Tuesday, 22 January 2008

11 hard working activists from Liverpool went and helped down in in weekend of action in London. This is to help the British National Party get our first ever assembly member/s elected. This would be a massive breakthrough for the party and would help us make bigger gains in the 2009 Euro elections.

The team were put up by Richard Barnbrook the mayoral candidate who we hope will teach red Ken a lesson or two. The team went leafleting on Saturday and Sunday, they done the dagenham area and they received lots of support and very little negative feedback. I personally didn't get any negative feedback from anyone just positive and that is in the enriched London.

Motivation is high just as expectation is high, with such good res ponce people feel that the British National Party have a really good chance to make history.

"Around 250 dedicated BNP activists from around the country who descended on London for the first National Weekend of Action in support of Richard Barnbrook’s Greater London Assembly election campaign this past weekend.
Leafleting teams fanned out over much of our capital city, delivering an astonishing 100,000 “Londoner” leaflets over the two days."

For more information and pic visit: http://www.bnp.org.uk/2008/01/21/100000-leaflets-250-activists-the-bnp%e2%80%99s-biggest-ever-push-in-london/

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