Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Field warns Brown to calm rising anger over extra services in Scotland and Wales

LABOUR will cease to be a major political force in England unless it calms rising anger about extra services available only in Scotland and Wales, Frank Field will warn tonight.
The Birkenhead MP will urge Gordon Brown to tackle the “festering sore” of benefits – such as free care for the elderly and no student top-up fees – denied to people in England, before it is too late.
In a university lecture, Mr Field will say growing resentment makes further devolution inevitable, not least because English taxpayers fund the extra services in Scotland.
If Labour fails to act, the Conservatives – and even the British National Party – will reap the rewards in places such as Merseyside, he will warn.


Cant wait to see the day the Labour is eradicated like the vermin it is, maybe Mr Field should consider putting the British people first now and leave the Labour party and become the first BNP member of parliament. Whats more important lining the pocket or the future of the British people?
Mr Field our phone lines are clear for you to announce your defection.

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