Sunday, 13 January 2008

List of Council Wards:

Do we stand in your area:
Allerton and Hunts Cross - Not Yet
Anfield - Not Yet
Belle Vale - Not Yet
Central - Not Yet
Childwall - Not Yet
Church - Not Yet
Clubmoor - Standing a candidate!
County - Not Yet
Cressington - Not Yet
Croxteth - Not Yet
Everton - Standing a Candidate!
Fazakerley - Standing a Candidate!
Greenbank - Not Yet
Kensington - Standing a Candidate!
Kirkdale - Standing a Candidate!
Knotty Ash - Not Yet
Mossley Hill - Not Yet
Norris Green - Standing a Candidate!
Old Swan - Not Yet
Picton - Not Yet
Princes Park - Not Yet
Riverside - Not Yet
Speke Garston - Standing a Candidate!
St Michaels - Not Yet
Tuebrook and Stoneycroft - Standing a Candidate!
Warbreck - Standing a Candidate!
Wavertree - Not Yet
West Derby - Not Yet
Woolton - Not Yet
Yew Tree - Not Yet.

That's 9/30 last May, if you would like a candidate in your area then it is up to you to stand yourself as we can only stand as many people as are willing to stand themselves. If we had 30 people willing to stand we would, but only the normal people of Britain and Merseyside can make that happen.

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