Wednesday, 23 January 2008

2400 leaflets delivered!

Today a team of activists delivered 2400 leaflets to homes in the Liverpool council ward of County.

The leaflets put out where 'British Jobs for British Workers' can be seen at:

Also put out was a locally designed 'Warning' leaflet which has been well received around merseyside.

There was not a signal negative res ponce, however there were two young men who said they would be writing off straight away and the organiser of the Branch received a phone call while leaflets were still being distributed. The people of Liverpool are fed up and are now waking up to the mess of the nation, the people of Liverpool will NOT allow Liverpool to turn into a disgusting mess London has. Scoucers are a proud people and we will stand strong and we will stop the lib/lab/con in their steps.

Our details to get involved:
Tel: 07946366883 Email:
Post to: Liverpool BNP, PO Box 9, Garston, Liverpool, L19 2RN.

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