Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Roger "stinky" Phillips, Radio Merseysides very own stig of the dump.

Over the course of the last two weeks there has been a concerted attack upon BNP members who's private details were stolen and provided to shady, nutty, Labour Union third parties to use as an intimidation tool against these BNP members. The likes of the Liverpool Echo, Daily Post, Roger Phillips at Radio Merseyside have all but brought the worlds worst out of the woodwork to smear, lie and try to discredit these fine BNP people, but have failed on all counts.

The PO Box at Merseyside BNP has in the last week been bursting at the seams with patriotic people writing to us in disbelief at the lies that are in the Merseyside papers but especially the very lax broadcasting standards that Roger Phillips has allowed on his Radio Merseyside show. Roger Phillips has all but discredited himself and has revealed himself to be the biased bigot that he is. While he "encourages" the insane fantasists like Alec McFadden to appear on his show while openly admitting (McFadden) that he will be acting illegally with the 12,000 BNP members list. Well we can all play these games Roger, or should I say stinky. Below is one of the many correspondence we have received. All Liverpool BNP blog readers keep the stories coming in.

"Roger Phillips prior to being on Radio Merseyside was a Private hire taxi driver for Eagle Taxis who was known as stinky by other drivers as he worked and slept in his car, which stunk like a whores handbag. His favourite taxi stand was in Devonshire Road,Toxteth, facing the old Conservative Club next door to a well known brothel which he regularly frequented, maybe, these connections helped him to get a job on Radio Merseyside and move to the bohemian area of Lark Lane,and the rustic Hadassah Grove".

"Today he considers himself a leading light in Liverpool's Society this hasn't stopped him from attacking patriots and defending the likes of McFadden and Co, using Searchlight (the criminal communist organisation founded by paedophiles, pimps and thugs) as he must be well aware, he still uses this as his mantra to batter down any objectors. He is well conversant and friends with these people perhaps this affected his job application as Director of Communications at Ashworth Top Security Hospital. Stinky Phillips must now know that the tide is turning".


  1. He was caught urinating in the street that effected his job application in Ashworth.

  2. Stinky Phillips, Knocking shops and McFadden sounds like a self help group. lmao

  3. The Queens Speech today states that men using the services of prostitutes will be targeted!!!! LOOK OUT STINKY.


  5. The Local Government Chronicle:

    It was recently reported in the Local Government Chronicle, quote: The biggest single source of ammunition for the critics appears to be former deputy leader Derek Hatton. Executive member for life-long learning Paul Clein (one of the 10 elitist councillors on the cabinet. Clein resigned in May 2002 claiming he was stabbed in the back by Lib Dem leader Mike Storey in relation to some issue or other) says: "What if someone like Derek Hatton got a landslide victory and got elected for the four year-term? It would leave us up a bloody gum tree." Mr Clein believes the Democracy Commission is a "political fix" and a mayor will increase the opportunity for "shabby deals" in a "remarkably uncorrupt system." But the newly elected Labour leader and Blairite Gideon Ben-Tovim insists "this is yesterday's storey. A council which has been so quick to modernise (it took four months) is one to watch." (LGC Oct 22 1999). Its well known that Mr Ben-Tovim is a Blairite, that's why he was chosen to replace former leader Frank Prendergast.
    (Labour leader Gideon Ben-Tovim was beaten in the 2002 election for party leader by councillor Joe Anderson, who two years previous resigned from the board of the council led agency “Rope Walks” which is presently under investigation for fraud by the European fraud squad OLAF).

    Elitist members of the Democracy Commission are:

    Chair - James Ross (Chairman of Littlewoods and mouthpiece of the Moore’s family)

    Vice Chair - Roger Phillips (BBC Radio Merseyside)

    Rt Revd James Jones (The Bishop of Liverpool)

    Lord David Alton (the foundation of Citizenship and Honorary Professor of Citizenship. Based at John Moors University).

    Phil Redmond millionaire (Chairman Mersey TV) Who's programmes gives an awful portrayal of Liverpool, with psychopathic gangsters, incest, lying, you name Phil will portrays it on his Brookside sit-com. Some people fear that the right wing Redmond will use his programme to brainwash the people of Liverpool.

    Claire Dove (Director, Blackburn House, Woman's Technology and Education Centre)

    Professor Michael Parkinson (Director, European Institute for Urban Affairs)

    Dr Protasia Torkington (Hope University College)

    John Grifith (Editor, Liverpool Echo)

    Liam Black (Chief executive of the Furniture Resource Centre. A Community Based Project funded by Objective One and public funding. The staff of this project don’t earn much more than the minimum wage, yet Mr Black earn well over £35,000 per year)

    Jane Kennedy former government whip and now a minister (Member of Parliament, Liverpool Wavetree) former NUPE union official, witch hunter of the left in the 1980s and super Blair's babe.

    Sir Trevor Jones (Former Lib Dem Leader of Liverpool City Council and extreme right winger and supporter of an elected mayor also leader of the Lib-Dems during the infamous Toxteth Riots of the eighties)

    Sir Malcom Thornton (Former Member of Parliament for Crosby and Garston)

    David Wade Smith (Director, Wade Smith LTD)

    Professor Dennis Kavanagh (Professor of Politics Liverpool University)

    Did you know?

    Its interesting to note that the self appointed Democracy Commission received financial and in kind support from:

    · Radio Merseyside

    · The Liverpool Echo

    · Mersey Television

    Mersey Television is owned by millionaire and local icon Phil Redmond. I wonder if the subject of a n elected mayor will appear (favourably) in his Brookside sit-com scripts?

    Top of the Document

    The Echo survey:

    According to the Liverpool Echo (July 9/1999) a survey was carried out for the Liverpool Democracy Commission (Echo editor is a member of the Democracy Commission) who are considering the possibility of Liverpool becoming the first city outside of London to have an elected mayor.

    The art of subterfuge!

    The reporter who wrote the article cleverly quotes, more than 400 people took part in the survey. The words more than make it look like a great deal more than 400 people took part, when more than 400 is not over five hundred, so it could have been 401 people. In fact when the final report was finished it was stated in appendix 5 of the report that 402 people living in 10 of the city 's wards took part in a face to face doorstep interview.

    It's insignificant:

    This figure 400 pails off in to insignificance when one takes into account the fact that 474,000 people live in Liverpool. How can 400 people be used as a credible method to assertain a truthful and credible disclosure of what the people of Liverpool want? It was quite obvious that the Echo would come out on the side of the Democracy Commission by coming to the conclusion that 63% of the 400 people supported an elected mayor. I must confess, I am not a wizard at mathematics, but isn't 63% of 400 about 226 people? Not much is it? Yet these are the facts that the Liverpool Echo gleefully trumpeted to the politically uneducated people of Liverpool. Who's side is the Liverpool Echo on? Talk about the art of subterfuge and the favourable spin. It beggars belief. (Press cutting available).

    Top of the Document

    BBCchat show host Roger Phillips

    BBC Radio Merseyside's chat show host Roger Phillips, (former Chair of the Democracy Commission). Much has been said about Roger and his public relation and consultation activities. Rumour has it that Roger holds allegiances to New Labour, although his friend John Egan (former New Labour regional officer, former secretary of the Democracy Commission and expert in the art of public relations and who now works for Liverpool Vission) denies this. Roger is often in and out of the Liverpool Echo and was a colleague of John Griffith (former editor of the Liverpool Echo) on the now defunct Democracy Commission. In my opinion Roger Phillips has been using BBC Radio Merseyside as a political and public relations platform.

    He has appeared on at least three promotional videotape promoting stock transfers from the Liverpool City Council to private sector housing associations. On one of these videos he appeared alongside New Labour MP Marie Eagle urging the people of the Speke/Garston area of Liverpool (another deprived Partnership area) to vote yes to council house stock transfers from public ownership to the private sector. (More about this further on). Speke/Garston has a population of 24,000 people. If you go to these areas you will see that the people have to live in appalling conditions. Poverty and social deprivation are rife, yet the Liverpool City Council has painted a completely different picture. Bellow is the area description.

    Its interesting to note that on the 25th of November 2000 BBC Radio Merseyside's chat show host Roger Phillips interviewed New Labour's local government minister Beverly Hughes on her and his favourite subject an elected mayor. As expected she was well versed and put across her agenda in the most convincing manner. Of course Roger Phillips who is a member of the Democracy Commission questioned her in a way, which could have given his listeners the impression that an elected Mayor was a big step forward.

    On the same day as the interview the New Labour government conveniently passed a local government bill that would in effect give them the right to overrule our democratically elected councillors and push through a cleverly contrived referendum, using only 5% of Liverpool’s population to trigger it off. This will give Trinity's Liverpool Echo and Radio Merseyside (both of whom are in the pockets of New Labour) ample time to brainwash the people of Liverpool with the bizarre recommendations of the Democracy Commission's 14 power elitist members. And of course these recommendations are the ones that are more favourable to Tony Blair and his front bench band of control freak modernises. (Eventually in 2000 the Liverpool City Council told Central Government to get lost and the elected mayor issue was put to sleep).


  7. "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”