Sunday, 21 December 2008

Searchlight Exposed!

In 1962 Mr. Gerry Gable, formally a member of the Young Communist League and failed Communist Party candidate in the
Northfield ward of Stamford Hill in north London, founded the Searchlight organisation. He was, at that time, also linked to
the extremist 62 Group (as a holder of a seat on their board, and as a provider of intelligence information1). The 62 Group
was essentially an ethno-nationalist movement: “To be a formal member you had to be Jewish but they worked with people
from all communities including many Irish and Black activists”2. It is in this context that 62 Group orchestrated and executed
‘direct action’ (premeditated, extreme violence), and encouraged ethnic minority groups to “vent their anger”, against their
targeted political opponents – people belonging to (or supporting) indigenous ethno-nationalist groups within the British

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This is a very interesting read and something that everyone should be aware of, especially journalists and politicians who do and have worked with this vile organisation. These people are a threat to our country and our Democracy and we should oppose them at all costs, we must ensure WE WIN our POLITICAL struggle.

We have took on this Scum in Liverpool and humiliated them when we held of Liverpool 13 Demo, they were forced back and had to 'retreat' as their leaders have put it. The BNP managed to open the eyes of the public and the greatest achievement was the fact that the party Chairman was able to give a speech on the steps of the iconic St Georges Hall.


  1. Former Army chief General Sir Mike Jackson attacks US failures in Iraq
    A former head of the British Army has accused the Americans of "appalling" decision making during the Iraq war. ( HE STILL WENT ALONG WITH IT!!!)

  2. General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book
    George S. Patton, America's greatest combat general of the Second World War, was assassinated after the conflict with the connivance of US leaders, according to a new book.

    By Tim Shipman in Washington

    'We've got a terrible situation with this great patriot, he's out of control and we must save him from himself'. The OSS head General did not trust Patton
    The newly unearthed diaries of a colourful assassin for the wartime Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA, reveal that American spy chiefs wanted Patton dead because he was threatening to expose allied collusion with the Russians that cost American lives.

    The death of General Patton in December 1945, is one of the enduring mysteries of the war era. Although he had suffered serious injuries in a car crash in Manheim, he was thought to be recovering and was on the verge of flying home.

    But after a decade-long investigation, military historian Robert Wilcox claims that OSS head General "Wild Bill" Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called Douglas Bazata to silence Patton, who gloried in the nickname "Old Blood and Guts".

    His book, "Target Patton", contains interviews with Mr Bazata, who died in 1999, and extracts from his diaries, detailing how he staged the car crash by getting a troop truck to plough into Patton's Cadillac and then shot the general with a low-velocity projectile, which broke his neck while his fellow passengers escaped without a scratch.

    Mr Bazata also suggested that when Patton began to recover from his injuries, US officials turned a blind eye as agents of the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, poisoned the general.

    Mr Wilcox told The Sunday Telegraph that when he spoke to Mr Bazata: "He was struggling with himself, all these killings he had done. He confessed to me that he had caused the accident, that he was ordered to do so by Wild Bill Donovan.

    "Donovan told him: 'We've got a terrible situation with this great patriot, he's out of control and we must save him from himself and from ruining everything the allies have done.' I believe Douglas Bazata. He's a sterling guy."

    Mr Bazata led an extraordinary life. He was a member of the Jedburghs, the elite unit who parachuted into France to help organise the Resistance in the run up to D-Day in 1944. He earned four purple hearts, a Distinguished Service Cross and the French Croix de Guerre three times over for his efforts.

    After the war he became a celebrated artist who enjoyed the patronage of Princess Grace of Monaco and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

    He was friends with Salvador Dali, who painted a portrait of Bazata as Don Quixote.

    He ended his career as an aide to President Ronald Reagan's Navy Secretary John Lehman, a member of the 9/11 Commission and adviser to John McCain's presidential campaign.

    Mr Wilcox also tracked down and interviewed Stephen Skubik, an officer in the Counter-Intelligence Corps of the US Army, who said he learnt that Patton was on Stalin's death list. Skubik repeatedly alerted Donovan, who simply had him sent back to the US.

    "You have two strong witnesses here," Mr Wilcox said. "The evidence is that the Russians finished the job."

    The scenario sounds far fetched but Mr Wilcox has assembled a compelling case that US officials had something to hide. At least five documents relating to the car accident have been removed from US archives.

    The driver of the truck was whisked away to London before he could be questioned and no autopsy was performed on Patton's body.

    With the help of a Cadillac expert from Detroit, Mr Wilcox has proved that the car on display in the Patton museum at Fort Knox is not the one Patton was driving.

    "That is a cover-up," Mr Wilcox said.

    George Patton, a dynamic controversialist who wore pearl handled revolvers on each hip and was the subject of an Oscar winning film starring George C. Scott, commanded the US 3rd Army, which cut a swathe through France after D-Day.

    But his ambition to get to Berlin before Soviet forces was thwarted by supreme allied commander Dwight D. Eisenhower, who gave Patton's petrol supplies to the more cautious British General Bernard Montgomery.

    Patton, who distrusted the Russians, believed Eisenhower wrongly prevented him closing the so-called Falaise Gap in the autumn of 1944, allowing hundreds of thousands of German troops to escape to fight again,. This led to the deaths of thousands of Americans during their winter counter-offensive that became known as the Battle of the Bulge.

    In order to placate Stalin, the 3rd Army was also ordered to a halt as it reached the German border and was prevented from seizing either Berlin or Prague, moves that could have prevented Soviet domination of Eastern Europe after the war.

    Mr Wilcox told The Sunday Telegraph: "Patton was going to resign from the Army. He wanted to go to war with the Russians. The administration thought he was nuts.

    "He also knew secrets of the war which would have ruined careers.

    I don't think Dwight Eisenhower would ever have been elected president if Patton had lived to say the things he wanted to say." Mr Wilcox added: "I think there's enough evidence here that if I were to go to a grand jury I could probably get an indictment, but perhaps not a conviction."

    Charles Province, President of the George S. Patton Historical Society, said he hopes the book will lead to definitive proof of the plot being uncovered. He said: "There were a lot of people who were pretty damn glad that Patton died. He was going to really open the door on a lot of things that they screwed up over there."

  3. Speaker of the House of Commons Blocks Inquiry Into Himself

    'Up to 20 MPs are understood to have written to Mr Martin requesting that he authorise an investigation by The Standards and Privileges Committee into the controversial police search of Mr Green's Commons office last month. But Mr Martin refused to sign off the inquiry, which means that it cannot go ahead.'

  4. From The Sunday TimesDecember 21, 2008

    Bailiffs get power to use force on debtors Jon Ungoed-Thomas
    The government has been accused of trampling on individual liberties by proposing wide-ranging new powers for bailiffs to break into homes and to use “reasonable force” against householders who try to protect their valuables.

    Under the regulations, bailiffs for private firms would for the first time be given permission to restrain or pin down householders. They would also be able to force their way into homes to seize property to pay off debts, such as unpaid credit card bills and loans.

    The government, which wants to crack down on people who evade debts, says the new powers would be overseen by a robust industry watchdog. However, the laws are being criticised as the latest erosion of the rights of the householder in his own home.

    “These laws strip away tried and tested protections that make a person’s home his castle, and which have stood for centuries,” said Paul Nicolson, chairman of the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, a London-based welfare charity. “They could clearly lead to violent confrontations and undermine fundamental liberties.”

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    Repossessions will rise 67% to hit 90s levels
    Think of debt not as a misfortune but as an opportunity
    Bailed-out bank menaces defaulters
    Bailiffs have for hundreds of years been denied powers to break into homes for civil debt or to use force against debtors, except in self-defence. In a famous declaration, William Pitt the Elder, the 18th-century prime minister, said: “The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the crown.” Ministers have now proposed bailiffs be given powers to physically remove debtors who try to defend their property, for example by draping themselves over a car or blocking the door of their home. Lord Bach, a junior justice minister, has assured the House of Lords that any new powers will be implemented only after a consultation and will not be used to search debtors’ pockets or to remove jewellery

  5. YouTube Partners with MOSSAD

    Saturday, 13 December 2008 00:44
    It seems that the days of using YouTube as #1 media to distribute documentaries, videos and presentations about the truth of Israel and Zionist and their horrific war-crimes history and terrorism profile, has come to END.

    Yesterday, it was announced that YouTube officially connected to the infamous ADL as partner to "Fight Against Hate."

    YouTube has reached out to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for its expertise in dealing with hate on the Internet. In one outgrowth of that partnership, the League is now a contributor to YouTube's newly launched Abuse & Safety Center, where users are empowered to identify and confront hate, and to report abuses.

    The YouTube Abuse & Safety Center features information and links to resources developed by ADL to help Internet users respond to and report offensive material and extremist content that violates YouTube's Community Guidelines on hate speech. …

    The YouTube Abuse & Safety Center was unveiled on December 11 at the annual conference of the Family Online Safety Institute in Washington D.C. and can be found at

    I know it sounds too weird to believe, but that's the news. YouTube now has on-board one of the US’s domestic branches of Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad. The ADL, the Mossad’s most "professional" organizations whose "speciality is spreading hate", are recruited as a professionals in the just struggle of "fighting against hate"?!

    This partnership has many dimensions and should not be taken lightly.

    1. As YouTube is one of the most viewed websites worldwide, controlling it means controlling the minds of hundreds of millions of its viewers. This is significant if we look at last year's YouTube report in which Harris Interactive said,

    about 32 percent of frequent YouTube users are watching less TV as a result of the time they spend online. Of the frequent YouTube users, 66 percent claim they are sacrificing other activities when on YouTube, including other websites (36 percent), time spent watching TV (32 percent),…

    It is also significant if we know that about 700,000 people do watch the YouTube concert at its peak. Imagine you are in control and show one pro-Zionist and anti-Arab/anti-Islam ad during the show.

    A couple of days ago, in continuing its dominance of online video, Comscore announced these astonishing figures:

    YouTube reached a record 99.5 million visitors in October, according to comScore. How dominant is that? The report indicates that, in total, 147 million people watched video online in the US during the month, meaning better than 2 in 3 watched it using a Google property. Overall, growth in online video remains robust, increasing 45 percent from last year to 13.5 billion total monthly views.

    Knowing all the above facts and knowing what ADL stands for makes one 'feel sick to one’s stomach'. It means that hundreds of millions of Americans and others around the world are now going to be officially brainwashed by the Mossad and under censorship for everything they say, upload, document and view on YouTube.

    2. From now on, you should expect that no more videos that are anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, anti-war and anti-war crimes to be shown for more than the few hours (if lucky enough) after you upload your video. Sooner or later - and the period depends how critical the video is - all will be tagged with the infamous "anti-Semitism" tag and will be removed, ultimately the user will be blocked and banned. In no time, YouTube will become the official oasis for Mossad, therefore, only the Zionist version of the story will be found and endorsed by the media that follows blindly. I regret to break this news to you, but from now on Israel controls the most influential and powerful alternative media. No more "Israel crimes" to be seen or found and only pro-Zionist, pro-Israel users will continue to control the media, not only conventional, but online.

    3. No more 9-11 facts, especially these connected to Israel, and they are countless. These videos and documentaries were and still are, some of the most powerful eye openers for millions who would like and need to know the hidden facts behind 9-11. The same facts which the US puppet government tried to hide from its citizens and the world. Searching YouTube (at least now, before the ADL manages to remove them all) for Israel connection to 9-11 will reveal hundreds of hours of documentaries that no one should miss if s/he really cares to know the truth behind 9-11. "What are you doing putting this stuff out there? You're killing us!" These were the words of Abraham H. Foxman, Executive National Director of the infamous Anti-Defamation League. Foxman shouted this during a sit-down he demanded to have with an unnamed Fox News executive shortly after Sept. 11

  6. This is exactly what the establishment has been hiding

    The Madoff Affair
    A Guide To The Perplexed Antisemite
    By Israel Shamir

    The thinking-man's antisemite would be baffled what to make out of Madoff Affair. Should he rejoice or bewail? If you read Jewish newspapers, you'd think that "antisemites" - the vast majority of mankind, according to Jewish sources ("scratch a goy and you'll find an anti-Semite") ­ should be bursting with joy.

    Bradley Burston enthused in Haaretz: "For the true anti-Semite, Christmas came early this year. The anti-Semite's new Santa is Bernard Madoff. The answer to every Jew-hater's wish list. The Aryan Nation at its most delusional couldn't have come up with anything to rival this". He is echoed by the execrable Lipstadt: "He is anantisemite's dream. The worst of them could not have dreamt up such a story." And the ADL confirms: "We expect the antisemites to have a field day. They will exploit it."

    One would think that Jewish mega-cheats are a rare species, like white ravens. This is hardly the case. Dr. William Pierce made his valuable observation some years ago: "Jews aren't the only crooks, but they're certainly the biggest crooks. If you hear about a 100-thousand-dollar swindle, it could be anybody. If you hear about a 100-million-dollar swindle, then you know that it has to be a Jew." Even more so if we hear about a 50-billion-dollar swindle!

    Pierce reminded his readers about Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Marty Siegel, Dennis Levine and the insider-trading scandal that nearly wrecked Wall Street a dozen years ago-- and incidentally bankrupted tens of thousands of ordinary Americans who lost their investments as a result of the artificial manipulation of stock prices. Every major actor in that scandal was a Jew.

    "Remember the enormous savings-and-loan catastrophe during the 1980s that ended up costing American taxpayers 500 billion dollars? A big part of the reason for the collapse of the savings-and-loan industry in the 1980s was the huge investments in so-called 'junk bonds' by so many savings-and-loan institutions. And the man behind the junk bonds --the financial genius persuading the savings-and-loans to buy them--was none other than Michael Milken."

    One can fine-tune Pierce: the big crooks and swindlers are not necessarily Jews but they are devoted to Jewish causes, be it the Holocaust cult or the Zionist cause.When it comes to charity, an American cheat, whether goy or Jew, does not care for poor Americans or for starving Africans. He gives his tithe to the Jewish cause. This was the case with Madoff. He contributed a lot to Jewish causes, so he had to be a swindler. (In "The Man Higher Up" from my book Pardes, I explain why).

    So, why should the proverbial antisemite rejoice at Madoff's fall, if it was as much to be expected as the morning dawn? Is it because there were "a number of prominent Diaspora Jews among the victims, including Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, movie director Steven Spielberg, and real-estate magnate Mortimer Zuckerman", as the Wall Street Journalreported?

    James Petras thinks it should rather disappoint antisemites: "Madoff struck a severe blow against anti-Semites who claim that there is a 'close-knit Jewish conspiracy to defraud the Gentiles', laying that canard to rest once and for all. Among Bernard Madoff's principal victims were his closest Jewish friends and colleagues, people who shared Seder meals and frequented the same upscale temples in Long Island and Palm Beach." [An edited version of Petras' article is appended below.]

    This is also the view of Michael Hoffman: "Madoff's enormous heist undercuts a stereotype of the Jew-haters: that Jews are always robbing gentiles and profiting communally from the rip-off. This is sheerest ignorance Contrary to the received opinion, Judaism is not good for Jews. They may cheat the gentiles first, but sooner or later they'll give each other a haircut too." Hoffman goes even further and says, "The biggest victims of Judaism are not gentiles but Jews themselves."

    One hesitates to disabuse his noble heart. Though Hoffman's generous statement certainly is correct in a deep spiritual sense, the Judaic strategy, in the medium-run, is a winning one in the practical sense. >From bankruptcy to bankruptcy, from swindle to swindle, from one insurance fraud to the next -- the aggregate wealth of the Jewish community permanently grows thanks to intra-Jewish philanthropy. Yes, Spielberg and Yeshiva University lost some cash in this debacle, but otherwise, billions of dollars came in and remained within the Jewish community. One may view Madoff as a Jewish suicide bomber: he blew himself up financially, and the immediate losses to a few Jewish investors were just so much collateral damage. But the bottom line was a major, permanent transfer of gentile wealth to the Jews.

    As always, denunciations of antisemitism serve to cover up the hard facts. We hear of ruined Jewish investors, BUT the majority of Madoff's fools were non-Jewish, correctly observed Peter Myers' correspondent Leo Schmit from Kandahar, Afghanistan. "The majority of Madoff's fools were non-Jewish individuals, banks, funds and firms. The claim that Jewish foundations are taking the 'biggest hit' is evidently not true. The harm to Jewish foundations is dwarfed by the damage done to numerous financial institutions, funds and firms as listed by Henri Blodget." Besides, the Jewish American investors (as opposed to the European non-Jews and their banks) will get their investment back under the US government's financial fraud protection scheme.

    So, antisemites have no reason to rejoice. A Jewish crook is nothing new; a successful Jewish crook is nothing new, either. Jews did not lose, they won. Their complaints and regrets are as true as Madoff's accounting. Dr Petras' joy was premature, too, as he wrote: "The swindle may lessen funding for AIPAC's purchase of Congressional influence and financing of propaganda campaigns in favor of a pre-emptive US military attack against Iran." Not so fast, Jim! Even if some Jewish and Zionist organizations lost money, the total sum of Jewish holdings increased, and this new wealth will again find its way to the Zionist Lobby and other such bodies. Does this mean that nothing can be done about it? No. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    While it would be unfair to confiscate the private funds of innocent Jewish individuals in compensation for the Jewish fraudsters' misdeeds, the holdings of "the Jewish people" are fair game. Now these vast holdings are mortmain, as was Church property in the Middle Ages. Mortmain, or "Dead Hand", means one can't sue them. All losses are yours, while only the profits are theirs. Such a regime is too good to last forever. The Reformation would never have taken place but for the Dead Hand rule of the Church holdings. The princes finally had to expropriate the Church, otherwise it would have become too powerful and undermined their own economic dominion. Now is the time to deal with the Jewish Dead Hand. They benefited from Madoff's misdeed, now let them pay for it.

    These holdings are controlled by still uncaught Madoffs and other Zionist leaders.The Jewish National Fund (JNF) "is a multi-national corporation with offices in about dozen countries world-wide. It receives millions of dollars from wealthy Jews around the world, most of which are tax-exempt contributions. JNF's aim is to acquire and develop lands exclusively for the benefit of Jews. It leases land to Jews only." Our friend Jonathan Cook from Nazareth described it as a racist institution of immense wealth and power. The JNF received funding from Madoff, and moreover, other people who earned money through Madoff's schemes also supported the JNF.

    Another possible mortmain body with vast holdings is the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany. This Fund, according to Haaretz, received billions dollars' worth of real estate in East Germany under a clause in German law that recognizes it as the owner of all assets belonging to Holocaust victims without heirs. Do not worry: this money is not helping poor old Jews anyway. A Haaretz headline relates that "Survivors get tiny slice of Holocaust compensation". This bulk of cash should be used to pay the defrauded gentiles.

    While we're at it, these and other Jewish communal bodies may be charged not only for the relatively tiny losses caused by Madoff, but for the much bigger ones caused by the Talmud-swearing Alan Greenspan and his Yeshiva-comrade Ben Bernanke. There is no reason to hate Greenspan or to call him Public Enemy Number One: it will be enough to revert his main deed, the massive transfer of wealth from ordinary Americans to the super-rich and from them to the Jewish causes. Among these latter, the Simon Wiesenthal Tolerance Center should also be a prime target; this could save Jerusalem from the monstrosity that organization plans to build in the centre ofJerusalem on top of Mamilla Cemetery. (In order to be 'tolerant', by Simon Wiesenthal Tolerance standards, you must support gag laws and the bombing of Iran!)

    Expropriation of these bodies will not harm a single honest person of Jewish origin. It's the other way around: it would remove the major reason for antagonism between Jews and non-Jews. Jews would know that there are no separate funds to take care of them and would recognize that they are in one boat with their non-Jewish fellow-citizens. And then the Jewish Lobby would shrink to its natural size of, say, Cuban Lobby, and the US would recover from its sickness.

    We, the Israelis, would be the biggest beneficiaries of such a move. Isaac Deutscher ascribed the negative developments in Israel to the influence of super-rich American Jews: "A wealthy American Jew is at heart proud to be a member of the Chosen People, and in Israel he exercises his influence in favour of religious obscurantism and reaction. He keeps alive the spirit of racial-talmudic exclusiveness and superiority. It feeds and inflames the antagonism towards the Arabs". If they are made to pay for their tricks, not only antisemites, but Jews as well will have good reason to rejoice.


  8. Secret of the Lusitania: Arms Find Challenges Allied Claims It Was Solely a Passenger Ship

    'Her sinking with the loss of almost 1,200 lives caused such outrage that it propelled the U.S. into the First World War. But now divers have revealed a dark secret about the cargo carried by the Lusitania on its final journey in May 1915. Munitions they found in the hold suggest that the Germans had been right all along in claiming the ship was carrying war materials and was a legitimate military target

  9. Media Watch

    Christopher Donovan

    Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: A White New York Times Editor Converts to Judaism

    Just how powerful is Jewish influence over the prestige media in America? So powerful, non-Jews are willing to sell their souls — literally, if selling a soul can be literal — to prove their fealty to Jewish power and achieve journalistic success. Consider the revealing essay of Dana Jennings, a New York Times editor, appearing below an illustration of a baseball hat reading "My Other Hat is a Yarmulke" in the "Week in Review" section on Sunday.

    Jennings, born Protestant in New Hampshire, describes a conversion that came about because of his Jewish wife and interest in the supposedly more open-minded religion of Judaism. The marriage happened in 1981, and the conversion, not until 2004. Along the way, "I sought, and found, solace, refuge and a way of being in the Judaism of my wife and sons ... found a depth that had been missing from the religion of my childhood."

    Jennings amazingly claims his conversion "isn’t much different from other American journeys to a new faith — whether it be from megachurch to Zen monastery, or from mosque to the Cross."

    Jennings is deluded. It is impossible to observe the saturation of big media, especially the New York Times, with Jewish reporters, editors, owners, columnists and opinion writers, and come away with the conclusion a non-Jew journalist’s conversion was a simple matter of "yearning for a different faith." A very convenient yearning, as it happens.

    Imagine, for instance, a Times staffer’s conversion to fundamentalist Christianity. How often do you think that’s happened? And what do you think the reaction would be?

    Right. Horror-stricken faces, uncomfortable silence, snickers and whispers. I can even imagine a confrontation over the matter, after a few drinks at a party.

    But Judaism? Think of all the new opportunities for warm chit-chat Jennings now has with the Jews of the New York Times, as well as the power elite in his New Jersey suburb and synagogue.

    Years ago, while working at the Philadelphia Inquirer as a cub reporter, I watched as one white gentile reporter, a woman, married a Jewish man, and considered conversion. Another white gentile reporter, also a woman, had already done so, and was buried in the conversion classes.

    A third reporter, a Jewish woman, proudly told us that she was reclaiming her Jewish surname after it had been Anglicanized for a generation by her father. I suppose this was meant to demonstrate heroism and ethnic authenticity, but given that the paper’s top editor was Jewish and there were Jews in "power positions" all throughout the paper, it looks in retrospect more opportunistic than heroic.

    The point is that Mr. Jennings is hardly unique. A full investigation would probably reveal many other instances of white (or even black and Hispanic) journalists converting to Judaism, marrying Jews, adopting Jewish goals and values, taking care to focus on Jewish cares and concerns, and so on. (As I’ve written in the past, journalism in America — the New York Times being a good example — is overloaded with stories by, for and about Jews and their concerns.)

    I might also note that converting to the religion practiced by the power elite in any society is not unique. Once upon a time in America, you might have had conversions to Christianity for the same reasons. (One of my ancestors converted from Quakerism to Episcopalianism to better maneuver socially on the Upper East Side.) But today’s conversions — to Judaism — show you who holds the power now.

    (For an interesting gauge along these lines, try reading the New York Times wedding announcements some time, and tally the percentage of ceremonies performed by a rabbi.)

    What is surprising, however, is that a journalist as clever as Mr. Jennings would trumpet his awkward attempt to join the Jews and not see how transparent his motivations are. I can even imagine Jews themselves laughing about a line like this: "We Jews speak of the ancient sages Hillel and Rabbi Akiva as if we just had an expresso with them at Starbucks."

    But we should thank Mr. Jennings for his revelations. We now have one more explanation for why big media treats Jews as the center of the universe, and whites as non-existent. The producers of that media themselves — even if white — strive to shed their own white existence and adopt a Jewish one.

    None of this, of course, makes for "spiritual enrichment." It’s craven, unprincipled and pathetic, and it hastens both the spiritual — and perhaps literal — death of whites. The conversions we really need are to a healthy and self-affirming white group consciousness.

    Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist.



  12. "'It's an atomic bomb in the world of Jewish philanthropy,' Mark
    Charendoff, president of the Jewish Funders Network, told Anthony Weiss
    and Gabrielle Birkner of The Forward newspaper. 'There's going to be
    fallout from this for years to come.' The collapse of the investment
    firm of Bernard Madoff has opened a black hole at the center of the
    tight knit circles of wealthy Jews who socialize and do business
    together, and who, year after year, support Jewish causes. "

    Jews often like to joke (if joke is the word) that Israel is not
    successful economically because they are all Jews and Jews are too
    bright to exploit one another. However, that claim does not stand up to
    scrutiny. First there is the fact that there is a substantial minority
    of non-Jews in Israel, ie, Arabs (average iQ in the 80s). Second, not
    all Jews have high IQs. Third, while Western (Ashkenazi ) have an
    average IQ of Oriental Jews have an average IQ of 85 (Lynn and Vanhanan
    The Wealth and Poverty and Nations.)

    The modern state of Israel has no excuse not to be economically
    successful because it has immense political and strategic advantages.
    It was founded in breach of the UN’s supposedly cardinal principle
    of territory being sacrosanct and has been allowed ever since to breach
    all the rules by which the UN operates. It has done this by the forced
    occupation of territory permanently, the forced removal of people from
    territory, group punishments and the creation of a state based on
    ethnicity. It became a nuclear power without being subject to UN
    sanctions, has persistently initiated armed conflict and threatens to
    attack Iran pre-emptively.

    Israel has this uniquely privileged position because of the massive
    military, economic and diplomatic support of the USA. This is due to the
    pernicious influence the Jewish lobby in the US have over American
    politics. Take that support away and the country would not survive ten
    years, for its nuclear weapons would not save it from economic collapse
    or internal insurrection from the large Arab minority within its own
    borders. Moreover, if they used nuclear weapons on the likes of Iran it
    would bring retaliation

    The fact that Israel is not an economic success even with the aid of the
    US taxpayer and donations from Jews around the world is very telling..
    It is clear that something else is the cause of Israel’s economic
    inadequacy. That I would suggest is the fact that any minority within
    the a society which does not actively suppress them can exploit the
    majority. In Israel there is no majority to exploit and hence the
    normal economic success of Jews where they are in the minority cannot
    be replicated.

    The other way of looking at the problem is to search for societies
    where Jews have been removed. The classic historical examples are
    England following the expulsion of the Jews in 1290 by Edward 1 and
    Germany after 1945.

    In the case of England Jews were denied any part in English life until
    the latter part of the 17th century. During that time England became
    prosperous, developed parliamentary government, underwent the commercial
    revolution which laid the foundations for the Industrial Revolution and
    inaugurated the only world empire ever worthy of the name.
    Post-War Germany created her "economic miracle".

    The Jews who trusted Madoff were caught because they believed wrongly
    that one of their own would not defraud them. That was something which
    only happened to the Goyim. They know better now

  13. Benazir Bhutto, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, had consistently denied any role of the Pakistani government in Korea’s nuclear ambitions. But now, it has come to light that a CD containing vital nuclear data was carried by her personally to be handed over to her Korean counterpart as part of a secret deal! (I.C.)


    Anti-White racism is a worldwide phenomena. The adherents of Multiculturalism have allowed, & even encouraged, racism & hatred against Whites, as well as creating an atmosphere of double-standards against the interests of White people, often hinging upon the Multiculturalist-created psychosis of the White Guilt Complex.

    Paul Craig Roberts, in "Genocide in the Classroom" has recognised that anti-White racism is being taught in centres of education This applies especially in the USA, but also in other predominantly White countries where the ideology of Multiculturalism has taken hold of the reins of power.

    Halls of learning have become re-education camps where legions of "diversity educators" & "sensitivity trainers" strive to "get inside" the minds of white students & replace private conscience, identity & belief with group guilt Propaganda & emotional manipulation are used to teach whites to think the best about "people of colour" & the worst about themselves. Whites are cold, logical, & distant ("ice people"). Blacks are warm, intuitive, empathetic, & spontaneous. Whites are relentlessly acquisitive. Blacks are in harmony with nature. Whites as a group use the "power structure" that they control to victimize blacks as a group.

    … While teaching whites to hate themselves, "diversity educators" are simultaneously teaching "people of colour" to hate whites for their racist oppression. The "privilege" of white skin can only be remedied by legal privileges for blacks – thus, the necessity of racial quotas & affirmative action.

    … It is extraordinary that white taxpayers & donors are pouring billions of into re-education camps dedicated to the destruction of "white consciousness."

    Whilst any White in the public arena would be crucified by the media for using the derogative terms "nigger" or "coon" about Blacks, those who use the derogative terms "redneck", "cracker" or "honky" for Whites can get away with it. Anti-White hate speech is mostly ignored by the media, & receives nowhere near the crucifying that is meted out to those who "dis" Blacks.

    group).The dangers of being labelled a racist, applicable to Whites more so than people of other racial backgrounds, can include being vilified by the media, being sacked, & having your business ruined. Jim Goad recognised this new weapon of Multiculturalism.

    "Racism against whites & especially the Anglo Saxon majority of Australians is reflected in the anti-white bias in our immigration policy, the failure of the media to highlight Asian racism, the use of the media to ridicule & belittle our European heritage, the disproportionate use of Asians in photographs in mainstream newspapers such as The Sun, The Age &
    the use of special techniques directed only against whites to ensure racist immigrants (white) do not settle here.

    The bias of the taxpayer funded Bureau of Immigration Research, whose members were appointed by the Government, was reflected in its choice of more than 80 speakers & panellists for a Conference on immigration in Melbourne on 14 November 1990. None of the speakers supported majority opinion on immigration. The Bureau is little more than a propaganda arm of the Government.

    One of the most common forms of racism in Australia is anti-white racism. Many of the anti-white racists who prefer Asians to whites as immigrants to Australia & who do not speak out against the racial immigration policies of China & Japan are themselves white. Anti-white racists have called for the Asianization of Australia & the elimination of the white race in Australia. …Anti-white racists seem to apply different standards to Asians & whites - whites are expected to adhere to a "higher" standard. Asians who prefer their own kind (other Asians) are regarded by anti-white racists as "normal" while whites who prefer whites (but do not regard Asians as inferior) are regarded as racists.

    Some time ago the editor of the Financial Review stated there was a "conspiracy of silence on immigration matters. Certainly the government, of whichever party has not kept the public properly informed about changes in immigration policies, & the increasing percentage of immigrants from Asia. The media has censored arguments for a return to a predominantly European immigration policy & has either ignored or berated people seeking to express support for the views of Professor Geoffrey Blainey who has said the current level of Asian immigration is too high. Reports indicating that a majority of immigrants are now from Asia are given little prominence. The failure of multi-racial & multi-cultural societies overseas is generally downplayed. People who call for a reduction in Asian immigration are subjected to character assassination & are wilfully described as inciting racial hatred while the racist immigration policies of Asian countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia & Indonesia are accepted as normal."

    Stephen Rimmer has revealed that the end reality of Multiculturalism (which is a racist anti-White ideology) is the eventual Asianisation of Australia.

    "As part of Asianisation, Australia's non-discriminatory immigration policy has been abandoned. "European immigrants are actually discriminated against & are discouraged from migrating to Australia".

    The interest of cosmopolitan Multiculturalists in indigenous land claims (only for non-White people) is driven by two main factors: the White Guilt Complex & a misguided seeking of a coffee-coloured "brotherhood of man".

    The Multiculturalists are more than happy to preach in favour of Third World population invasions of Europe's homelands, whilst at the same time bemoaning the presence of Europeans in ex-colonial lands. In the meantime, they will continue to practice anti-White racism, because it suits their racist & genocidal ideology.

  16. Media Blacks Out BNP Vote Surge in Whitehaven and Ibstock

    The Zionist controlled media are desperate as the BNP rises in popularity.

    In Australia they did the same and were successful in convincing the people that a number of patriotic parties had gone out of existence. It is imperative therefore that we use the internet and any other means to promote the true leaders of our countries and at election time vote out the criminals who have taken control.

    Congratulations again to the patriots of Britain

  17. Media Blacks Out BNP Vote Surge in Whitehaven and Ibstock

    The controlled commercial media have deliberately blacked out the surge in BNP votes in Whitehaven and Ibstock, despite the fact that the BNP beat all three of the major’ parties in these two by-elections.

    The Whitehaven result, announced on Thursday evening, has only been reported in one local paper and on, which carried this interesting comment: “The last 2008 council by-elections produced a night of high drama with mainstream parties holding off the BNP by knife-edge majorities in two contests…”

    This obviously important development has been studiously ignored by all other media outlets, particularly the result in Whitehaven which saw the safest Labour council seat in Cumbria nearly fall to the BNP.

    In the deliberate absence of media coverage, BNP News is proud to bring readers this first-hand account from Cumbria BNP press officer, Clive Jefferson:

    The British National Party took a massive 40.1 percent of the vote in the Kells and Sandwith by-election. Unfortunately for the residents of the ward, it was not quite enough to win outright. Nevertheless, Labour’s massive majority of 1010 was almost completely demolished by Simon Nicholson and his team, leaving Labour with a majority of just 16.

    No stone was left unturned in this election and we are now a very efficient, dedicated and professional election unit.

    My thanks to everyone who contributed to this campaign and especially to those who put in seriously long hours on election day — our core people simply did not sit down from five am to midnight.

    We have stunned the political establishment with this result!

    We were the only party to man all the six polling stations, all day. We have precise records of everyone who voted and our polling agents then affixed the BNP seals to each box and followed the boxes to the count.

    With our whipping teams still bringing our voters to the polls between 9- 10pm, and the yes voters being ticked off, we knew this one would go right down to the wire.

    This knowledge was instantly confirmed when the first boxes were opened and tipped onto the table. The room was absolutely silent; the Conservatives actually left the counting tables well before the end.

    Labour were absolutely devastated as it became apparent that they could well lose this, their safest seat in Cumbria, to the BNP.

    The votes were then separated into candidate piles as the atmosphere became even more electric. In some areas, we won hands down, some we were level pegging and in just one of the six polling districts was there a large enough Labour vote to save them from defeat.

    The votes were banded in piles of twenty fives and taken to another table to be piled into one hundreds. We lost by half a bundle of votes, a handful!

    Our election agent called a re-count which uncovered a discrepancy of one vote. Just to be sure, we had one more re-count after that.

    The result was announced to a stunned and subdued Labour Party. I went over to the winner, Wendy Skillicorne, and said “Let me be the first to congratulate you,” offering her my hand.

    “I think not!” was the sneering reply, as she turned away and refused my proffered hand. “That says it all; you are even a bad winner,” were my final words to her.

    We called this election and forced it on the others when they did not want it. We now know why. This election was run by a group of volunteers from Cumbria (apart from Ken Booth and two lads from Sunderland who came over to help us on the day). They took on the ruling powers of the Borough, County and indeed the country, and came within sixteen votes of taking the safest Labour seat in Cumbria which had previously had a 1010 Labour majority.

    We were disappointed, but as I said when we left — “See you all again in June when we do it again!” That seat, and indeed all Cumbria County Council seats, are up for re-election next June and we have already started work in the wards.

    The outcome of this election has not dented us — it’s electrified us. We had never set foot in that ward before, our only other County Council effort was in January, 2007 and we polled 6.7 percent.

    Imagine how our team now feels, going into all out county elections in wards where we are established and have already polled well! It might well be decided to run a full slate of candidates for the whole of Cumbria.

    I hope you enjoy your six months, Wendy, and are most relaxed with your 16 vote majority. We will be monitoring every move you make, and those that you don’t make, and we will take that seat in six month’s time.

  18. This is how that Baker comment translates from German into English and it has been put it into capital letters to emphasize what he said:





    SOURCE: DER SPIEGEL, 13/1992

  19. There Is No 'Al Qaeda' -
    Ex UK Foreign Secretary

    "The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ."

    -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

  20. The Future Is Not Secret
    The Next Step
    Jim Kirwan

    For those that find what is outlined in "Stars & Stripes" to be nothing more than a variant of science-fiction; might I suggest that the world has been watching what will soon be our fate now, since 1948. That would be the Petri-dish of 'Israel' in Palestine that was created by Zionists as a run-up to what is about to finally happen here, now that the military-political-kinks have mostly been worked out.

    The fact that Americans have paid almost no attention to what has happened and continues to happen in-and-to Palestine; is perfect for those that created that ongoing nightmare that exceeds all that has ever been human or civil, not-to-mention that this oppression breaks all the rules of the Geneva Conventions and the International Rules of War.

    Origins: Zionism (Rothschild-ism): the fake 'history.'
    "The movement created by the Rothschilds to lay false claim to the land we call Israel or Palestine is known as Zionism. The term is often used as a synonym for Jewish people, when it is actually a political movement devised, funded and promoted through the House of Rothschild and (is) opposed by many Jews. The most visible Zionist front in the US today are the so-called 'Neo- Conservatives' or 'Neo-Cons,' who were behind 911 and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq." ~ "The invasion and subversion of an entire Arab nation has been based upon texts in the Bible, written by who knows who, who knows when, thousands of years ago after the Jewish captivity in Babylon. It gets even more bizarre when you realize that the overwhelming majority of Jewish people have no historical or genetic connection to Israel, and the claim that there is such a connection is a gigantic hoax, on both Jewish people and the wider world. The whole thing was orchestrated by the Rothschild dynasty ~" *

    Part of this orchestrated tyrannical occupation and brutalization was done to see just how much the world might actually care about a population that differs from themselves. This has been carried out with an ever-intensifying Apartheid-like segregation, supported by vast numbers of arrests, torture and recriminations against anyone that dares oppose the Zionist state. Israeli military forces have been executing so called 'wanted' individuals using aerial drones armed with rockets to annihilate any number of potential trouble-makers: yet the world still fails to even notice.

    Those who track these events have noticed that the weapons are mostly American. The bulldozers that raze the ancient olive groves, the lands and homes of so many hundreds of thousands of Palestinians; are "made-in-America." The "Israeli-Wall" of division that has been so successful in helping to create the situation depicted below that it has now been adopted in principle along the US southern border; but only in places that will not inconvenience the powerful here, who might find the new American- Wall distasteful.
    So if you'd like an advanced look
    at how life will be in these disunited states after the new laws go into effect here: You need only to look carefully at exactly what has been going on inside Palestine for the last sixty-years. This is your future once the remaining shreds of "law" and of "the American Republic have been done away with. See the pictures that are everywhere on the web-get to know those people that are being slaughtered and tortured every minute of every day-because the world has chosen not to watch.

    For a further glimpse of how life will change here you only need to look at the military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to see the horror of no-bid contracts in action. Trillions of dollars have simply 'gone missing' with no investigations of anything or anyone. Look at the mercenary situation (which we have also now imported here) to augment our nationalized & militarized local police forces. Corruption, crime and flagrant waste marks every single act of those in charge: And to this day congress has done nothing to challenge or to curb these massive thefts and abuses of the public's money or the resulting bloodstains on our national reputation everywhere else in the wider world. WHY? Because as long as no one pays attention; then there is obviously no need to change anything-except to continue to take everything down to the next step, because with no public scrutiny, the door to unlimited criminality remains wide open!

    Every single act this Cabal has undertaken they have first test- marketed on others in the world. From the spying to the torture, from the deeply systemic criminality and cronyism to blatant abuses of the laws, both international and national: They have been doing this since Truman created the National Security Council that took over day-to-day affairs from the Congress-and to this day almost no one in this country knows anything about that completely illegal maneuver: if that is we had still been a constitutional Republic, which has not been the case since The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. (1)

    During these last eight years of Junior Bush, the thread-bare velvet gloves have been tossed, and virtually everything that continues now is being done in the open. Still there is no backlash, no outcry and no outrage of any real merit. So that's just been another green light to the criminal-conspiracy to just keep on going until they are forced to stop.

    That brings us to this latest scandal where the daylight looting of the treasury and the marketplace is going on, with no reaction from the public that this unparalleled theft is supposed to benefit. For months now they have been promising help to those that are losing homes and jobs by the hundreds of thousands, and collectively by the millions: Yet nothing has been given to those most in need. Now they've decided to expand their generosity to the hedge-funds: those totally unregulated monstrous-monetary-vehicles that began this Herculean fall in the first place. They will begin their entrance with a mere $200 Billion, as a first installment.

    "Hedge funds will be allowed to borrow from the Federal Reserve for the first time under a landmark $200bn program intended to support consumer credit.

    The Fed said on Friday it would offer low-cost three-year funding to any US company investing in securitized consumer loans under the Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF). This includes hedge funds, which have never been able to borrow from the US central bank before, although the Fed may not permit hedge funds to use offshore vehicles to conduct the transactions.

    The asset-backed securities to be funded under the program are pools of credit card receivables, automobile loans and student loans.

    The idea is to increase the supply of these loans and reduce borrowing rates by ensuring that the companies that make the loans can sell them on to investors who have guaranteed access to low- cost funding from the Fed." (2)

    In the coming four weeks we shall see the entire edifice of failed businesses and institutions that were once thought to be the backbone of this nation, lining up for bailouts. This will take place at the same time that the remaining debris left over from the Constitutional Crisis that was not called; will begin to disappear into the mountains of fiat-capital and borrowed money that will bury what remains of the country by January 20, 2009.

    It is no wonder that a major negative event is being planned for, by the paranoid national security agencies, because by then there will be almost nothing left of what we used to think of as a country "of the people, by the people and for the people."

    None of this secret, it's all been out there just waiting for the public to react, which seems to be a lot like watching grass grow: but one way or another this will all be over once the "new" administration takes up the mantle. Where will you be then?


  22. Swedens Jens Orback, Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration and Gender Equality from the Social Democratic Party said during a debate on Swedish radio in 2004 that “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.” ( A MAD MAN SPEAK'S)

  23. Because of the fragility of a Leftist's ego, anything that threatens it is intolerable and provokes rage. So most Leftist blogs can be summarized in one sentence: "How DARE anybody question what I believe!". Rage and abuse substitute for an appeal to facts and reason.

  24. Jesse Jackson: "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery -- then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved." There ARE important racial differences.


    Having failed in his first 16 months in office to get a grip on Black youf crime, French President Nicholas Sarkozy announced he would be sending mounted police to troubled schools, especially to the Nelson Mandela School in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, Le Blanc-Mesnil, where fights occurred daily (usually between North African adolescents, over drugs) (Irish Independent,).

  26. AP
    Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret
    Monday December 22, 7:08 am ET
    By Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press Writer
    Where'd the bailout money go? $350 billion later, banks won't say how they're spending it

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's something any bank would demand to know before handing out a loan: Where's the money going?
    But after receiving billions in aid from U.S. taxpayers, the nation's largest banks say they can't track exactly how they're spending the money or they simply refuse to discuss it.


    "We've lent some of it. We've not lent some of it. We've not given any accounting of, 'Here's how we're doing it,'" said Thomas Kelly, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase, which received $25 billion in emergency bailout money. "We have not disclosed that to the public. We're declining to."

    The Associated Press contacted 21 banks that received at least $1 billion in government money and asked four questions: How much has been spent? What was it spent on? How much is being held in savings, and what's the plan for the rest?

    None of the banks provided specific answers.

    "We're not providing dollar-in, dollar-out tracking," said Barry Koling, a spokesman for Atlanta, Ga.-based SunTrust Banks Inc., which got $3.5 billion in taxpayer dollars.

    Some banks said they simply didn't know where the money was going.

    "We manage our capital in its aggregate," said Regions Financial Corp. spokesman Tim Deighton, who said the Birmingham, Ala.-based company is not tracking how it is spending the $3.5 billion it received as part of the financial bailout.

    The answers highlight the secrecy surrounding the Troubled Assets Relief Program, which earmarked $700 billion -- about the size of the Netherlands' economy -- to help rescue the financial industry. The Treasury Department has been using the money to buy stock in U.S. banks, hoping that the sudden inflow of cash will get banks to start lending money.

    There has been no accounting of how banks spend that money. Lawmakers summoned bank executives to Capitol Hill last month and implored them to lend the money -- not to hoard it or spend it on corporate bonuses, junkets or to buy other banks. But there is no process in place to make sure that's happening and there are no consequences for banks who don't comply.

    "It is entirely appropriate for the American people to know how their taxpayer dollars are being spent in private industry," said Elizabeth Warren, the top congressional watchdog overseeing the financial bailout.

    But, at least for now, there's no way for taxpayers to find that out.

    Pressured by the Bush administration to approve the money quickly, Congress attached nearly no strings on the $700 billion bailout in October. And the Treasury Department, which doles out the money, never asked banks how it would be spent.

    "Those are legitimate questions that should have been asked on Day One," said Rep. Scott Garrett, R-N.J., a House Financial Services Committee member who opposed the bailout as it was rushed through Congress. "Where is the money going to go to? How is it going to be spent? When are we going to get a record on it?"

    Nearly every bank AP questioned -- including Citibank and Bank of America, two of the largest recipients of bailout money -- responded with generic public relations statements explaining that the money was being used to strengthen balance sheets and continue making loans to ease the credit crisis.

    A few banks described company-specific programs, such as JPMorgan Chase's plan to lend $5 billion to nonprofit and health care companies next year. Richard Becker, senior vice president of Wisconsin-based Marshall & Ilsley Corp., said the $1.75 billion in bailout money allowed the bank to temporarily stop foreclosing on homes.

    But no bank provided even the most basic accounting for the federal money.

    "We're choosing not to disclose that," said Kevin Heine, spokesman for Bank of New York Mellon, which received about $3 billion.

    Others said the money couldn't be tracked. Bob Denham, a spokesman for North Carolina-based BB&T Corp., said the bailout money "doesn't have its own bucket." But he said taxpayer money wasn't used in the bank's recent purchase of a Florida insurance company. Asked how he could be sure, since the money wasn't being tracked, Denham said the bank would have made that deal regardless.

    Others, such as Morgan Stanley spokeswoman Carissa Ramirez, offered to discuss the matter with reporters on condition of anonymity. When AP refused, Ramirez sent an e-mail saying: "We are going to decline to comment on your story."

    Most banks wouldn't say why they were keeping the details secret.

    "We're not sharing any other details. We're just not at this time," said Wendy Walker, a spokeswoman for Dallas-based Comerica Inc., which received $2.25 billion from the government.

    Heine, the New York Mellon Corp. spokesman who said he wouldn't share spending specifics, added: "I just would prefer if you wouldn't say that we're not going to discuss those details."

    The banks which came closest to answering the questions were those, such as U.S. Bancorp and Huntington Bancshares Inc., that only recently received the money and have yet to spend it. But neither provided anything more than a generic summary of how the money would be spent.

    Lawmakers say they want to tighten restrictions on the remaining, yet-to-be-released $350 billion block of bailout money before more cash is handed out. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said the department is trying to step up its monitoring of bank spending.

    "What we've been doing here is moving, I think, with lightning speed to put necessary programs in place, to develop them, implement them, and then we need to monitor them while we're doing this," Paulson said at a recent forum in New York. "So we're building this organization as we're going."

    Warren, the congressional watchdog appointed by Democrats, said her oversight panel will try to force the banks to say where they've spent the money.

    "It would take a lot of nerve not to give answers," she said.

    But Warren said she's surprised she even has to ask.

    "If the appropriate restrictions were put on the money to begin with, if the appropriate transparency was in place, then we wouldn't be in a position where you're trying to call every recipient and get the basic information that should already be in public documents," she said.

    Garrett, the New Jersey congressman, said the nation might never get a clear answer on where hundreds of billions of dollars went.

    "A year or two ago, when we talked about spending $100 million for a bridge to nowhere, that was considered a scandal," he said.

    Associated Press writers Stevenson Jacobs in New York and Christopher S. Rugaber and Daniel Wagner in Washington contributed to this report.

  27. THE GREEDY JEWISH MONEY LENDER who has no conscience has reappeared some 400 years later since Shakespeare introduced the character of Shylock in his play, The Merchant Of Venice.

    Act I, Scene III of Shakespeare’s masterpiece introduces the Jewish money lender, Shylock, with the stage announcement: “Enter the Jew!” (Shylock is known for demanding a “pound of flesh,” a “human heart,” from a Christian who cannot repay his loan.)

    With today’s world as a virtual stage, over one billion ticket-holders have been treated to an instant replay of Act 3, Scene I of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. Thus we cut to - - “Enter The Jew!” - - and Bernard Madoff, a modern day Jewish money lender, appears. A veritable incarnation of Shakespeare’s Shylock, Madoff is currently known throughout the world as the “Wall Street fraudster.”

    Bernard Madoff, the founder of Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities, is accused of running a $50 billion “Ponzi” fraud scheme. Madoff’s firm is now in liquidation due to an FBI investigation of his criminal activities.

    Up until his house-arrest on December 11, 2008, Madoff was the treasurer of Yeshiva University and chairman of the university’s business school in Manhattan. Due to the scandal, officials of Yeshiva University asked Madoff to quietly resign to avoid “bad press.”

    Bernard Madoff is also the former treasurer of the American Jewish Congress which lost a “significant” amount of money through their investments with Madoff. And a “significant” number of Jewish charities throughout world-wide Jewry have also been “stung” by their fellow Jew, Bernard Madoff.

    Although the entire world is aware that Jews control finance, entertainment, the press and the media, now it is widely known that if a Jew’s greed becomes insatiable, he will stop at nothing to defraud even his own friends and fellow Jews. Why is this?

    It is because the Jews have as their ultimate authority structure, the Talmud and its interpreters, the Jewish rabbis. The Talmud teaches that the Gentiles are sub-human and can be exploited for Jewish ends. But when this “exploitation” takes hold of an avaricious Jew like Madoff, then the border between Gentiles and Jews collapses.

    A Jewish financier demanding a pound of flesh translating into billions of dollars when avarice is the motivating force, sees no distinction between Gentile and Jewish aortas…

  28. Doing the Hokey Cokey 'could be hate crime'
    The Hokey Cokey is an old novelty song that has been sung in music halls, at children's parties and at sherry-fuelled family gatherings for many years. (telegraph 23-12-08.

    ABOVE: Cops trained to climb ladder similar to this We couldn’t believe our ears. It’s madness One Lancashire cop
    23rd December 2008 By John Mahoney
    AN MP yesterday blasted a crackpot course for police that teaches them how to climb a 3ft ladder.

    So far 45 officers have attended the two-hour health and safety seminars, which show them how to balance properly without wobbling.

    THE posties have been busy in the Worcestershire town of Redditch, and it’s not just Christmas cards weighing down their sacks.

    Someone has been writing endless gushing letters to local papers saying what a brilliant and wonderful Home Secretary we have in Jacqui Smith, the local MP.

    The letters are signed by a Mr Richard Timney.

    But what Mr Timney fails to tell us in these glowing missives is that he is Jacqui Smith’s HUSBAND.

    And not only is he married to her, but every year he is drawing £40,000 of taxpayers’ money for saying what a marvel his missus is.

    Smith, the most ludicrous Home Secretary we’ve ever had, employs her husband on public money as her Parliamentary assistant. Yet his background is in civil engineering.

    What particular qualification does he have to be a Westminster aide? It’s all too cosy for words.

    Timney’s letters are party political broadcasts backing Smith’s pet projects, from ID cards to local road schemes.

    After saying how terrific she is, he heaps abuse on the Tories.

    In one letter he sneers at former Tory leader Michael Howard.

    Ought we as taxpayers be forking out for this disgraceful Labour charade? I suppose we should feel sorry for Smith.

    After all, someone needs to speak up for her.

    The sinister arrest of Tory MP Damian Green — which she still denies knowing about — has exploded in her face.

    Using local paper letters pages is a classic Labour tactic.

    In their arrogance they think the voting public is thick and easily hoodwinked.

    What next?


    By chance, a letter arrived on my desk yesterday with a request that I publish it in my page in The Sun.

    As a fair-minded newspaper it is right and proper that we reproduce it in its entirety, so here it is:

    Dear Fergus,

    I want you to know how lucky we are to have the fantastic and stunningly brilliant Gordon Brown as Prime Minister.

    As you know, he has saved the world, ended boom and bust and made the British economy the envy of the world.

    He has ensured British jobs for British workers, made our borders secure, forced fuel firms to cut heating bills, made the streets safe, ensured generous pensions for all and established the Pound as the world’s leading currency.

    He is an all-round good guy, funny, friendly and charming. He is not a liar, not a bully and he is certainly not Scottish. Vote Labour.

    Yours ever, Mrs Brown

  31. HAVING driven us to drink, the Government now wants to impose minimum alcohol prices in supermarkets. Bye, bye cheap booze.
    What business is it of MPs to set prices? That’s Communism, and it doesn’t work.

    Russia once fixed the price of vodka. All that happened was an explosion in the black market. People got more drunk than ever.

    The problem with drink is not its availability or price, but our failure to deal with yobs.

    In a classic bit of nanny-statism, MPs on the Labour-run Commons Home Affairs Committee demand that cheap alcohol promotions in supermarkets are banned.

    All those special Christmas offers would be outlawed.

    They also want happy hours axed.

    Where does this end? Will Gordon be setting the price of his own gin? Will Labour regulate the price of Brown Ale?

    If MPs are allowed to set drink prices, we will be half way to North Korea.

    This isn’t about tackling drinking. It’s about state control.

    And if booze gets dearer, many louts will just turn to cheap drugs instead. We’re already Europe’s top cocaine, speed and Ecstasy addicts.

    Our problem is that rather than tackling the root cause — yobbism and family breakdown — Labour penalise the decent majority.

    Why should stores NOT be able to cheer us up with cheap alcohol?

    God knows, we all need a drink.

    It’s the same with happy hours. Why should decent drinkers suffer because Labour duck responsibility for controlling thugs?

    It’s shameful that sleazy Keith Vaz, the Labour MP calling for the booze ban, is shifting the blame for Yob Britain on to the supermarkets.

    He says it is entirely the stores’ responsibility — as if keeping law and order was nothing to do with the Government.

    Who increased drinking hours?

    Britain is sick of boozed-up yobs, not just on the street but in places like the pictures.

    Some cinemas are thinking of separate screenings for rowdies, but why indulge them? Just ban them.

    We need more prisons, cops and stricter courts.

    We need to jail shopkeepers who flog booze to under-age kids.

    But MPs need to keep their noses out of our cheap lager.

  32. (A good read .)

  33. Update on Gore's Refusal To Take the Pledge
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    Prominent Scientist Fired By Gore Says Warming Alarm ‘Mistaken’
    December 22, 2008

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    Prominent Scientist Fired By Gore Says Warming Alarm ‘Mistaken’

    11 More Scientists Join Senate Report of More Than 650 Dissenters

    ‘The current alarm over carbon dioxide is mistaken’

    Link to Full Printable PDF Report of More Than 650 Dissenting Scientists
    WASHINGTON, DC – Award winning Princeton University Physicist Dr. Will Happer, who was reportedly fired by former Vice President Al Gore in 1993 for failing to adhere to Gore’s scientific views, has now declared man-made global warming fears “mistaken.”

    “I am convinced that the current alarm over carbon dioxide is mistaken,” Happer, who has published over 200 scientific papers, told EPW on December 22, 2008. Happer made his remarks while requesting to join the 2008 U.S. Senate Minority Report from Environment and Public Works Ranking Member James Inhofe (R-OK) of over 650 (and growing) dissenting international scientists disputing anthropogenic climate fears. [Note: Joining Happer as new additions to the Senate report, are at least 10 more scientists, including meteorologists from Germany, Netherlands and CNN, as well as a professors from MIT and University of Arizona. See below for full quotes and bios of the new skeptical scientists added to the groundbreaking report, which includes many current and former UN IPCC scientists.]

    “I had the privilege of being fired by Al Gore, since I refused to go along with his alarmism. I did not need the job that badly,” Happer said this week. Happer is a Professor at the Department of Physics at Princeton University and former Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy from 1990 to 1993, has published over 200 scientific papers, and is a fellow of the American Physical Society, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Academy of Sciences.

    Senator Inhofe said that the continued outpouring of prominent scientists like Happer -- who are willing to publicly dissent from climate fears -- are yet another strike to the UN, Gore and the media’s claims about global warming. “The endless claims of a 'consensus' about man-made global warming grow less-and-less credible every day," Inhofe said.

    Happer, who served as the Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy in 1993, says he was fired by Gore in 1993 for not going along with Gore’s scientific views on ozone and climate issues. “I was told that science was not going to intrude on policy," Happer explained in 1993.

    “I have spent a long research career studying physics that is closely related to the greenhouse effect, for example, absorption and emission of visible and infrared radiation, and fluid flow,” Happer said this week. “Fears about man-made global warming are unwarranted and are not based on good science. The earth's climate is changing now, as it always has. There is no evidence that the changes differ in any qualitative way from those of the past,” he added.

    “Over the past 500 million years since the Cambrian, when fossils of multicellular life first became abundant, the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been much higher than current levels, about 3 times higher on average. Life on earth flourished with these higher levels of carbon dioxide,” he explained. “Computer models used to generate frightening scenarios from increasing levels of carbon dioxide have scant credibility,” Happer added.

    Below are the full entries of the scientists just added to the 2008 U.S. Senate Minority Report: “More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims”: (Updated December 22, 2008)

    Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Dr. W. M. Schaffer, Ph. D., of the University of Arizona - Tucson, past member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, who has authored more than 80 scientific publications and authored the paper “Human Population and Carbon Dioxide,” dissented in 2008. “My principal objections to the theory of anthropogenic warming are as follows: 1) I am mistrustful of ‘all but the kitchen sink’ models that, by virtue of their complexity, cannot be analyzed mathematically. When we place our trust in such models, what too often results is the replacement of a poorly understood physical (chemical, biological) system by a model that is similarly opaque,” Schaffer told EPW on December 19, 2008. “2) I am troubled by the application of essentially linear thinking to what is arguably the ‘mother of all nonlinear dynamical systems’ - i.e., the climate. 3) I believe it likely that "natural climate cycles" are the fingerprints of chaotic behavior that is inherently unpredictable in the long-term. As reviewed in a forthcoming article (Schaffer, in prep), these cycles are "dense" on chaotic attractors and have the stability properties of saddles. Evolving chaotic trajectories successively shadow first one cycle, then another. The result is a sequence of qualitatively different behaviors - what climatologists call "regime shift" - independent of extrinsic influences. Tsonis and his associates discuss this phenomenon in terms of network theory and ‘synchronized chaos,’ but these embellishments are not necessary. To be chaotic is to dance the dance of the saddles,” Schaffer explained. “The recent lack of warming in the face of continued increases in CO2 suggests (a) that the effects of greenhouse gas forcing have been over-stated; (b) that the import of natural variability has been underestimated and (c) that concomitant rises of atmospheric CO2 and temperature in previous decades may be coincidental rather than causal,” he added. “I fear that things could easily go the other way: that the climate could cool, perhaps significantly; that the consequences of a new Little Ice Age or worse would be catastrophic and that said consequences will be exacerbated if we meanwhile adopt warmist prescriptions. This possibility, plus the law of unintended consequences, leads me to view proposed global engineering ‘solutions’ as madness. ‘First do no harm’ should be the watchword of those who propose policy; the fate of Icarus, the example uppermost in their minds,” he continued. “I believe that the enthusiasm of many of my colleagues for the ‘consensus’ view of climate change is partly motivated by considerations outside of science. If I am correct, the truth of the matter will inevitably become widely known and the consequences to science, severe. Think Lysenko and the demise of Soviet genetics,” he concluded. (LINK) (LINK)(LINK)

    CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers, an meteorologist for 22 years, certified by the American Meteorological Society, spoke out against anthropogenic climate claims in 2008. “You know, to think that we could affect weather all that much is pretty arrogant,” Myers said during a December 18, 2008 appearance on CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” “Mother Nature is so big, the world is so big, the oceans are so big – I think we’re going to die from a lack of fresh water or we’re going to die from ocean acidification before we die from global warming, for sure,” Myers explained. “But this is like, you know you said – in your career – my career has been 22 years long. That’s a good career in TV, but talking about climate – it’s like having a car for three days and saying, ‘This is a great car.’ Well, yeah – it was for three days, but maybe in days five, six and seven it won’t be so good. And that’s what we’re doing here,” he added. “We have 100 years worth of data, not millions of years that the world’s been around,” Myers concluded. (LINK) (LINK)

    Engineer and Physicist J.K. “Jim” August, formerly of the U.S. Navy nuclear power program, and former chair of professional standard committees in both the American Nuclear Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineering, dissented from climate fears in 2008. “Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is not scientifically based,” August wrote in a December 15, 2008 analysis titled “An Inconvenient Truth, or a Calculating Deception.” “The book denies the legitimacy of science for review. The irony is, of course, the treatise that Mr. Gore uses to make his points, which could only have any value based on some scientific certainty basis, is not based on science nor the scientific method -- nor can scientists even use science to review it, or follow its logic,” August explained. “Gore argues we’re morally obliged to support his conclusions, precluding objective review with the same scientific methods that he claims to have supported his work. Presenting consequences as facts, he categorically rejects their testing with the same scientific method. Should we be surprised, then when Mr. Gore says that anyone who doubts this must be morally corrupt?” August added. “Fighting religion with reason, we scientists sadly can’t contest. Mr. Gore even shared a Nobel Prize with the IPCC. So, isn't it ironic? The only truth that's inconvenient here is that Mr. Gore’s successfully sold his message as if it were science!” he added. (LINK)

    Biologist and Neuropharmacologist Dr. Doug Pettibone, who has authored 120 scientific publications and holds ten patents and is a past member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, dissented in 2008. “There is currently no satisfactory answer to the central question: ‘What is the actual proof that humans are causing catastrophic global warming?’ All of the climate computer models in the world do not provide the proof,” Pettibone wrote to EPW on December 11, 2008. “It boils down to a matter of faith that the 30-year positive correlation between man-made CO2 and global temperature provides the proof. But correlations are not proof of cause-and-effect. Blaming global warming on human activity is terribly premature and any legislation designed to curtail CO2 will likely be misguided, costly and ineffective based on the available evidence. Since there has not been any significant increase in global temperatures in the last decade, it is not even clear where temperatures are going to go from here,” Pettibone explained. (LINK)

    Meteorologist Tom Wysmuller, former weather forecaster at Amsterdam’s Royal Dutch Weather Bureau whose “Polynomial Regression algorithm is embedded in every high-end Texas Instruments calculator sold today,” dissented from man-made global warming fears and predicted a coming global cooling in 2008. Wysmuller said during his two-hour presentation of his latest scientific research titled "The colder side of global warming on December 6, 2008. Wysmuller believes that temperature increases of today are distinct from carbon dioxide levels. “Carbon dioxide is increasing but not dragging the temperatures up," Wysmuller said. "If we controlled pollution now, we still wouldn't stop the ice cap from melting,” he explained. “The largest contributor to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the warming oceans,” he continued. The December 11, 2008, article explained, “Wysmuller argues that the current spike in temperature and carbon dioxide levels are approaching levels that existed just prior to the most recent ice age. What that means, he said, is that we are nearing a period when temperatures will actually start to decrease and weather patterns dramatically change.” Wysmuller’s research shows that open water at the Arctic will generate an abundance of "ocean effect" snow, similar to the lake effect snow that hits the upstate New York area. "[The Arctic] will have massive amounts of ocean effect snow," Wysmuller said. "The accumulated snowfall increases reflecting light, so temperatures will cool." (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)

    MIT Scientist Dr. Robert Rose, a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT with approximately 50 years of experience teaching various scientific, linked warming and cooling cycles to the “orbit and the tilt and wobble of the axis of the Earth's spin.” Rose also questioned climate model predictions on July 8, 2008, by stating, “Clearly, these are not ‘facts.’ They are computer models. They may be correct or at least lead us to the correct answer, but the earliest model appears to be incorrect,” Rose wrote. “Cooler heads [are] needed in global warming debate,” Rose wrote. “Global warming is occurring as it has many times in the past; and it will continue for some years before the cooling cycle begins and the glaciers take over, also as they have in the past. We are trying very hard to develop computer simulations to predict the contribution our activities are making to the warming, and the going has been difficult. These models can't be tested experimentally (unless we can find another planet on which to conduct our experiments) and are tested mostly by fitting them to past behavior, pretty much the same approach as handicapping horse races. (LINK)

    Climate researcher Dr. Craig Loehle, formerly of the Department of Energy Laboratories and currently with the National Council for Air and Stream Improvements, who has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, attended the skeptical 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York City in March 2008. “The 2000-year [temperature] trend is not flat, so a warming period is not unprecedented,” Loehle said during the skeptical conference in March 2008. “The 1500-year [temperature] cycle as proposed by [Atmospheric physicist Fred] Singer and [Dennis] Avery is consistent with Loehle climate reconstruction,” Loehle explained. “The 1500-year cycle implies that recent warming is part of natural trend,” he added. (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) Loehl published a November 2007 study in Energy & Environment that found the Medieval Warm Period to be "0.3C warmer than the 20th century." The study was titled “A 2000-year global temperature reconstruction based on non-treering proxies." (LINK) & (LINK)

    German Meteorologist Dr. Gerd-Rainer Weber, a Consulting Meteorologist, attended the skeptical 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York City in March. “Most of the extremist views about climate change have little or no scientific basis. The rational basis for extremist views about global warming may be a desire to push for political action on global warming,” Weber said during the conference. (LINK) Weber also endorsed the Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change, sponsored by the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) in 2008. The declaration reads in part, “There is no convincing evidence that CO2 emissions from modern industrial activity has in the past, is now, or will in the future cause catastrophic climate change.”

    Atmospheric Scientist Robert L. Scotto, who has more than 30 years air quality consulting experience, served as zone-wide QA Manager on a $300 million EPA Superfund contract, is co-founder of Minnich and Scotto, Inc., a full-service air quality consulting firm and a past member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). Scotto, a meteorologist who has authored or co-authored numerous technical publications and reports, joined the 650 international scientists dissenting from man-made warming claims in 2008. “Proponents of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) analyses of recent surface temperature records which are suspect at best, as they clearly contradict much more reliable satellite data,” Scotto told EPW on December 22, 2008. According to satellite data, “the Earth has been cooling since 1998,” Scotto wrote. “This discrepancy is due principally to the spatially unrepresentative nature of the surface records, owing first to the fact that rural stations are increasingly being replaced by urban stations and, second, to the frequent failure of these new urban stations to meet basic siting criteria,” Scotto explained. “Based on the laws of physics, the effect on temperature of man’s contribution to atmospheric CO2 levels is minuscule and indiscernible from the natural variability caused in large part by changes in solar energy output. Acknowledgment of this true science is critical to implementation of much-needed practical measures for increasing domestic energy and world food supplies,” he added. (LINK) (LINK)

    Atmospheric Scientist Timothy R. Minnich, who has more than 30 years experience in the design and management of a wide range of air quality investigations for industry and government, specializes in the application of optical remote sensing (ORS) to a wide range of air-related issues. Minnich has worked with EPA as a Superfund contractor, is co-founder of Minnich and Scotto, Inc., a full-service air quality consulting firm. Minnich, who holds a masters degree in meteorology and taught courses at Rutgers University and University of Michigan, is a past member of the American Meteorological Society, specializes in issues like acid rain and ozone and has authored or co-authored numerous technical publications and reports. “I choose to take President-elect Obama at his word when, upon his appointment of John Holdren as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, he promised to “[protect] free and open inquiry . . . ensuring that facts and evidence are never twisted or obscured by politics or ideology,’” Minnich told EPW on December 22, 2008. Clearly the best means to fulfill on this commitment is to appoint to the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, over which Dr. Holdren will preside, several of the more than 650 distinguished and renowned scientists who have openly questioned the “consensus” on AGW in Senator Inhofe’s 2008 U.S. Senate Minority Report,” Minnich explained. “The late Michael Crichton said it well: ‘Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. . . . Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus [which] is the business of politics. . . . What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus,’” Minnich added. (LINK) (LINK)

    Award Winning Physicist Dr. Will Happer, Professor at the Department of Physics at Princeton University and Former Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy from 1990 to 1993, who has published over 200 scientific papers, and is a fellow of the American Physical Society, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Academy of Sciences, dissented from warming fears and requested to be added to Senate dissenting scientist report in 2008. “I had the privilege of being fired by Al Gore, since I refused to go along with his alarmism. I did not need the job that badly,” Happer told EPW on December 22, 2008. Happer, who was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Award, the Broida Prize and the 1999 Davisson-Germer Prize of the American Physical Society, says he was fired by Gore in 1993 for failing to adhere to Gore’s scientific views on ozone and climate. “I was told that science was not going to intrude on policy," Happer said in 1993. In 2008, Happer publicly dissented from man-made warming fears. “I have spent a long research career studying physics that is closely related to the greenhouse effect, for example, absorption and emission of visible and infrared radiation, and fluid flow. Based on my experience, I am convinced that the current alarm over carbon dioxide is mistaken,” Happer explained. “Mistakes are common in science and they can take a long time to correct, sometimes many generations. It is important that misguided political decisions do not block science's capacity for self correction, especially in this instance when incorrect science is being used to threaten our liberties and wellbeing,” Happer added. “Fears about man-made global warming are unwarranted and are not based on good science. The earth's climate is changing now, as it always has. There is no evidence that the changes differ in any qualitative way from those of the past. We are currently in a warming cycle that began in the early 1800's, at the end of the little ice age. Much of the current warming occurred before the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were significantly increased by the burning of fossil fuels. No one knows how long the current warming will continue, and in fact, there has been no warming for the past ten years,” he continued. “Carbon dioxide is a natural constituent of the atmosphere, and calling it a ‘pollutant’ is inaccurate. Humans exhale air containing 4 to 5 per cent carbon dioxide or 40,000 to 50,000 parts per million. Plants grow better with more carbon dioxide. The current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are about 380 parts per million, exceptionally low by the standards of geological history. Over the past 500 million years since the Cambrian, when fossils of multicellular life first became abundant, the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been much higher than current levels, about 3 times higher on average. Life on earth flourished with these higher levels of carbon dioxide,” he added. “Computer models used to generate frightening scenarios from increasing levels of carbon dioxide have scant credibility. There is little debate that the direct effects of doubling carbon dioxide concentrations would be very small, perhaps 1 to 2 C of warming. To generate alarming scenarios, computer modelers must invent positive feedback mechanisms that increase the greenhouse effect of water vapor, which is responsible for over 90 percent of greenhouse warming. Observations indicate that the feedback is very small and may actually be negative. Changes in atmospheric water vapor and cloud cover may diminish, not increase, the small direct effects of carbon dioxide,” he concluded