Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ex-culture boss Jason Harborow gets £230,000 pay off!

According to the Liverpool Daily post the Liverpool Ex-culture boss Jason Harborow has been given a £230,000 pay off. No doubt this has come at the Liverpool tax payers expense, we in the BNP are getting fed up with how these bumbling fools spend our money. We see these slimy politicians taking us all for a ride, we want this to END! Only by getting BNP councillors elected will we be able to stop this, BNP councillors will pledge to hold the council and its spending to account.
This news also comes after Liverpool was labelled the worst in the country for the way it spends money. This needs to change and we need to make sure OUR money is spent in ways to benefit the community. Down the east lancs the council have waisted thousands of pounds putting up stupid looking flags all the way into town. That money could of been spent on something better, maybe on cleaning/sand blasting some of our historic buildings to make them look good again.

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