrupt officers exist throughout the UK police service" and that the NCIS' intelligence director indicated during the meeting that "Corruption may have reached 'Level 2', the situation which occurs in some third world countries." The document blames the drug trade and the vast amounts of cash inherent in the black market for the enormous level of corruption. It states, in part that "The enormous volume of money that is available to... drug importers and dealers means that very large sums can be offered to corrupt officers. Criminals are willing to pay to ensure their ability to operate."

    Equally troubling is that the document suggests that the officials in attendance are orchestrating and carrying out something of a cover-up of the situation. The Telegraph reports that "The confidential document suggests the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) formulates a strategy for dealing with 'adverse publicity'. A month after the NCIS meeting, David Blakey, the president of ACPO, formally stated that he and his colleagues believed 'the true level of corruption in the modern service is extremely low.'"

  50. Police Corruption in UK at "Third World Levels"



  52. Openness of family courts is a ‘con trick’ Frances Gibb, Legal Editor
    Jack Straw has been accused of a confidence trick over plans to open the family courts to the media.

    John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP, has warned that although the Justice Secretary’s new rules will allow the media to attend family court proceedings for the first time, reports cannot be published without the judge’s permission.

    The media, groups campaigning for justice for families and the English public had each been taken in, he said. “Whether it is by Jack Straw or by forces of reaction in the judiciary – we have all been hoodwinked.”

    The reforms will take effect from April 27 under rules that have just been published. Mr Hemming, who, with The Times, has been in the forefront of the campaign to open the family courts, said that the reforms brought some benefits, in that parents or children could tell journalists or their MP about court proceedings, but he added: “It remains that publication can only happen with the permission of the judge.”

    Related Links
    When stakes are high, parents must be heard
    Bloggers excluded as family courts opened
    Times wins battle over secrecy of family court
    In an interview with The Times in December, Mr Straw appeared to imply that the media would be allowed to report on cases as long as they did not name the parties or publish their personal details. “It will be open to parties to apply to court for specific reporting restrictions. But my hope is that the courts are reluctant to grant these,” he said.

    Last month a senior family judge said that the media would continue to be denied the ability to report on the detail of cases. Sir Andrew McFarlane, a High Court judge, said that only reports of the “gist of proceedings rather than the detail of an individual case” would be allowed. The present reporting regime would remain in place and would be “unamended to accommodate the insertion of the media into the courtroom”, he said.

    Sir Andrew added that the Government was not intending to ease restrictions to “give the green light to the reporting of human interest stories”. Because of the need to protect the identity of children, he said, the media would “face tough sanctions” if they reported the detail of any case. “The reporting will be about the system, rather than substance.”

    Sir Andrew, a family judge who made his comments to a conference

    held by Resolution, the family lawyers’ association, said that the changes would help to prevent ill-informed and inaccurate reporting. But he concluded: “The brave new world postApril . . . seems to be far more sophisticated and restricted than may at first sight have been understood by some journalists, the public at large and, for that matter, the legal profession.”

    Announcing the reforms in December, Mr Straw stated that courts would retain powers to restrict attendance and what could be reported.

    Sir Andrew said that journalists would face difficulties when confronted with a parent complaining about a miscarriage of justice. “Under the new scheme, the journalist is in no better position than they are now to evaluate the validity of the complaints that they are hearing.” He also said that when care and criminal proceedings were being held in parallel, a journalist would be unable to “report any of the substance of the care proceedings other than possibly the outcome, once the proceedings have fully concluded”. In a case involving serious injury or death, such as the Baby P hearing, the journalist who was privy to the case would not be able to report any detail.

    Mr Straw strongly denied any intention to mislead. He said that the intention was to legislateto rationalise reporting restrictions but it would take primary legislation. He said: “It is nonsense for anyone to suggest that there has been any dubiety in the Government’s position. Time and again I have said that we will bring the current highly restrictive rules against reporting in respect of the High Court and county courts into line with the rules for family proceedings courts.

    “Alongside the formal changes to the court rules, I have also wanted to ensure a change in the culture and practice of all courts – the High Court, county courts, and magistrates’ courts – towards greater openness, and I am confident that the overall effect of these changes will be to achieve that.”

  53. List of Traitors to the United Kingdom

    Since 1972 six European Union treaties have been signed abolishing our nation. As this is illegal under the British Constitution, our nation has been undermined in this and many other ways. The EU is succeeding exclusively through subversion by traitors from inside the UK.

    The EU has the laws of a police state, and a constitution that hands absolute power to unelected dictators; it specifically hands all military power (and that includes the nuclear weapons of Britain and France,) to these dictators. It is the Soviet system, and creates a sham EU parliament with no power; it will abolish the nations of Great Britain and England.

    The list of traitors according to the severity of their crime.

    1. HM the Queen. Committed six acts of treason signing EU treaties that abolish our nation. She is the only monarch to have broken her Coronation oath. Failed as the ultimate check and balance, failed to insist on a national ballot for the abolition of our nation.

    2. Ted Heath.One act of treason. Lied his Eureopean Communities Act 1972 would not abolish our sovereignty, and started the entire illegal EU process.

    3. Tony Blair Three acts of treason, three EU treaties, enthusiastic implementer of EU laws disguised as British laws, eg ID cards; enforcer of crippling EU regulations.

    4. John Major Treason with the Maastricht treaty and other actions.

    5. Margaret Thatcher Treason with the Single European Act. Now regrets signing it.

    The above five people have all committed treason, and prosecutions were pending. Their crimes are sufficiently serious they were facing life imprisonment. So Tony Blair and the Queen repealed the treason laws in the Crime and Criminal Evidence Act 1998.

    6. John Prescott, John Reid, Peter Mandleson, Alan Johnson, etc.

    Communists with allegiance to the European Union, who have implemented the EU's Frankfurt school subversion, and the 111,000 EU regulations that are criminalising us all.

    7. David Cameron, Ken Clarke, Douglas Hurd, Michael Hesletine, Geoffrey Howe, Chris Patten, Francis Maude etc. Pro-Europeans who have seized control of the Conservative leadership, imposing their own agenda, ignoring the wishes of Conservative voters; sabotaging representative democracy. A vote for the Conservatives has been a vote for the EU dictatorship for 34 years, these are the traitors responsible.

    8. Julia Middleton Managing Director of Common Purpose. Trained 19,500 local government, quango and NHS "leaders" for what they chillingly call the "Post democratic era." Close to destroying the NHS, and local democracy, by transferring power to the council executives. Common Purpose is the number one subversive body outside Parliament.

    9. The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM). In charge of the handover of power to the EU, controls Common Purpose. Has put a "Monitoring Officer" into every council in the land; they suspend councillors who speak out for the truth.

    10. Baroness Warnock, 25,000 dedicated subversives, and 100,000 "useful idiots". Ruthless implementors of the German Frankfurt School's subversion on behalf of the EU. Over the last 40 years our churches, families, schools, courts have been undermined, with single parent and same sex parents encouraged, teachers have had their authority removed, sex and homosexual education is forced on many under 13s, and decades of political correctness have dumbed down our ability to speak out. The results fill our newspapers every day.


    A good read.


    A good watch. (Part 1)


    A good watch (Part 2)


    SWEENEY April 2009

    TELLY beauty Claire Sweeney says Bill Clinton tried to bed her with the chat-up line: “My middle leg is dancing!’”

    The 60-Minute Makeover babe caught the eye of the then-US President at a fancy dress party in Russia.

    Bill, 62, dressed as an admiral, moved beside the former Brookside star after spotting her in a low-cut Dangerous Liaisons-style outfit.

    Claire, 37, said: “I was stood at the bar with Cilla Black and another friend and Clinton came over to me and started
    chatting me up.

    “I thought: ‘You dirty dog.’ His bodyguard then came over and said: ‘Mr President, we need to go.’ And he was
    ushered out.

    “But then he came back and I said to him: ‘You don’t want to go, do you?’ He said: ‘How can you tell?’

    “I said: ‘Because your left leg is dancing.’ And he said: ‘My middle leg will be dancing soon!’ ”

    She told Five’s The Wright Stuff she gave Clinton the brush-off because she had a boyfriend.

    Claire, who played Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago, has since split from businessman Tom Hibbard.

    But she joked of her encounter with Clinton: “I decided I was going home with a clean dress that night!’’

    Clinton was impeached over his sleazy 1995 fling with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, 35.

    She kept a blue dress said to bear Clinton’s sex stains as proof of their affair.


    TONY Blair has told how his belief in God gave him the courage to launch the war on Iraq.
    The ex-PM said his religious belief provided the “comfort” he needed to oust Saddam Hussein.

    He told BBC radio he still thinks about his decision to send in UK troops every day.

    But he raged against al-Qaeda terrorists for wreaking carnage in post-war Iraq.

    He said the view that the bloodshed since the end of the war was due to the invasion had to be challenged.

    He said: “I say the responsibility lies with the people doing the terrorism because there’s no reason for them to.”

    Mr Blair — who converted to Catholicism after leaving No10 in 2007 - also told of his first spiritual

  59. The wrong papers... yet still they let terror suspect into Britain

    Wrong documents: The terror suspect is believed to be one of those arrested in Manchester, at an internet cafe in Cheetham Hill
    One of the Al Qaeda terror suspects allowed into Britain did not even have the right documents.
    Instead of being turned back, he was let through and told to make an appointment with immigration staff. Days later he was seized in one of Britain's biggest terror raids.
    A senior police officer said: 'It was a shambles, but absolutely typical of immigration in this country - we see this sort of thing all the time.
    'This man's documents were all over the place when he landed. He was allowed to proceed on the basis that he had to come back for an appointment with immigration at a later date and show them correct documents.

    'He was never going to do that. He was effectively left free to do whatever he wanted.'
    The suspect is believed to be one of those arrested at an internet cafe in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.
    The source also confirmed that only one of the ten being questioned over the alleged plot who arrived from Pakistan as students was currently at a reputable institution. 'Most of them hadn't been near a college, let alone a university, yet somehow they got visas.'
    The revelation came after the Prime Minister became embroiled in a row with Pakistan's High Commissioner, who said the UK was not doing enough not enough to carry out security checks on foreign students.

  60. Family of father stabbed to death by three thugs is denied compensation... because he tried to fight back

    The family of a man who was stabbed to death by teenage thugs after he asked them to keep the noise down have been denied compensation - because he tried to fight off his killers.
    Kevin Johnson, 22, was brutally murdered by the gang who invited him to 'meet Mr Stanley' during a confrontation outside his home moments before plunging a blade into his chest, arm and back.
    The young father collapsed a few feet from his front door whilst the trio - aged 19, 16 and 17 - ran off in 'triumphant mood' before stabbing their second victim a short distance away.

    Kevin Johnson, 22, pictured with his son Chase, was stabbed to death by three youths in Sunderland
    But after applying for a maximum £11,000 in compensation Mr Johnson's family have been told that they do not meet the criteria as he tried to fight off the gang who took his life.
    The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has twice rejected John Johnson’s case. They ruled that the demolition worker had 'significantly' contributed to his own death.
    Mr Johnson, 57, will now make a last-ditch plea before an independent tribunal this month - almost two years after his son was murdered on his doorstep on the Pennywell estate in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.
    'I'm livid. They’ve got no empathy or any regard for us,' he said yesterday. 'The £11,000 is all they value a person's life at. And then you have to fight for it. It’s absolutely disgusting.
    'Obviously they just want to keep the costs down for the Government. The criminals get all sorts of help and that’s called human rights. Yet we don’t seem to have any human rights.'
    According to the CICA the parents, child, husband, wife or partner of a person who died as a result of a violent crime can claim up to £11,000 for the loss of their life.
    Yet that figure is dwarfed by the amount paid to an RAF typist last year who injured her thumb at work and was awarded half a million pounds by the Ministry of Defence.
    Mr Johnson, who works as a taxi driver, said his case simply highlighted how badly victims' families are treated by the Government.
    He said he and his wife, Kath, 59, their son's fiancee Adele Brett, 28, and their one year old son, Chaise, were condemned to a life sentence after his death in May 2007. The rejection for compensation had only added to their pain, he added.
    Recent figures showed that inmates in British prisons were awarded £6.5million for injuries between 2005 and 2007, for claims including assaults, medical negligence, unlawful detention and sports injuries.
    Drug-addicted prisoners at some jails received compensation because their human rights were breached when they were denied drugs such as heroin and substitute substances.
    Mr Johnson was stabbed to death after he and his fiancee returned home from a night out on May 19, 2007. Woken by raised voices outside he went down to ask the teenagers to keep the noise down.
    The gang beckoned the father over with their hands, enticing him to come forward. Then they surrounded him. One pulled out a Stanley knife and repeatedly stabbed him until he fell to the floor.
    As he lay dying the gang ran off and celebrated by damaging parked cars before stabbing a second man in the chest. The killers - Dean Curtis, 19, Tony Hawkes, 17, and Jordan Towers, 16 - were later jailed for life.
    Last night, the CICA said it could not comment on an individual case.
    However, a spokesman said: 'We consider all available evidence in reaching our decisions, including relevant witness statements. If this evidence shows that a victim’s behaviour contributed significantly to the incident they were involved in then we have to take that into account - but there are safeguards built in to our process.
    'If an applicant does not think their case was assessed fairly, they can apply to have it reviewed. If the applicant remains unhappy after the review they can have an appeal heard by an independent tribunal.'


    Number of migrants caught trying to sneak into Britain on lorries DOUBLES in a year

    Migrants trying to reach Britain by stowing away on lorries in Calais have doubled in number in the past year, French authorities revealed yesterday.
    More than 2,000 a month are now trying to smuggle themselves over the Channel, their figures showed.

  62. Judge orders foreign criminals to be deported... then spots them walking streets just months later
    Furious: Judge Jacobs slammed the government over their record on deporting immigrants

    A judge has attacked the Government's record on deporting foreign criminals, telling of his frustration at seeing them still walking the streets.
    Judge Peter Jacobs said he repeatedly recommended immigrants for deportation - only to walk past them in the city where he works a few months later.
    The broadside by the resident judge at Norwich Crown Court will pile more pressure on Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.
    Judge Jacobs spoke out as he jailed a West African woman who had lived and worked illegally in the county for seven years.
    He sentenced Jessica White, 22, to ten months in jail and recommended her to be deported when she is freed. But he told Norwich Crown Court: 'The Home Office is better than it was, but they don't keep a proper take on these things.
    'I and my brother judges recommend people for deportation and then we walk along King Street or
    London Street and see them a few months later.' He added: 'In this case we will have to wait and see.'
    Liberian-born White admitted possession of a false passport and entering the UK without leave in 2002. She was arrested after a fracas in her home in Attleborough, Norfolk. The judge spoke out when he jailed her last Friday. revealed in the Daily Mail in December - showed that about 3,000 foreign criminals were released without being deported in 2007. Of those, 2,196 were released early to ease prison overcrowding. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the campaign group Migrationwatch UK, said: 'The judge is absolutely right.
    'The resources devoted to the removal of foreign criminals are trivial compared to the task in hand. The Government should make addressing this issue a priority.'
    A Home Office spokesman said: 'We will not tolerate those that come here and break the law and last year we removed a record number of foreign prisoners. This year we will remove more.'

    In February-2007 Judge Jacobs jailed a failed asylum seeker for five years for rape. He recommended Bilal Darioglu - who should have already been deported after losing a final plea to stay in the country - be deported at the end of his sentence, but added that he did not have the remotest confidence that this would happen.
    His intervention comes as Miss Smith battles to restore her credibility over revelations she had claimed on her Parliamentary expenses for two pay-per-view porn films watched by her husband.

    ALLOWED TO STAY... AND RAPE Failed asylum seeker Caliph Ali Asmar raped a woman and stabbed a love rival after ajudge's recommendation that he be deported was ignored by the Home Office.

    Rapist: Caliph Ali Asmar

    The Iraqi Kurd was jailed for two years at Hull Crown Court in 2005 for wounding and the judge, Recorder Andrew Woolman, recommended him for deportation.

    He was freed after only eight months. A Home Office blunder meant he was one of 1,023 foreign criminals not deported in a scandal which was to cost Home Secretary Charles Clarke his job in 2006.

    By then, Asmar had raped a woman of 26 in Hull. A week later he stabbed Latvian Arunas Rutkas, 33, in the chest in a row over a girlfriend. In 2006 he was jailed indefinitely.

    Hunger striker Prarameswaran Subramaniam
    Friday April 10,2009
    Two Tamil protesters have agreed to break their hunger strike with sips of water after politicians pledged to help them take part in talks on the plight of Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

    The students from Mitcham in south London had been on hunger strike since Monday - refusing to even take liquids - and supporters feared they were close to suffering renal failure.

    Sivatharsan Sivakumaraval, 21, and Prarameswaran Subramaniam, 28, are staging their protest along with 500 Tamil supporters who illegally occupied London's Parliament Square for a fifth day.

    Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat MP for North Southwark and Bermondsey, is trying to negotiate with police to allow the protesters permission to continue their occupation for another seven days.

    He was also trying to arrange for a delegation of protesters to travel to the UN, Washington and Brussels with Des Browne - the Government's special envoy to Sri Lanka - for political talks.

    He said: "There's very wide political support for urgent action in Sri Lanka to avert a terrible crisis in lives and liberty. Politicians from across the parties in the UK are willing to work with the community here to try to get political movement in the next few days.

    "I'm grateful the two young men (hunger strikers) have agreed to take fluids now while negotiations continue. I hope a political strategy for delegations to the UN, Washington, Brussels and the Commonwealth Secretary in London will soon be in place to take place next week."

    The protesters want the UK Government to take action to help protect the Tamils in their homeland.



    A good read.

    President's half-sibling is denied British visa over claims of attempted sex assault on girl in Berkshire

    AMERICAN president Barack Obama's half brother was REFUSED a visa to enter the UK after being accused of an attempted sex attack on a young British girl.


    Council chief lands £500k payoff... then walks straight into identical £150,000 job

    Sheila Healy landed her £150,000 job two months after being made redundant
    One of the country’s highest-paid council bosses was handed an estimated £500,000 redundancy package just weeks before walking into a £150,000 job at another local authority.
    Sheila Healy was able to pocket the payout of taxpayers’ money from one council before moving to a similar role following a controversial reform of local government.
    Her local authority, Cornwall County Council, was chosen as one of 44 to be merged into nine ‘super councils’ as part of the Government’s attempts to cut costs. Ms Healy, 54, was eligible for the payoff because she chose not to apply for the role of leading her authority following the mergers, even though she was a keen supporter of the reforms.
    Instead, two months after leaving Cornwall, where she was paid £120,000 a year, she moved to head the Shropshire unitary authority, another of the ‘super councils’ created by cost-cutting reforms.
    Critics have seized on the case as an example of the ‘profligate’ spending in local government, sparked by the Government’s reforms.
    Forecasts made by the councils suggest that transition costs, the bulk of which is made up of redundancy payments, will easily top £80million.
    Chief executives of authorities that were to be merged into super councils in Cheshire, Ipswich, Exeter, Bedfordshire, Cornwall, Northumberland, Durham, Shropshire and Wiltshire were automatically eligible for generous redundancy packages if they did not take over as boss of the newly formed authorities.


    Bishop's call to beat the BNP

    NO TOO BNP: The Rt Rev Stephen Platten and the Dean of Wakefield, the Very Rev Jonathan Greener.

    THE Bishop of Wakefield says people should show the humanity in their hearts by not voting for the BNP.
    During the Easter weekend religious groups are pleading with voters to use their vote wisely at the European election in June.

    The Rt Rev Stephen Platten, bishop of the Wakefield Diocese, said: “I would encourage people to vote, because my inclination is that the vast majority of people would be voting for one of the mainstream parties.

    “But I want to say I would hope they would use their vote not just responsibly, but with the most generous view of our humanity in their hearts, so they did not appoint any party they thought was being exclusive or divisive on racial grounds.”

    All of Yorkshire is represented as one constituency with six Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) elected by proportional representation.

    There are six BNP candidates standing for the seats, including Wakefield candidate Nick Cass.

    The Dean of Wakefield, the Very Rev Jonathan Greener, said: “There is an old saying that applies here, the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

    “What we are trying to do is tell people to get out there and vote so that we don’t get a Yorkshire candidate with racial policies voted in.

    “We don’t want those people elected just because of the apathy and laziness of people who haven’t bothered to vote.

    “People don’t always make the effort to vote, especially in the European elections, but there will be certain enthusiasts who will. We want to encourage people to get out and off their back sides to vote.”

    Other churches groups, across the district say they do not want Yorkshire represented by a racist MEP.

    Clive Barrett, ecumenical officer for West Yorkshire, said: “The Christian message is of hope and unity; the BNP promote hate and division.

    “I would urge every Christian to ‘use your cross’ and to cast your vote for one of the other parties.”

    The European election takes place on Thursday, June 4.

  68. School literacy lessons 'have left a generation lacking the stamina to read books'

    Part of the Labour plot of dumming us down!!

  69. "Anonymous said...

    School literacy lessons 'have left a generation lacking the stamina to read books'

    Part of the Labour plot of dumming us down!!"

    I think that you are a living example judging by your spelling of 'dumbing'.

    Under a BNP Govt.(ho ho), children would end up as literate and coherent as Barnbrook!

    I'd like to know the year that your Anonymous (no wonder)spammer finished school.


    I shall be keeping an eye on the grammar of this site. I may be setting homework for you.


    It is an axiom of economic warfare that the surest way of destroying a country is to debase its currency ; for example, by flooding the markets with counterfeit money . It is no less true that the surest way of destroying a nation’s cohesion, culture and identity is to counterfeit its language. Not surprisingly, therefore, the subversive agencies within Britain today are giving top priority to corruption of the English language. These ‘semantic forgers’, all in the course of promoting their odious political correctness, are busily at work in our schools and colleges, in central and local government, in publishing houses and throughout the mass media. In the process they are seeking to make certain words as unacceptable as counterfeit money, to alter the traditional meaning and value of other words, and to introduce new terms serving their own perverse ideology . (George Orwell prophesied as much in his novel ‘1984’, where ‘Newspeak’ was the official language).

    The process is insidious and potentially deadly; accordingly we must exercise the utmost vigilance and ruthlessness in arresting its progress, just as we would have to remove all counterfeit money from circulation in order to safeguard the value of our material assets .

    And let no one dismiss the matter as ‘just words’. Words are the vehicles of thought, and thought governs most of our lives in one way or another.

    As with counterfeit money or goods, we must be alert enough to detect the attempted fraud at - and preferably before - the point of sale, or else we soon find ourselves a good deal poorer . Accordingly, the aim of these notes ( and of the associated ‘Nationalist Vocabulary’) is to sharpen this vigilance and help drive the counterfeiters and all their worthless productions out of our national life . But first we need to review the ways in which people’s thoughts, speech and behaviour are influenced by propaganda ; a term denoting all attempts to prescribe and control what people think on given subjects . In an ideal world, education would teach people how to think for themselves and thus avoid falling prey to propagandists. Unhappily, however, what passes for ‘education’ in our schools and colleges today is all too often heavily contaminated with propaganda of one kind or another ; thus promoting officially-approved bigotry on certain subjects, and producing the kind of person ‘most ignorant of what he’s most assured’ . Which has made ‘unlearning’ a very necessary part of education for life in the real world. It is hoped the following notes will be helpful in that direction.

    Elements of Propaganda

    Word approval - whereby certain words or phrases are given special prominence and ‘respectability’ by their frequent usage in influential circles and the mass media. People are thus apt to adopt such usages themselves on the grounds that ‘what’s good enough for the likes of them must be alright’. One need only observe the influence of popular media figures in promoting everyday use of certain words or catchphrases. Note also how certain profanities once wholly unacceptable in polite company have now become commonplace in the mass media and, as a result, in everyday social intercourse.

    Word disapproval - whereby certain words or phrases expose the user to disagreeable social reactions like personal abuse , loss of preferment and even of employment, and other forms of victimisation . The offender is put under more or less punishing pressure to ‘mind your language’ and conform ; as witness the rampant ‘political correctness‘ lobbies in education, publishing, the mass media and politics . Such pressures now begin at kindergarten level .

    Repetition - given enough repetition the ‘in’ word or phrase will soon replace its predecessors, if only because people don’t like to sound ‘odd’ or behind the times .

    Euphemism - disguising whatever is intrinsically ugly, repulsive, disgraceful or otherwise unacceptable behind less offensive or neutral labels . At the everyday level this is just a matter of simple politeness, good taste and civilised conduct ; but in the hands of unscrupulous politicians and lobbyists the euphemism becomes a sinister device to deceive and indoctrinate people into accepting things which are contrary to their best interests. Typical examples are ‘gay’ for sex pervert ; ‘love-making’ or ‘sleeping with' for casual copulation ; ‘multi-cultural’ for mongrelised ; ‘under-privileged’ for parasite ; ‘entrepreneur ‘ for swindler ; ‘negotiated settlement’ for surrender ; ‘subsidiarity’ for subordination ; ‘freedom’ for anarchy ; ‘non-judgemental’ for indiscriminate ; ‘value-free’ for unprincipled . (See other examples in ‘The Nationalist Vocabulary’) .

    Censorship - may of course go well beyond mere word or phrase disapproval to suppression of certain kinds of publication and of certain writers or speakers by officialdom, academics and the media . Some forms of censorship are of course benign ; for example when applied to pornography, national security and libelous material. The question to ask in each case is whose interests are being protected by the censor.

    Popular appeal - whereby the propagandist’s message is ‘packaged’ or presented in a way likely to disarm criticism . This is designed to exploit the ‘feel-good factor’ among the all-too-gullible general public, using popular entertainers and radio/TV soap-operas as vehicles for multi-racism, feminism, homosexuality, promiscuity, Euro-federalism, etc.. For example, negroes and Asians are featured in numerous programmes as if they were a normal part of British society . They are usually depicted as highly intelligent, responsible, exemplary and ‘caring’ people, whose presence enriches our society . In popular radio and TV series they are almost invariably cast as model citizens, heroes, or victims of white ‘racism’ , by programme-makers aptly described as ‘inverted missionaries’. And if the plot will not sustain too many alien ‘parachutists’, they are gratuitously inserted into any available ‘background spaces ( a process known among media cameramen as ‘blonking’ , i.e. getting Blacks ‘on camera’) . The popular appeal element of such propaganda is therefore an artful compound of bogus philanthropy, promiscuity and euphemism . all designed to ‘help the medicine go down’ all those gullible throats. But , in particular, the ‘multi-cultural’ campaign amounts to the same thing as claiming that adding dirty water to vintage wine produces an exciting new cocktail .

    Countering Propaganda

    It would be impracticable and imprudent to detail here the precise countermeasures we should employ to remove or antidote this poisoning of our national culture . Since we are denied access to the mass media and major publishing facilities, are subject to legal harassment at every turn, and have meagre resources, direct assault on the ‘dark satanic mills’ of anti-British propaganda is out of the question at this time. There remain, however, a variety of tactics designed to outflank censorship and counter the propagandists of racial, cultural and national subversion. For example:

    Maximum use of Internet websites to expose malign propaganda and promote patriotism, cultural and moral integrity. Production and distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, books, posters, stickers, video/audio-tapes, etc., all promoting the cause of racial nationalism. Education and training of local nationalists to include

    a) Providing them with a vocabulary list to be thoroughly learned.

    b) lists of required reading

    c) interview, canvassing and debating skills (perhaps using audio-visual play-backs to assess performance and identify good and bad points)

    Thus, like some evangelical movements, we can train our ‘missionaries’ to get the right messages across to the right people in the right way at all times. We can thereby ensure that all our representatives are respected and potent advocates on the election platform, on the doorstep, in the studio, lecture-room, school, canteen, workplace, pub or club.

    Members should achieve seniority on the basis of their personal command of the nationalist ‘gospel’, on their achievements in terms of literature sales, leafleting and recruitment. It also goes without saying that all of our representatives must be exemplary in their general appearance, bearing and conduct before the public. They should also challenge every example of propagandist language they encounter in everyday life, and take special care to educate their children and other relatives and friends in the ‘free speech’ of racial nationalism.

    In conclusion, we cannot afford to be less dedicated and effective than our nation’s enemies. Given half a chance, we win all the important arguments; which is precisely why the corrupt Establishment and mass media are so desperate t o keep us out of the public domain. So every one of our members must be at least as potent as any evangelist in opening people’s minds to the timeless truths about race and nationhood. Racial nationalism is the language of our most illustrious ancestors and the best possible legacy for our own offspring. So let us make it heard and spoken everywhere among our own people. Words are the weapons of this war; so let us all become word-perfect in the cause of British nationalism.

    F Kimbal Johnson



  72. BT to slash another 10,000 jobs


  74. Gordon Brown's plan for army of teen volunteers
    Gordon Brown has vowed to make every young person do 50 hours of voluntary work by the time they reach the age of 19.

    The Prime Minister said a pledge to introduce compulsory community service would be included in Labour's next general election manifesto.

    Under the scheme, the work - which could include helping out charities in the UK and abroad - is likely to become part of the National Curriculum. It would be integrated into moves to make everyone stay in education or training until the age of 18 by 2011.

    Writing in the News of the World, Mr Brown insisted: "It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up in Britain.

    "And, by doing so, the contributions of each of us will build a better society for all of us."

    He went on: "That would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 hours of community service by the time they have reached the age of 19.

    "This will build on the platform provided by citizenship classes as they develop in our schools. But because the greater part of what I envisage as community service takes place outside the school day, it will require the close involvement of local community organisations and charities."

    There would also be a "clear system of accreditation" to mark what youngsters have achieved through voluntary work, he added.

    Mr Brown proposed the idea of a National Youth Service to channel teenagers into voluntary work last year. It is due to be formally launched in September, and would become compulsory if Labour was re-elected.

  75. Sunday, 12 April 2009
    Lloyds Bank Staff 'Puts Frighteners' on Debtors

    'Lloyds Banking Group staff are intimidating victims of the recession who have fallen behind on loan payments, an investigation by The Sunday Times has found. Workers at Lloyds debt recovery department were secretly tape-recorded saying they would "put the frighteners on" and "f***" customers who owed the bank money.

    The bank staff are incentivised by bonuses and some claimed to be representing a solicitors' firm, while others pressured customers with repeated calls that left them in tears. Customers were told they would not even be able to obtain a Blockbuster video shop card if they failed to pay back their debt.'


    PARTY FOR ST GEORGE Hazel Blears Local government has a long tradition of supporting celebrations Hazel Blears

    ENGLAND should throw a huge party for St George’s Day, says a leading Government minister.

    Hazel Blears has backed the Daily Star’s campaign and urged English men, women and kids to enjoy a day of proud celebration.

    She called on schools and other public buildings to lead the way by flying the St George flag – and urged English people to wear a red rose.

    The Communities Secretary is the latest public figure to back the Daily Star’s campaign to celebrate the English day in style.

    A whopping one million people have signed up for our call to make April 23 a bank holiday. And those urging the English to celebrate their day include Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams and London Mayor Boris Johnson, who has promised a week of celebrations in the capital.

    Mrs Blears will ask council leaders to fly the flag on the day and has urged all civil servants in England to mark the day by wearing their national flower – as patriots do in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

    “Local government has a long tradition of supporting celebrations,” she said. “I hope St George’s Day will be no exception. We should all mark this country’s proud history and the strength of different communities living together side by side in
    tolerance and friendship.”

  77. Speaker Martin under fire for £8,000 taxpayer-funded trip with his wife to Dubai

  78. Schools hiring bouncers instead of supply teachers to cover lessons


    Recession shows us value of self-sacrifice, says archbishop in hopeful Easter sermon
    A life with less wealth, less sex and more self-imposed discipline has become more attractive, the Archbishop of Canterbury said


    CALL: Williams thinks people will turn to faith
    THE credit crunch may revive people’s interest in becoming monks, the Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday.


  81. From the Anon @18:44 on 12th (Why are all your posts Anon?)

    Typical examples are ‘gay’ for sex pervert

    Shows that the BNP supporters are anti-homosexuality. Or are you willing to dstance yourself from that hatred?

  82. EU trains a new diplomatic corps - without waiting for Lisbon Treaty
    The European Union was accused of "contempt for democracy" on Sunday after it emerged that hundreds of members of a new diplomatic service are being trained - even though the Lisbon Treaty that creates it has not come into effect.

    By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels
    Last Updated: 3:05PM BST 12 Apr 2009

    Five hundred and thirty staff from the European Commission have already begun training to build a "shared diplomatic culture and an esprit de corps" for the EU's putative External Action Service (EEAS).

    Irish voters blocked the Lisbon Treaty, which provides the legal basis for a new Euro-diplomatic corps, when they rejected the renamed EU Constitution in a referendum last June.

    Related Articles
    European Commission may extend term to see through stalled Lisbon treaty
    Czechs 'have obligation' to pass Lisbon Treaty despite government's collapse
    William Hague interview: Gordon Brown could be forced into European referendum
    Caroline Flint, Europe minister, hasn't read Lisbon Treaty
    Forget the G20 mob, coping-class fury is about to reach boiling pointThe disclosure that the Commission has simply pressed on regardless and begun training the euro-diplomats infuriated Irish politicians. Ireland is expected to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in October.

    Declan Ganley, an Irish campaigner for a "No" vote, said: "It is cause for serious concern that, by implementing the Lisbon Treaty, EU institutions are manifesting outright contempt for democracy."

    Privately, EU officials are aware of the sensitivity of going ahead with training a euro-diplomatic corps. "We are trying to push the envelope as far as we can within the current environment," said one official in "European Voice", a Brussels weekly.

    Staff are being discreetly trained, "without being too obvious", on 59 courses with the help of foreign ministries from 17 member states, according to EU sources.

    The training aims to foster a "specifically European dimension of diplomacy" and to "create a sense of common European purpose" for the new service. Ireland is one of four EU member states - the others are Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany - which have yet to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. Under the EU's founding rules, no treaty of this kind can come into effect without the unanimous approval of all member states.

    The Conservatives demanded to know whether the Foreign Office was among the national governments aiding the training courses. Mark Francois, the Conservative spokesman on the EU, said: "This project shows just how much more power Brussels would gain over our foreign policy. It is outrageous that the British people are being denied any say over it. That's why the Conservatives will be campaigning for a referendum in the European elections."

    Secret negotiations, revealed last year by The Daily Telegraph, have agreed that the EEAS will take over the EU's existing representative offices - there are currently more than 160 across the world - which will be granted the same legal diplomatic status as national embassies.

    The new EU service will rival established national diplomatic corps. Britain, with one of the world's largest diplomatic services, maintains 139 Embassies and High Commissions. Britain narrowly blocked a proposal to call the EU's representative offices the "Embassies of the Union" during secret talks last spring.

    The EEAS will be overseen by a new European "foreign minister", renamed the "High Representative of the Union". If Ireland's voters approve the Lisbon Treaty in a second referendum, this official will be selected, along with a new EU president, at a summit in December.

    Privately, officials are concerned that disclosure of the EU's pre-emptive moves could sway Irish voters and make a "Yes" vote in the referendum harder to achieve. Secret minutes on the EEAS negotiations recognise the need "to remain cautious in presenting these issues" ahead of the second Irish vote.

  83. Eric The Fish said

    Shows that the BNP supporters are anti-homosexuality. Or are you willing to distance yourself from
    that hatred? .....

    Eric the Fish is trying to salt this blog again, one only has to pay a quick visit to his website to realise he is a sour, selfish inidividual who supports nothing, only to over induldge himself with alcohol, (usually near the shadow of a church), this is obviously to give him dutch courage in order to fortify himself to continue living his boring life. He uses the word hate in a politically correct (communist)manner to promote his homosexuality. No one cares about homosexuals or any other sexuals so long as it is not shoved in our face space. Eric should be more concerned with Sharia Law and his love for homosexuality but that would be far too taxing for a no mark like himself making him a self abuser or SM as they called it in the trade.

    Sharia Law is also very specific with regard to homosexuality. That activity is today punishable by a death sentence in the following countries: Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Yemen.

  84. Your response is puerile. Is that the best you have?
    I'd like to know what positive things you've done in your life. Watch out for the tumbleweed.
    You must be a friend of McBride judging by your juvenile smears.
    Pathetic (in the true sense of the word).
    Anyway, I was waiting for a response from the blog mods not the Anonymous spammer. You must have been happy the day you found the cut and paste keys!

    I'm sure even BNP supporters find your constant spamming annoying. Also, your grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps you could find some ESOL lessons in Brighton (funded by the evil left).

  85. I have never had such a good laugh in a long time. Annoymous has certainly rattled Eric the Fish's cage. Eric is full of contradictions as most ill informed lefties are. hahaha

  86. Men had better be without education than be educated by their rulers; for this education is but the mere breaking in of the steer to the yoke; the mere discipline of the hunting dog, which by dint of severity is made to forego the strongest impulse of his nature, and instead of devouring his prey, to hasten with it to the feet of his master." - Thomas Hodgkins

  87. 'Tartan Taleban' arrested as terror suspect in Pakistan

    James Alexander McLintock who converted to Islam in his 20s.
    A SCOTTISH Muslim convert, dubbed the "Tartan Taleban", has re-emerged in Pakistan where he has reportedly been arrested as a terror suspect.
    Pakistan television paraded images of a man said to be James Alexander McLintock, who had been detained in the north-west city of Peshawar in late February.

    The 44-year-old father of four, originally from Dundee, converted to Islam in his 20s but came to international attention in December 2001 when he was arrested in Afghanistan on suspicion of
    being a foreign fighter

  88. Eric the Fish we can agree has been well and truly *Bitch-slapped*


    Lying, Thieving, Money Grabbing Pigs: Labour’s Geoff Hoon and Tories’ Greg Barker Swindle Tens of Thousands from Taxpayers in Housing Scam

    The public have been swindled out of tens of thousands of pounds in “allowances” for a house lived in by homosexual Tory Shadow Minister Greg Barker’s estranged wife, and for a constituency office which Labour Cabinet Minister Geoff Hoon rented out from his wife using her maiden name on the invoices.

    The shocking revelations follow hard on the heels of what seems to be an endless list of immoral money grabs by the criminals in Westminster who have “legally” stolen millions from the taxpayers, as detailed on this website last week.

    Tory MP Mr Barker has ripped off an incredible £43,400 from the taxpayers in a second house allowance which is used by his ex-wife - whom he left two years ago for his homosexual lover.

    Mr Barker, a close personal friend and confidant of Tory leader David Cameron, ended his fourteen year marriage to his wife Celeste in October 2006 when he told her he was actually a homosexual.

    Mr Barker, who represents Bexhill and Battle in Sussex and is already a millionaire, has, however, continued to claim the full housing allowance for his former marital home, insisting that it is his main residence — even though he moved out over two years ago to live with a string of homosexual lovers in other residences in London.