Monday, 19 January 2009

Liverpool BNP help other Branches!

With Liverpool BNP having some respite from any elections in their area at the moment, many of our branch members are still be active by travelling around the country to support other branches with by-elections in their areas.

On the weekend of the 17th & 18th January 2009 seen our Belle Vale ward candidate, Pete Molloy, travel up to the North East to help out the local candidate, Ken Booth, on a stall and canvass the Fenham ward in Newcastle where a by-election has been called for the 29th January 2009.

Pete said “It was great to get up to the North East to support Ken and the rest of North East BNP in their forthcoming by-election. There are some excellent activists up there and I spent the Saturday on the stall with Adam Walker, which seen a huge amount of support passing motorists as they blew their car horns and Sunday canvassing for the very first time with Amanda Foster.

It looks promising for Ken in the Fenham ward by the reaction from people on the doorstep. I was just glad that Liverpool BNP could help out in some way.”


  1. Well done Liverpool, its only a matter of time before you have a break through in Liverpool. For too long Labour and the Lib Dems have decieved and abused the Liverpool people's good nature. I look forward to Liverpool having their first BNP concillor installed in council. Keep up the great work.

  2. Well done Liverpool. A shining example of what we must all be prepared to do over the coming months.


    Britain has 'new attitude to race'
    Jan 19 2009 Liverpool Dailypost

    Attitudes towards different races have changed "dramatically" since the findings of the landmark inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence and it is now time to move on to new challenges, a leading equality campaigner said.

    Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, (EHRC), said there was still work to do but he believed Britain was now in a "different place" since the 1999 inquiry into the teenager's death labelled the Metropolitan Police "institutionally racist".

    "The Macpherson inquiry, the Stephen Lawrence inquiry 10 years ago, was a great shock to the system, it shook people out of their complacency," he told BBC Breakfast.

    "It meant that we had new laws and I think we have had a new attitude. That means, for example, that the police have changed in their behaviour quite dramatically. Nothing is perfect, there is still a lot of work to do, but we are in a different place to where we were before."

    Mr Phillips's comments were made in advance of a keynote speech he will give in central London marking the 10th anniversary into the inquiry into the 1993 racist murder of the black teenager at a bus stop in Eltham, south east London.

    His views have been expressed after the EHRC commissioned research showing that one in 10 children in the UK is now part of a mixed-race family. The study predicted that, if current trends continued, some ethnic minorities may disappear as people from mixed-race backgrounds become increasingly common.

    Mr Phillips said Britain is in a "new situation" and is a more diverse country.He said attitudes between individuals were "much better" than any other country in Europe.

    Mr Phillips was asked to comment about the controversy surrounding Prince Harry over his use of the term "Paki" three years ago to describe a Pakistani platoon member.

    "On the issues of language, you know we can get a little bit out of shape here on the particular issue of the young Household Cavalry officer that everybody is concerned about," he told BBC Breakfast. "I think the Army has got pretty good disciplinary methods, they will deal with this.

    "What it does tell us is that in some places there is a kind of old-fashioned attitude which essentially through what Samuel Johnson once called a 'thousand acts of unkindness' can create an atmosphere or a culture that puts people at a disadvantage. We have to move on from that too

  4. Anonymous 12.43, Trevor Phillips is yet another deranged individual. take this quote for example, Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, (EHRC), said there was still work to do but he believed Britain was now in a "different place" since the 1999 inquiry into the teenager's death labelled the Metropolitan Police "institutionally racist".

    Where do you start? Positive discrimination is rife against White British. The muslims are dictating and kicking shit out of the Police. Whites are getting murdered and the murderers getting off with 4 years manslaughter, blaming the victim for racialy abusing them!..Britain is definately different, no doubt about that, but now for all the wrong reasons.


    A LIVERPOOL minister has denied any wrongdoing after failing to declare that she employs her long-term partner as a researcher.

    Jane Kennedy, Minister for Agriculture, Farming and Recycling, employs Peter Dowling in her constituency office on Prescot Road.

    But the Wavertree MP only listed Dowling on the Register of Members’ Interests on Friday.

    Ms Kennedy said listing her partner of 10 years was a suggested move and was not compulsory.

    She said she had consulted with the registrar and the commission for standards who said it was not compulsory, but she had opted to list Dowling on Friday.

    She said: “The change to the Members Register to include family members paid from the staffing allowance came at a busy time of reshuffles.

    “There has never been any secret about the fact Peter worked for me, he is listed on my website.

    “The £83,367 in staffing I claimed in 2006-07 is used to employ four people and pay their salary, national insurance, pension, etc.”

    She added: “My staff work very hard and are worth a lot more money, I have a busy constituency.”

    Declaring family employment was voluntary, although recommended from April 1 last year and was compulsory from August 1.

    It follows the scandal around Conservative MP Derek Conway, who failed to declare the employment of his wife and son.

    He was suspended from the House of Commons for 10 days and forced to pay back £13,000 of taxpayer’s money after it emerged he had paid his son, Henry, while at university.

    Many Merseyside MPs have declared family members who work for them in the past six months, including Bootle’s Joe Benton, who employs his wife, Doris, as a senior secretary and Crosby’s Claire Curtis- Thomas, who employs her husband as office manager.

  6. By Stuart Littlewood*

    23 July 2008

    Stuart Littlewood analyses the abject hypocrisy displayed by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in his address to the Israeli parliament on 21 July, and reminds Brown of the speech which a principled, self-respecting statesman would have made.

    I apologize most sincerely to the world, and especially to Arab friends, for our prime minister's crass speech to the Knesset.

    Britain, like the US, has an uncanny knack of producing one silly leader after another from a limitless supply that thrust themselves on an unsuspecting public in order to perpetuate the Great Betrayal and the Nakba (catastrophe). Brown is the latest high-flier from our political swamp. Judging by his performance so far, we Britons are destined to live our lives in a state of perpetual and excruciating embarrassment.

    Gordon Brown praised Menachem Begin whose terror gang, the Irgun, blew up the British headquarters in Jerusalem's King David Hotel in 1946, killing 91 people

    Let it be known that this prime minister doesn't speak for me or anyone I know when he says: "Britain will always stand firmly by Israel's side." And nobody of my acquaintance would ever sign up to "an unbreakable partnership based on shared values of liberty, democracy and justice" with Israel. It is quite obvious that none of our values of liberty, democracy and justice is practised by that regime.

    However, it was faintly amusing to hear Brown say that "we will do more than oppose what is wrong. We will show those who would give licence to terror the way home to what is right too – showing them that the path to a better future runs not through violence, not by murder and never with the killing of civilians but by liberty's torch, through justice's mighty stream, and across tolerance's foundation of equality." That should have had Knesset members squirming in their seats, but the irony was obviously lost on them, and on Brown himself.

    "I think of David Ben-Gurion," he blurted, "who from humble beginnings in Poland built up the Jewish national institutions and in 1948 said it was not enough for the Jewish state simply to be Jewish, it had to be fully democratic offering equal citizenship to all residents: a democracy not just of one people but of all your peoples..."

    Mentioning Ben-Gurion in the same breath as democracy and equality is not a good idea. This is the same guy who said: "I support compulsory transfer [i.e. ethnic cleansing]. I don't see anything immoral in it." On another occasion he admitted:

    If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel... We have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it is true, but 2,000 years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country.

    Brown even praised Menachem Begin but was careful not to mention the Irgun. It was Begin's terror gang, the Irgun, that declared war on the British mandate government while Britain was still fighting Nazi Germany. And our prime minister must have forgotten that in 1946 the Irgun under Begin's leadership blew up the British headquarters in Jerusalem's King David Hotel, killing 91.

    But Brown woffled on, oblivious to the heavily larded insults his words conveyed.

    ... This 60th anniversary of the achievement of 1948: the centuries of exile ended, the age-long dream realized, the ancient promise redeemed – the promise that even amidst suffering, you will find your way home to the fields and shorelines where your ancestors walked... And your 60-year journey from independence is evidence for all to see that good can come out of the worst of times.

    So never mind the countless thousands of Palestinians that were murdered, dispossessed, imprisoned, starved and abused in the process.

    "You are truly global citizens – often the first to offer help or medical aid..." burbled the unstoppable Brown. Tell that to the chronically sick, who suffer and die in agony because Israel's siege blocks the supply of medication and hospital spares and prevents them leaving Gaza for proper treatment. How strange that Brown didn't actually mention Gaza, or the siege, or what some call “the slow genocide” in his whole tiresome speech.

    How dare this grey suit use our good name to offer such brazenly partisan approval to a territorial hijack that daily brings misery, disaster and cruel injustice to those who are crammed into the impoverished remnants – the crumbs – of what used to be their Palestine homeland. Fortunately, Brown's days are numbered. Unfortunately, another “I'm-a-Zionist” nutter is waiting in the wings.

    I greatly resent, as do others, any leader of my nation playing the religious card and cloaking himself in the mantle of Christianity (in this case his upbringing in the Church of Scotland) in order to give credence to his support for Israel's pitiless pursuit of its Zionist programme, the purpose of which is to wipe Palestine off the map.

    Another prime minister whose young mind hadn't come under the influence of a Hebrew-speaking, Israel-loving, church-minister father and later the Israel lobby, might have delivered a very different speech to the Knesset:

    Listen up. Your exclusive claim to the whole territory cuts no ice with the rest of the world. Say goodbye to the West Bank, dismantle the Wall as instructed by the International Court of Justice, compensate the Palestinians for the injury and wreckage of the past 60 years, give them back their water, stop interfering with their freedom of movement, quit throttling their economy and hands off their trade.

    Israel's security is no more precious than the security of its neighbours and their right to live in peace. End the siege of Gaza and your occupation of Gazan airspace, airwaves and coastal waters. Release the 10,000 Palestinians, including women and children, cooped up in your jails. And it's time your troops hightailed it out of Jerusalem – it was designated an international city 60 years ago and you'll share it on equal terms with the other great faiths.

    Renounce your nuclear weapons, sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and open up your nuclear facilities to international inspection just as you expect your neighbours to. Also sign, ratify and meticulously observe the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty.

    Until Israel renounces terror, violence, murder, assassination, indiscriminate arrest, false imprisonment and torture, it can forget about the EU-Israel agreement, the preferential exports and all the other benefits – trade, science, research, path-breaking academic and cultural partnerships and new cooperative ventures. Try and be nice for a change, guys. Remember, ordinary British and European folk, unlike the despised political class, wish to do nice business with nice people. If you continue to bully and humiliate our friends in the Holy Land, which you gate-crashed 60 years ago, you will not be welcome in civilized society.

    And before we all get too carried away about Iran, when is Israel going to comply with the 30 or 40 UN resolutions regarding its multiple breaches of international law? Maybe we'll talk again when you have reined in your militants and extremists, and when you have read, understood and shown proper respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    By the way, when the Free Gaza voyagers set out from Cyprus in August to sail through international and Palestinian waters to Gaza, Royal Navy warships will be on hand to make sure they aren't molested.

  7. Call for investigation of Israeli influence in UK government

    Campaigners fight power of Israel lobby in UK: Sleaze committee infiltrated by “Friends of Israel” refuses to investigate

    Exposing the ignorance and hypocrisy of Conservative Friends of Israel

    British premier stresses his pro-Israel credentials: Gordon Brown tells British Zionists he always loved Israel

    Britain’s Gordon Brown becomes patron of Zionist agency

    Zionist at the heart of the British government: Gordon Brown appoints Israel apologists to oversee British media

    The speech Gordon Brown should have made to the Israeli parliament

    What have you got against Gaza, Mr Brown? An open letter to Britain’s prime minister

    Open letter to the British foreign secretary: Where is the respect pledged 60 years ago to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Mr Miliband?

    British ministers stonewall criticism of Israel: Westminster still in awe of Israel's "gang of amoral thugs"

    Israel now calling the shots on UK security?

    Britain’s defence establishment shows its pro-Israel colour

    Friends of Israel blind to the truth

    Who are the fools that reward Israel’s criminal behaviour?

    Gagged while Gaza is crushed

    Gaza and the West: “Mad dog” Western leaders bent on perpetuating Balfour’s betrayal

    Israel’s lie machine working flat out to dodge “killer” question

    Gaza: show no mercy, dispense no justice: Western politicians in the service of Israel shame us all

  8. Name and shame British “Friends of Israel”

    By Redress Information & Analysis

    19 January 2009

    Redress Information & Analysis names and shames members of Israel’s network of stooges in the British Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties; it calls on its readers to challenge these stooges and to help it expose apologists for Israeli murder by supplying it with verified information about other Friends of Israel.

    In the 23 days of the Israeli war on Gaza that began on 27 December 2008, 1300 Palestinians have been killed by the Zionist war machine, including 417 children and 108 women, and a further 5320 have been injured. In the same period, 13 Israelis were killed. That is a ratio of 100:1, excluding the injured.

    In the meantime, Israel’s network of stooges in the British Parliament have been fighting a rear-guard action to justify the slaughter of Palestinians. You will find them justifying Israeli crimes at every opportunity and prevaricating to avoid action against Israel, such as sanctions in the wake of Israel’s targeting of United Nations compounds in Gaza, for example. They are apologists for murder.

    Israel’s stooges in Britain are spread far and wide and can be found at every tier of the British establishment. They include Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Foreign Secretary David Miliband, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and many other serving and former holders of political office.

    At the core of Israel’s network of stooges are the “Friends of Israel” groups in the three main political parties:

    Labour Friends of Israel
    Conservative Friends of Israel and
    Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel.
    Below is a list of officials of the “Friends of Israel” groups in the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties. It is by no means exhaustive. Conservative Friends of Israel, for example, say that about 80 per cent of the party’s MPs and MEPs belong to the group.

    Labour Friends of Israel
    Andrew Gwynne MP

    Vice Chairs
    Andrew Dismore MP
    Louise Ellman MP
    Gary Titley MEP

    Policy Council
    Stephen Byers MP (Chair)
    David Blunkett MP
    Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland
    Lord Foulkes of Cumnock
    Adam Ingram MP
    Denis MacShane MP
    Alun Michael MP
    Don Touhig MP

    Anne Snelgrove MP

    Parliamentary Executive
    Fabian Hamilton MP
    Sharon Hodgson MP
    Joan Humble MP
    Eric Joyce MP
    Ashok Kumar MP
    Stephen Ladyman MP
    Andrew Miller MP
    Dan Norris MP
    Nick Palmer MP
    Terry Rooney MP
    Dari Taylor MP

    Chair (House of Lords)
    Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale

    Lord Archer of Sandwell
    Lord Clarke of Hampstead
    Lord Clinton-Davis
    Lord Davies of Coity
    Lord Glenamara
    Lord Haskel
    Lord Janner of Braunstone
    Lord Macdonald of Tradeston
    Lord Mitchell
    Lord Turnberg
    Professor Lord Winston
    Lord Wedderburn of Charlton QC

    Conservative Friends of Israel
    Stuart Polak

    Political Director
    Robert Halfon

    Projects Director
    Stephanie Leven,

    Research Manager
    Nathalie Tamam,

    Julie Tamir,

    Membership Secretary
    Charlotte Polak,

    Parliamentary Group
    James Arbuthnot MP

    Vice Chairmen
    Sir John Butterfill
    James Clappison MP

    David Amess MP

    Alistair Burt MP
    Lee Scott MP
    Theresa Villiers MP

    Chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel Europe
    Timothy Kirkhope MEP

    Honorary Officers
    Baroness Shephard of Northwold

    Vice Chairmen
    Jeremy Galbraith
    Betty Geller
    Lord Taylor of Holbeach
    Stanley Cohen
    Michael Heller

    Vice Presidents
    Sir Timothy Sainsbury
    Lord Lane of Horsell
    Sir Michael Latham
    Lord Sanderson of Bowden
    Lord Steinberg
    Lord Thomas of Gwydir

    Executive Board
    Richard Harrington (Chairman)
    Lance Anisfeld
    Lorraine da Costa
    Jonathan Gough
    Andrew Heller (Hon. Treasurer)
    Steven Kaye
    Edward Lee
    Howard Leigh
    Stephen Massey
    David Meller
    Jonathan Metliss
    Gary Mond
    Stephan Shakespeare
    Barry Welck
Hilda Worth

    Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
    Sir Alan Beith MP

    Cllr Monroe Palmer

    Gavin Stollar

    Matthew Harris

    Alexander Gilbert

    Policy and Research Officer

    We call on our readers to do the following

    Contact the above-mentioned Friends of Israel and ask them to justify their support for Israel’s murder of Palestinian civilians, its occupation of Palestinian territory, its blockade of Gaza in order to bring down the democratically elected representative of the Palestinians, Hamas, and its continuous colonization of occupied territories with American, European, Russian and other Jewish settlers. You can find out the contact details of MPs by clicking here or here
    Be prepared with facts, figures and arguments – read our website to remind yourself; be succinct and try not to be emotional, aggressive or rude.
    Name and shame the above-mentioned Friends of Israel, and other Friends of Israel not listed here, by exposing them to your local media, your friends, colleagues and other contacts – and urge them to expose these apologists for murder to their friends, colleagues and other contacts, and to ask why these agents of a foreign power hold positions of political influence in Britain.

    Help us to name and shame other Friends of Israel not listed here by letting us know who they and how you found out that they are Friends of Israel.
    How long will people allow Israel and its elaborate network of stooges in the “Friends of Israel” lobby groups to morally blackmail them into silence over Israel’s crimes by abusing the memory of the Holocaust?

    As the Irish philosopher and political scientist Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    Do not let evil triumph.

  9. The new shadow cabinet in full
    Monday, 19 January 2009

    Clarke delighted at return to Tory frontline
    Leading article: A big beast at home in the jungle
    Cameron's gamble: Ken Clarke returns to the Tory front bench

    This is the full membership of the new shadow cabinet announced by the Conservative Party today:

    * Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition & Leader of the Conservative Party, Rt Hon David Cameron MP.

    * Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition in the House of Lords, Rt Hon Lord Strathclyde.

    * Shadow Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon William Hague MP.

    * Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and General Election Campaign Coordinator, George Osborne MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Clark MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP.

    * Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, Alan Duncan MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, Dr Liam Fox MP.

    * Shadow Minister for Europe, Mark Francois MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Michael Gove MP.

    * Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, Dominic Grieve QC MP.

    * Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Philip Hammond MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Nick Herbert MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley MP.

    * Chairman of the Policy Review & Chairman of the Conservative Research Department, Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP.

    * Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office and Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Rt Hon Francis Maude MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Shadow Minister for Women, Rt Hon Theresa May MP.

    * Opposition Chief Whip, Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell MP.

    * Shadow Security Minister & National Security Adviser to the Leader of the Opposition, Baroness Neville-Jones of Hutton Roof.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Owen Paterson MP.

    * Chairman of the Conservative Party, Eric Pickles MP.

    * Shadow Minister for Housing, Grant Shapps MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, Caroline Spelman MP.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Theresa Villiers MP.

    * Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion & Social Action, Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury.

    * Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, David Willetts MP.

    * Chief Whip in the House of Lords, The Baroness Anelay of St Johns (attending Shadow Cabinet)

  10. Three jailed for gang rape
    Jan 19 2009

    Three men, who filmed themselves gang-raping a 16-year-old girl before dousing her in caustic soda, have been given prison sentences of up to nine years.

    The girl, with a mental age of eight, screamed in pain as she was disfigured for life. They later laughed while using their mobile phones to record her suffering on the first floor of an empty house undergoing renovation.

    Her attackers were among a gang up to 10 who had hoped the powerful corrosive would destroy forensic evidence, Met police officers discovered. As she writhed in agony, they poured water on her, intensifying the burning.

    The alarm was raised by a neighbour in Tottenham, north London, who heard her "frantic" cries and found her covered with raw patches on her face and body.

    Passing sentence, Judge Shaun Lyons said: "The victim has been left with severe post traumatic stress disorder and many, many physical difficulties."

    In the dock were Jamaican-born Rogel McMorris, 18, of Antill Road, Tottenham, north London, who was jailed for nine years after being convicted last month of two rape counts and one of causing grievous bodily harm.

    Co-defendants Jason Brew, 19, of High Cross Road, Haringey, north London, and 20-year-old Angolan immigrant Hector Muaimba, of Guildford Road, Waltham Forest, E17, were both found guilty of one charge of rape. The each got six years for attacking the girl, although a further two years was added to Muaimba's sentence for a separate Old Bailey conviction for robbery.

    The judge made no specific recommendation about how long the trio should serve and the sentences were condemned by charities representing people with learning difficulties.

    Kathryn Stone, of pressure group Voice UK, said: "These sentences don't come close to reflecting the brutality and horror of this attack."

    Detective Constable Alex Newton said: "After all the work and the response of the community it feels like no sentence is any justice compared to what the victim has been through. But at the same time it sends out the message that these things will be prosecuted and the offenders will be brought to justice."

  11. Culture Secretary Andy Burnham defends Liverpool business leaders’ £3,000-a-head reception
    Jan 20 2009 by David Bartlett, Liverpool Daily Post

    CULTURE Secretary Andy Burnham yesterday defended his department over allegations it had squandered taxpayers’ money on a lavish reception for business leaders in Liverpool.

    Around 20 people, including Culture Supremo Phil Redmond, Channel 4 chief executive Andy Duncan were on the guest list for a £62,000 dinner party at the Carriageworks, Hope Street, sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

    Mr Burnham told MPs the event was the launch of an international group “to promote Britain as the natural home of the creative industries”.

  12. extremist think-tank Quilliam Foundation
    (Chris Harris/The Times)
    Maajid Nawaz and Ed Husain say they are countering extremist ideology coming out of mosques and madrassas

    Richard Kerbaj
    Almost £1 million of public money is being given to a think-tank run by two former Islamic extremists, despite reservations being expressed by members of the Government and the Opposition.

    The funding is for the Quilliam Foundation — a counter-extremism think-tank set up nine months ago by Ed Husain, a bestselling author, and Maajid Nawaz, a former political prisoner in Egypt — as part of the Government’s strategy to combat the radicalisation of British Muslims.

    The scale of the funding has aroused concerns that the Government is relying too heavily on a relatively unknown organisation in its desperation to counter extremism.

    The Times understands that the foundation, which has 18 full-time staff, is paying about £110,000 a year to rent offices at one of Central London’s most prestigious addresses, which, for security reasons, have no name plate or sign outside. Inside, the offices are expensively furnished with state-of-the-art computers and plasma screen televisions.
    Price we must pay to counter extremist ideas
    UK to take terror fight online
    US wants stronger terror checks on travellers
    Mr Husain and Mr Nawaz, the organisation’s directors, are believed to be receiving salaries of about £85,000 each a year. The foundation refused to discuss individual earnings.

  13. Tuesday, January 20, 2009
    Obama's New World Order plans revealed

    Henry Kissinger has revealed what Obama is going to try to do to bring about bring about a New World Order.

    Kissinger writes (Henry Kissinger: The world must forge a new order or retreat to chaos - 20 January 2009):

    1. "The alternative to a new international order is chaos."

    In other words, join the New World Order or you will suffer from false flag operations and the undermining of your economies.

    2. "The extraordinary impact of the President-elect on the imagination of humanity is an important element in shaping a new world order."

    In other words: we Zionists and fascists have chosen Obama as our puppet.

    3. "The ultimate challenge is to shape the common concern of most countries and all major ones regarding the economic crisis, together with a common fear of jihadist terrorism, into a strategy reinforced by the realisation that the new issues like proliferation, energy and climate change permit no national or regional solution."

    The New World Order means world government. You will be ruled from Washington or Jerusalem.

    4. "The role of China in a new world order is crucial.

    "Each side of the Pacific needs the cooperation of the other in addressing the consequences of the financial crisis...

    "The Sino-American relationship needs to be taken to a new level."

    China has a lot of money in its reserves. They had better hand it over to us.

  14. Islamically Aware21 January 2009 at 01:38


    The majority of British voters now believe that religion, rather than race, is the most divisive issue in Britain today . Needless to say, this doesn't involve drunken brawls between Catholics and Anglicans, but instead reflects concern about the growth of the paedophilic murder-cult.

    Although there is unease about Islam, this hasn't yet taken a tangible form in the public consciousness. If it had, then everybody apart from the morbidly suicidal would be voting for the BNP.

    I think one of the main reasons that this unease has not yet transformed itself into justifiable anxiety and fear, is that people don't realise just how much of a clear and present danger Islam really is, and how little time is left before we are overwhelmed .

    The voters need to be educated to understand and express their fears by learning about the full horrors of Islam's implacable supremacism, it's unrelenting hostility to all non-Muslims , and its intrinsically violent, predatory tribal savagery .

    The public also need to be immunised against propaganda from Muslims and their grovelling dhimmis by being made aware of taqiyya (holy deception) - the sacred Muslim practice of lying to further the cause of Islam .

    Finally, the voters need to understand why the Labour and Conservative establishment are so paralysed by political correctness, that they are incapable of facing the threat and continue to repeat the BIG LIE about Islam being a religion of peace etc.

    A few years ago a Muslim organisation used to run an annual event called Islamic Awareness Week . Well the BNP can do fifty times better BY MAKING EVERY WEEK ISLAMIC AWARENESS WEEK!

    We need to educate our fellow Britons so that their 'gut-feeling' about Islam turns into well-informed Islamic Awareness, which will inevitably translate into votes for the BNP.

  15. PC accused of unlawfully accessing Police files PC Mohammed Ahmed file without authority.Ahmed, 26, is on trial at Liverpool Crown Court facing seven charges of misconduct in public office.

    The prosecution claim he used Cheshire Constabulary computers to illegally access details of acquaintances.The court has heard that he allegedly used the computer systems about 300 times unlawfully He agreed that when he joined the force there was a family celebration and wiped away tears as he explained it had been “a great moment” for himself and his family.

    His father is the Imman at the mosque in Warrington and Ahmed, who attends the mosque, said that it was an honour for him to enter the police force and a great opportunity to do something for the community – like his father.


  16. Merseysiders urged to ‘stand up to hatred’ to mark Holocaust Day

    MERSEYSIDERS are being urged to stand up to hatred to mark this year’s National Holocaust Memorial Day.

  17. 'Israeli nukes threaten world'
    Tue, 20 Jan 2009 19:31:47 GMT

    Medics said they found traces of depleted uranium being used on some Gaza victims.
    An Iranian diplomat says the Israeli crimes committed against Gazans should alarm the world about the threat of Israel's nuclear arsenal.

    Geneva-based Iranian diplomat Ali-Reza Moayyeri said Tuesday that Israel's extreme measures against Gazan civilians should bring world attention to the threat posed by Tel Aviv's stockpile of nuclear warheads.

    “No word can do justice to the extent of Israel's war crimes in the Gaza over the past three weeks,” said Moayyeri.

    Although Israel neither denies nor admits of possessing an atomic arsenal, former US President Jimmy Carter has described Tel Aviv as the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East.

    Moayyeri said that Israel's refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its nuclear weapons program should be the cause of serious concern for Middle Eastern countries.

    Tel Aviv has so far refused to join the NPT or submit its nuclear installations to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards.

    Norwegian medics in Gaza said on January 4 that traces of depleted uranium on Gaza victims suggested that Israel used the illegal weapon in its war on the impoverished territory, which houses some 1.5 million Palestinians.


  19. Face scanners to be introduced in British schools in new 'Big Brother' rowBy Laura Clark
    Last updated at 1:29 AM on 10th January 2009
    Comments (4) Add to My Stories
    Face scanners to speed up pupil registration and queues for lunches were helping to create a Big Brother regime in schools, it was claimed yesterday.

    Infra-red recognition systems - similar to those introduced at passport controls - are able to scan children's faces as they approach the school entrance.

    They can also recognise them as they buy dinners or borrow library books.

    'Dangerous': The system scans children's faces as they enter their schools

    Aurora, the biometric firm which has developed the system, will begin trials of its product in St Neots Community College, Cambridgeshire next week.
    The school will initially use the technology to help them identify late-comers.
    But the use of facial recognition systems in schools merely for administrative convenience was condemned by campaigners, who attacked Big Brother-style surveillance and warned about the risk to pupils of identity theft.
    Aurora will also showcase the system at the Bett education technology show in London next week to gauge teachers' reactions.
    It says it is 'hopeful' of a positive response since the system is 'ultra-fast', can verify an identity in 1.5 seconds and is more accurate than a human.
    Schools using the technology would first take an infra-red photograph of students which would be stored on a secure system, possibly alongside their names.
    Students approaching the recognition device, which can be attached to a wall or positioned on a desk, can be identified from up to a metre away.
    Their faces are scanned using an invisible infra-red light.
    Paul Coase, Aurora's sales and marketing manager, said: 'The data is stored on a school managed and controlled server.
    'At St Neots it is incredibly secure and it's encrypted. That is pretty standard across local authorities and schools.
    'The kind of data that's stored is a grainy infra-red image of a student. The image is stored as an encrypted biometric template. As it's encrypted, it's almost impossible to extract any information from.'
    Schools have previously experimented with fingerprint scanners and even radio transponder chips embedded in school uniforms but the new system goes further.
    Official guidance to schools says they do not have to seek parental consent before introducing biometric systems although heads should ensure they 'normally involve' parents in decisions to introduce the technology.
    But campaigners said facial recognition technology was appropriate to protect national security - not to issue children with library books or check their absenteeism.
    David Clouter, of the pressure group Leave Them Kids Alone, branded the development 'appalling' and warned that children could in future be vulnerable to identity fraud.
    'It is alarming that this information will be stored on school systems,' he said.
    'There's no way a school could have the level of security of the passport office. That would cost millions and schools would not have the budget.
    'If the data itself is ever compromised, that's it - you can't rewind and get a new face or get new fingerprints.
    'If children get used to presenting fingerprints or looking into something, they will do it for trivial situations, and all these things help a Big Brother state and could lead to all databases about you being tied into one place.'

    He added: 'All these things tend to make our schools more impersonal. Whatever happened to the teacher at the gates saying "where's little Johnny?"'

    The Venerable Bede School in Sunderland installed an iris scanner in 2003 but removed it a year later because it sometimes failed to recognise students and slowed lunch queues.

    Fingerprint schemes are growing in popularity, however.

    The increasing use of biometric technology by schools comes at a time of growing concern over the safe storage of personal data following a string of security breaches.

    Personal details of more than a million bank customers were found last year on a computer sold on eBay.

    The month before, a computer memory stick containing the personal details of 127,000 prisoners and high-risk offenders including rapists and murderers was lost by an employee of a private contractor working for the Home Office.

    In November 2007, two computer discs holding bank details and National Insurance numbers of 25 million child benefit claimants got lost in the post

  20. LIVERPOOL lollipop men and women are to be axed to save the council thousands of pounds.

    City officials want to replace 25 of them with unmanned crossings which they say are safer and more reliable.

    The cuts are expected to save around £200,000 a year, but teaching unions and opposition councillors said the council was putting children’s lives at risk.

    Road safety campaigners say the service should not be cut back for financial reasons.

    If alternative jobs cannot be found for the staff, redundancy notices will be issued.

    Council finance leader Cllr Flo Clucas recognised that lollipop men and women were an emotive issue, but could be unreliable.

    Cllr Clucas said: “Obviously it is safer if you’ve got crossings because you can never guarantee people are going to turn up. With crossings, you’ve got 24-hour coverage.”

    In recent years, city leaders have said they needed another 30 lollipop patrols to make up the 159 to ensure safety at school crossings.

  21. Illegal immigrant jailed for rape
    Jan 21 2009

    An illegal immigrant has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for raping a teenager after he escaped deportation despite being jailed for bigamy.

    Peter Delisser, 36, from Jamaica, came to Britain 12 years ago under the name Peter Cohen, married and remained in the country illegally.

    Delisser was deported in 1999 but slipped back into the UK under the same name.

    He was deported a second time but came back again in October 2001, calling himself Richard Hutchinson.

    Despite being already married, he married a second woman but was arrested and jailed for bigamy in 2005.

    He was due to be deported after his release from the four-month prison sentence but managed to evade the attention of the authorities for long enough to rape the 18-year-old woman, with whom he had formed a relationship.

    A jury at Bristol Crown Court last month found him guilty of rape and common assault.

    Judge Simon Darwall Smith has now sentenced him to five years in prison for rape, six months consecutively for common assault and three months concurrently for possession of cannabis.

    The judge told Delisser he would be deported yet again when his sentence had been served.

    ABOVE: Foreign labourers could be housed in the floating hotel 21st January 2009 By Gary NicksYour Shout ( 0 )

    BRITISH workers reacted with fury last night after a huge floating hotel arrived in the UK to house foreign labourers.

    The giant barge moored in Grimsby Docks will be home to hundreds of Italians, and a second “floatel” is expected next week.

    Workers at the nearby Lindsey Oil Refinery – Britain’s third biggest – claim the migrants will be taking their jobs. Union officials are investigating reports that 90-day notices have been served on Brits so they can be replaced.

    The plant is run by French oil giant Total, which is allowed under EU law to undercut British wages by hiring employees from other member states.

    Union chiefs say it makes a mockery of Gordon Brown’s “British jobs for British workers” promise.

    Welder Eddie McGeown, 51, said: “I and many other skilled British tradesmen are now unemployed.”

    Another welder, Steve Dixon, said: “It’s yet another job going to foreign workers.”

    Total said there were “no anticipated redundancies” but added: “On occasions, projects of this nature will demand the temporary use of labour from outside the local area.”


    "A Dutch court has ordered prosecutors to put a right-wing politician on trial for making anti-Islamic statements.

    Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders made a controversial film last year equating Islam with violence and has likened the Koran to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

    "In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to... draw a clear line," the court in Amsterdam said.

    Mr Wilders said the judgement was an "attack on the freedom of expression".

    "Participation in the public debate has become a dangerous activity. If you give your opinion, you risk being prosecuted," he said.

    Not only he, but all Dutch citizens opposed to the "Islamisation" of their country would be on trial, Mr Wilders warned.

    "Who will stand up for our culture if I am silenced?" he added."

  24. Divert the attention of the people by public amusements, sports, games, prize contests, etc., so that there is no time for thinking.

  25. Be bolder on diversity, MPs told

    The conference's findings are not binding but are usually adopted
    Political parties must exploit the "Obama effect" to encourage more people from ethnic minorities to get into politics, MPs have been told.

    The excitement caused by Barack Obama's election must be "seized upon", MPs looking at how to increase the diversity of Parliament have heard.

    Parties must employ "talent spotters" to recruit people and to help break down institutional barriers to change.

    Parliament is looking at ways it can be become more representative of society.


    A special committee of MPs, known as a Speaker's conference, is looking at reasons why more women, people with disabilities and from ethnic minority backgrounds do not put themselves forward for election or get selected as candidates.

    Speakers' conferences are a rarely used device to encourage electoral reform, the last having been held in 1978.

    This is a small window of opportunity that we must seize upon

    Simon Woolley, Operation Black Vote

    Campaigners for greater black representation in Westminster said the problem was not due to "apathy" but because many people had "consciously opted out" of electoral politics because they felt Parliament did not represent them.

    Tackling "deep-seated levels of cynicism" would be challenging, Operation Black Vote's Simon Woolley said.

    However, he said many British people felt "liberated" by Barack Obama's election as US president and were now keen to engage with politics and to make a difference.

    "This is a small window of opportunity that we must seize upon," he said.

    While supporting all-black shortlists to increase representation, Mr Woolley accepted this was a "contentious" approach and urged parties to do all they could to "nurture" talented people through the political system.

    Labour MP Dianne Abbott said many people had been "mesmerised" by Barack Obama's success and that public identification with him showed the "importance of representation" in bringing about social change.

    Individual impact

    But David Blunkett expressed concerns about the "cult of individual" when it came to representation.

    He said that during her time as prime minister Lady Thatcher had not made "much difference" to the number of women MPs in Westminster.

    The inquiry was prompted by Gordon Brown asking Speaker Michael Martin to look at how Parliament could be made more representative.

    Currently about one in five MPs is a woman, compared with approximately half the population.

    Women are put off entering Parliament because of the "macho culture" at Westminster, Fay Mansell from the Women's Institute, told the committee.

    "To be successful women feel they have to be defeminised and almost as macho as the men," she said.

    "These attitudes need to be changed and the way Parliament conducts its business needs to be changed."

    Radar, which speaks on behalf of people with disabilities, said many people with disabilities lacked confidence and therefore did not feel "capable of holding office".

  26. Clarke 'Attacks Tories On Europe'
    11:33pm UK, Wednesday January 21, 2009

    Labour has seized on comments by Kenneth Clarke warning that Barack Obama will not want his top European ally led by a right-wing nationalist. (WHAT A JOKE)

  27. The extreme left-wing dhimmi Runnymede Trust has claimed that white disadvantage has nothing to do with race:

    "'The white working classes are discriminated against on a range of different fronts, including their accent, their style, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the social spaces they frequent, the postcode of their homes, possibly even their names,' it said. 'But they are not discriminated against because they are white.'

    The Runnymede Trust's main claim to fame (or notoriety) is coining the word 'Islamophobia'

    Meanwhile, Manchester hosts an ethnics-only job fair:

  28. victims of discrimination, but not because of their race, says report
    By Caroline Grant
    Last updated at 8:52 AM on 22nd January 2009
    Comments (7) Add to My Stories Unheard and ignored, the white working class are the victims of discrimination, but not because of their race.

    Britons are still blighted by the class system, according to a study that reveals working class people are at a instant disadvantage because of the way they speak, the way they dress and even what they eat.
    The study comes in response to Hazel Blears's call for the voices of white working class people to be heard and found that discrimination against them had nothing to do with ethnicity.
    White working class people are discriminated against because of the way they speak, dress and where they live, a report reveals. File photo
    The report, Who Cares about the White Working Class?, was carried out by the Runnymede Trust.
    It disputes the claim that the much-maligned social group are losing out in favour of ethnic minorities and immigrants.
    Instead, the report concludes that the class system still influences levels of success in life.
    'The white working classes are discriminated against on a range of different fronts, including their accent, their style, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the social spaces they frequent, the postcode of their homes, possibly even their names,' it said.
    'But they are not discriminated against because they are white.'

    Earlier this month a government report acknowledged that families on the country's poorest estates believe they have been 'betrayed' and 'abandoned' by politicians who favour newly-arrived immigrants.

    It found that people on council estates think they always come second to immigrants for housing and benefits.

    Many feel they have been shoved aside by politicians who use political correctness and allegations of racism to stifle honest discussion, it said.

    The report for the Department of Communities and Local Government drew an admission from Communities Secretary Hazel Blears that white working-class people 'sometimes just don't feel anyone is listening or speaking up for them'.

    Rob Berkley, director of the Runnymede Trust, said: 'There is an urgent need to ensure that a re-emergence of class onto the political agenda will not feed divisions, but promote equality for everyone.

    'The way in which the debate has been framed so far hasn't been particularly constructive.

    'The message from this publication is that it's possible to have a progressive debate on race and class in 21st century Britain that can lead to better outcomes for all.'

  29. Barack Obama inauguration: this Emperor has no clothes, it will all end in tears
    Posted By: Gerald Warner at Jan 20, 2009 at 18:50:54 [General]
    Posted in: Society , Eagle Eye
    Tags:Barack Obama, Freedom of Choice Act, Neil Kinnock, stimulus package, Tony Blair

    This will end in tears. The Obama hysteria is not merely embarrassing to witness, it is itself contributory to the scale of the disaster that is coming. What we are experiencing, in the deepening days of a global depression, is the desperate suspension of disbelief by people of intelligence - la trahison des clercs - in a pathetic effort to hypnotise themselves into the delusion that it will be all right on the night. It will not be all right.

    We have been here before. In the spring of 1997, to be precise, when a charismatic, young prime minister entered Downing Street, cheered by children bussed in for the occasion waving plastic Union Jacks. A very few of us at that time incurred searing reproaches for denouncing the Great Charlatan (as I have always denominated Tony Blair) and dissenting from the public hysteria. Three times a deluded Britain elected that transparent fraud. Yesterday, when national bankruptcy became a formal reality, we reaped the bitter harvest of the Blair/Brown imposture.

    The burnt child, contrary to conventional wisdom, does not fear the fire. After the Blair experience there is no excuse for anybody in Britain falling for Obama. Yet today, in this country, even some of those who remained sane during the emotional spasm of the Diana aberration are pumping the air for Princess Barack. At a time of gross economic and geopolitical instability throughout the Western world, this is beyond irresponsibility.

    To anyone who kept his head, the string of Christmas cracker mottoes booming through the public address system on Washington's National Mall can only excite scepticism. It is crucial to recall the reality that lies behind the rhetoric. Denouncing "those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents" comes ill from a man whose flagship legislation, the Freedom of Choice Act, will impose abortion, including partial-birth abortion, on every state in the Union. It seems the era of Hope is to be inaugurated with a slaughter of the innocents.

    Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan is like one of those toxic packages traded by bankers: it camouflages many unaffordable gifts to his client state. With a federal deficit already at $1.2 trillion, Obama wants to squander $825 billion (which will undoubtedly mushroom to more than $1 trillion) on creating 600,000 more government jobs and a further 459,000 in "green energy" (useless wind turbines and other Heath-Robinson contraptions favoured by Beltway environmentalists).

    It is frightening to think there is a real possibility that the entire world economy could go into complete meltdown and famine kill millions. Yet Western - and British - commentators are cocooned in a warm comfort zone of infatuation with America's answer to Neil Kinnock. We should be long past applauding politicians of any hue: they got us into this mess. The best deserve a probationary opportunity to prove themselves, the worst should be in jail.

    It is questionable whether the present political system can survive the coming crisis. Whatever the solution, teenage swooning sentimentality over a celebrity cult has no part in it. The most powerful nation on earth is confronting its worst economic crisis under the leadership of its most extremely liberal politician, who has virtually no experience of federal politics. That is not an opportunity but a catastrophe.

    These are frank, even ungracious, words: they have the one merit that, unlike almost everything else written today about Obama, they will not require to be eaten in the future.

  30. m The TimesJanuary 23, 2009

    Pope could welcome Holocaust denier back into the fold
    (Mark Ellidge/Sunday Times)
    Bishop Richard Williamson, second from left, was among the four bishops excommunicated automatically when they were consecrated in the order of

    The Pope is preparing to cancel the excommunication of four traditionalist Catholic bishops including one who believes the Holocaust never happened and the gas chambers were a myth.

    Pope Benedict XVI has already signed the decree lifting the excommunication of the four bishops of the ultra-conservative Society of St Pius X, according to well-sourced reports in the Italian press today.

    One of the bishops, Richard Williamson, an English former Anglican and graduate of Winchester and Cambridge, gave an interview to Swedish TV this week in which he said: “There were no gas chambers.”

    Pope accused of "turning the clock back"
    Pope woos expelled conservatives

    The Pope, whose own position is towards the conservative wing of the Church, is understood to be keen to welcome the society's members, thought to number more than 150,000, back into the fold.

  31. Now council chiefs are sending heat detector vans down your street... to snoop on 'wasters'By
    Town halls are photographing houses in the middle of the night to see whether they are wasting energy.
    The thermal images, which show heat escaping though windows, doors and roofs, will be sent to homeowners to encourage them to insulate.
    Tens of thousands of properties have been photographed over the past few months and there are plans to extend the scheme to every house in the country.

  32. Thursday, January 22, 2009
    All groupings have an authority from which all direction emanates.

    This truism applies to insects, fish, flora, mammals, and humans. It also applies to what we refer to as inanimate life such as planets and suns, and atoms and molecules.

    All organizations such as clubs, teams, businesses, and religions have their authoritative heads. Community, fraternal, educational, governmental, and social groupings have their top authority. This authority might be elected, appointed, inherited or just agreed upon by its members and might be called, chief, chairman, president, manger, coach, captain, priest, rabbi, imam, pastor, or leader.

    Every grouping contains a directing influence that guides it to its collective destination, or at the least, helps to preserve it. This structure and activity is a manifestation of the universal principle of gender; the assertive masculine influence providing the environment and direction for the receptive feminine entity. No action can take place in the universe without the interplay of gender.

    The largest celestial groupings known as galaxies consist of millions of stars and planets held together gravitationally and moving collectively in the same direction through space. A subcomponent of a galaxy is a solar system. All the planets within the system move in the same direction as the Sun and are completely under its control. In the atom the electrons—the feminine principle of electricity—rotate about the nucleus. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy the unseen power of the masculine principle provides the direction and structure of the grouping.

    Every flock of chickens has a rooster at its head and every gaggle of geese has its gander. Every herd of deer and cows has it stag or bull to lead it. The male lion heads the pride. No group can survive without a head, leader, or final authority. We all know this.

    Why then has society removed the head of the family?

    There are those who say that the family has become obsolete. It hasn’t become obsolete; it has been eliminated. Removing the man as its head had the same effect as removing the Sun from the solar system, it would collapse and cease to be. We have removed the man, family has collapsed and ceased be. We have produced a generation that believes in government as the provider of its well-being. It has no choice; the family has been eliminated.

    The elimination of the family has been accepted on a national basis. None of the presidential candidates mentioned family in presidential primaries, neither party mentioned it in their platforms, and the inaugural address made no mention of it. The psyche of the nation no longer focuses on family.

    The philosophy of Plato—which called for the turning over of children to the state—has now become a reality. Mothers actually brag at how early they have entered their children into pre school programs. We insist on schools feeding our children instead of parents preparing their lunches at home. We have eliminated home taught ethics and the resultant moral behavior and substituted it with after school indoctrination of legal and illegal. We have become a nation of automaton workers and programmed consumers—jackasses and she-asses on the treadmill of production—while the government controls every aspect of our lives. We brag about that condition as though it were an enlightened way of life.

    We ask the government to provide health care, economic well-being, and educational opportunities. Government has been made into a God upon whom our very lives depend.
    Accordingly, we worship this God and the priesthood that carries out its instructions.

    Let me be clear—the family has been destroyed by ignorance of the universal principle of gender. No amount of legislation or government tinkering can re-establish the family as a viable grouping. Government destroyed the family; how could it possibly re-establish it? Re-establishment of the family can only occur by working outside of the government, outside of the system, and by realizing that a family must have its head and that head is man.

    The function of all life is to propagate and preserve itself so that we can grow spiritually. The masculine principle provides the environment and the means for the feminine principle to bring forth life and nurture it. It does this through organization, structure, and ethics. The traits and characteristics of each gender become the attributes that enable the propagation and preservation of the species.

    Family is an organization. Like all organizations it requires leadership. The male is designed for that role. There is no substitute.

    If you understand that family is the only viable structure for human kind and want to do something about it, then become involved in Men’s Action. We have a message. We understand the universal principle of gender and know that society can only function properly with the natural interplay of gender called patriarchy. Patriarchy is family.

    Our mission statement: To Foster a Natural Way of Life for Humankind, is patriarchy.

    Men make families. The state makes slaves. You have two options and one choice. Which will it be, the rule of men or the rule of the state?

  33. 80 foreign murderers welcomed to Britain: Albanian killers allowed to stay despite being on Interpol 'wanted' list
    Eighty foreign killers are exploiting the chaotic asylum system to set up home in Britain, it was revealed yesterday. The convicted murderers from Albania have been given British passports despite being officially listed as 'wanted' by Interpol.

  34. The bullies that Labour has unleashedPower has been given to the most minor officials to hurt and harass people. The new air of officiousness is unacceptableComments (…)
    What is noticeable now that so many of Labour's laws have come into force is the increase of pettiness, bullying and loss of humanity in local officials, government agencies and the various new breeds of wardens and community officers who patrol the streets looking to fine those who feed the birds and put up notices for their lost cat.

    It is the detail of stories that reach the local press that tells us of the vast change in the relationship between the man in the street and authority. A new and – to me – alien element of harshness has entered the equation, and I believe we are going to see a lot more of it.

    Pick any recent story, for instance, the one about Jack Roocroft of Monmouth, a pensioner suffering from leukaemia and on chemotherapy who was arrested by armed police after a hoax call saying that he had a gun. He refused to come out of his home because he feared that he would be shot, and for this he was held overnight in the cells.

  35. Revealed: Council deal to pay £500 too much for every laptop
    LIVERPOOL council’s controversial IT partnership is seeing the authority pay almost £1,100 for laptops which BT is selling online to the general public for just £632.

    Today, the Daily Post can also reveal the overall cost of the Liverpool Direct deal with telecoms giant BT cost £77.8m in the last financial year – up 40%, from £55.6m, two years earlier.

    The city council is currently conducting an inquiry into the contract after a damning external report stated the basis of billing for the Liverpool Direct deal was “opaque” and “lacked transparency” – it raised doubts about whether the council was getting value for money.

    In November last year, the council turned down £2m in additional sponsorship for Capital of Culture to avoid being further constrained by the controversial joint venture.

    Last night, the council said it was continuing its value for money review but insisted the cost of computers was checked against the high street every three months.

  36. Call to scrap police chief bonuses
    Jan 24 2009

    The head of one of the UK's largest police forces has called for bonuses paid to senior officers to be scrapped.

    Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Peter Fahy wants an end to the Chief Officers' Bonus Scheme, which costs some authorities up to £190,000 a year.

    He said: "The bonus scheme was part of a pay deal imposed on chief officers to introduce a performance related element to their work.

    "Many chief constables profoundly disagreed with this because achieving the bonus might introduce an element of personal interest in how police policies were implemented. Also, whenever a target is achieved it is usually because many members of staff have been involved in the effort. No-one does policing because of the money."

    He added: "Personally I would prefer that the bonus scheme was replaced with a basic pay package in line with other chief executives in the public sector."

    Timothy Brain, Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Constabulary refuses to accept the extra money, a force spokesman said.

    Simon Reed, vice-chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: "In principle, this is not an issue when chief officers make a demonstrable difference to the force itself and the service provided to the public, particularly if it is an under-performing force that needs reorganisation.

    "We do, however, take issue when bonuses are awarded, based on the performance of other people, which further exacerbates the target-driven culture that we are trying to eradicate."

    Bonuses are dependent on chief officers' Performance Development Reviews and their contributions to force performance in achieving national and local objectives. Chief constables can receive bonuses worth up to 15% of their salary, deputy chiefs up to 12.5% and assistant chiefs 10%.

    The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) said it paid bonuses totalling more than £190,000 to senior staff in one year.

  37. Nigerian goat detained for armed robbery
    Sat, 24 Jan 2009

    Many Nigerians believe that some people have shapeshifting powers and can transform themselves into animals or objects.
    A goat has been taken to the police in Nigeria on suspicion of attempted armed robbery in the African country's western Kwara State.

    A group of vigilantes took the animal to the police arguing it was an armed robber who was trying to steal a Mazda 323.

    The vigilantes claimed the robber had used black magic to transform himself into a goat so that he could escape arrest.

    "The group of vigilante men came to report that while they were on patrol they saw some hoodlums attempting to rob a car. They pursued them. However one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat," Kwara state police spokesman Tunde Mohammed told Reuters.

    "We cannot confirm the story, but the goat is in our custody. We cannot base our information on something mystical. It is something that has to be proved scientifically that a human being turned into a goat," he added

  38. The Sunday TimesJanuary 25, 2009

    ‘Soviet’ Britain swells amid the recession.
    PARTS of the United Kingdom have become so heavily dependent on government spending that the private sector is generating less than a third of the regional economy, a new analysis has found.

    The study of “Soviet Britain” has found the government’s share of output and expenditure has now surged to more than 60% in some areas of England and over 70% elsewhere.

    Experts believe the recession will tighten the state’s grip still further as benefit handouts soar and Labour directs public sector organisations to create jobs to soak up unemployment.

    In the northeast of England the state is expected to be responsible for 66.4% of the economy this year, up from 58.7% when a similar study was carried out four years ago. When Labour came to power, the figure was 53.8%.

    Related Links
    Recession is official and worse than expected
    Fears of ghost town shopping centres
    The northwest has seen a similarly relentless advance by the state, according to the research commissioned by The Sunday Times from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

    “Labour has failed to encourage private sector investment across the country. Instead of supporting enterprise and small businesses, Gordon Brown has used the public sector to cover up his failures,” said Theresa May, the shadow work and pensions secretary.

    The CEBR reached its estimates for 2008-9 by applying the 6.68% state spending increase announced in November’s prebudget report evenly across the country, although in practice some regions will receive more than others.

    Across the whole of the UK, 49% of the economy will consist of state spending, while in Wales, the figure will be 71.6% – up from 59% in 2004-5. Nowhere in mainland Britain, however, comes close to Northern Ireland, where the state is responsible for 77.6% of spending, despite the supposed resurgence of the economy after the end of the Troubles.

    Even in southern England, the government’s share of spending is growing relentlessly. In the southeast, it has gone up from 33% to 36% of the economy in four years.

    The state now looms far larger in many parts of Britain than it did in former Soviet satellite states such as Hungary and Slovakia as they emerged from communism in the 1990s, when state spending accounted for about 60% of their economies.

    Large-scale layoffs in the northeast will mean a rise in benefit payments. Newcastle-based Northern Rock was nationalised last year and has shed 1,500 jobs. Nissan announced three weeks ago that it was to cut its workforce in Sunderland by 1,200.

    Many are finding new jobs in the public sector, according to One North East, the state development agency.

    One of the biggest public sector employers in the northeast is the Department of Work and Pensions, which employs 13,400 there, hundreds of them in jobcentres.

    “It’s not that the public sector in the northeast is too big, it is that the private sector is too small,” said Malcolm Page, deputy chief executive of One North East. “The decline of traditional industries in the past means we need to establish more big private-sector companies in the region.”

    Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that since Labour came into power in 1997 jobs in the public sector have swelled by more than 500,000. In 1997, more than 5.1m people were employed in the public sector. The figure for 2008 is 5.7m.

    However, Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, said that the state’s grip on the regions was likely to soften the impact of recession there.

    “Newcastle and areas like that have a large public sector which will at least shield traditionally very depressed areas from the battering that southeast England is going to get.

    “In the long term we need to do something about it. This does suggest the crowding-out phenomenon of the private sector and it also suggests there is a lack of entrepreneurial activity.”

  39. Take more children into care, says Barnardo's chief Martin Narey
    The head of the charity Barnardo's has provoked a new debate over problem families with a controversial call to take more children into care.

    Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Martin Narey said that social workers should remove more, not fewer, children from their natural parents.

    He admitted many professionals would regard his views as "heresy", and criticised the prevailing philosophy of social services departments which, he claimed, sought to keep families together wherever possible.

    His call comes amid widespread public concern over how problem families should be tackled, in the wake of the Baby P scandal and the debate over "broken Britain".

    His remarks divided social workers and politicians. The Conservatives welcomed the call for more intervention, but family justice campaigners said that any such change would lead to more children being removed without good cause.

    Mr Narey also said that once the decision had been made to take a child away from their family, there should be greater use of residential care – formerly known as children's homes – as an alternative to placing challenging children with a succession of foster families.

    He said: "The emphasis is – too much in my view – on fixing families."

    Describing a case dealt with by Barnardo's, where children with rotten teeth and poor school attendance had been removed from their "scandalously neglectful" family and had begun to improve in foster care, Mr Narey said: "The whole direction of statutory and voluntary sector effort, it seemed to me, was directed to seeing whether this family could be fixed.

    "In time, that would probably involve the children returning to a home which might, if not immediately, once again descend into inadequacy and neglect. Why would we want to take that risk?"

    Referring to Baby P and Shannon Matthews, he went on: "Long before the revelations around these two children I have wondered whether we need fundamentally to reassess our approach to care and to residential care in particular."

    Mr Narey, a former director general of the Prison Service who left government to run Barnardo's in 2005, said local councils and charities tended to regard placing a child in care as "the worst possible choice for any child", particularly if the youngster was heading for a residential home rather than foster care.

    He called for a fresh look at the way children's homes are set up and financed. "It cannot be beyond us to provide high quality residential care," he said. "Indeed – to add to my heresies in this paper – I have seen such care provided in the UK by the private sector."

    Welcoming the remarks, Michael Gove, the shadow children's secretary, said: "I think after Baby P a change is now going on, where people do realise that the interests of the child are paramount. It is not good enough to leave children in circumstances, with the birth parents, where that child could be at risk of abuse.

    "Foster parents do a fantastic job but we do need to look seriously at other care options. I am not saying that residential care is the right answer in all circumstances, but we do need to give consideration to improving it because we cannot leave children like Baby P in places where they face significant risks."

    However, John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP and chairman of Justice for Families, pointed to data from the Department for Children, Schools and Families which showed that among 7,800 children taken into care in 2006, only 1,800 had been returned to their families by March 2007.

    "I'm not sure Mr Narey really understands what is going on. Nor am I sure that he has the practical experience," said Mr Hemming.

    "His basic assertion that more children need to be taken into care and fewer need to be returned to their families ignores the statistics."

    Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary of the union for family court staff, Napo, disagreed with Mr Narey's suggestion that more children should be taken into residential care.

    "Barnardo's have a vested interest in residential homes because they run some of them," he said. "All the evidence suggests residential care should be used as little as possible because the experience is damaging."

    Baby P, who was 17 months old, died in August 2007 after suffering more than 50 injuries while living with his mother, 27, her boyfriend, 32, and their lodger Jason Owen, 36, despite being on the "at risk" register and receiving 60 visits from health and social workers.

    Karen Matthews, the mother of Shannon, was jailed for eight years last week along with the child's uncle Michael Donovan for kidnapping the youngster, then aged nine, for £50,000 in reward money, raising further questions about the way the family had been handled by social workers.

    Wes Cuell, director of children's services at the NSPCC, broadly agreed with Mr Narey's assessment.

    He said: "We should not be keeping children out of care just because we don't like what care represents.

    "If children need to be in care, they should be, and we should find the right sort of care for them which is not based on traditional beliefs about care based in families.

    Ian Johnston, chief executive of the British Association of Social Workers, said: "Martin is right to say that we need to look at things differently. I would like to think that most social workers will look at all the possibilities."


  41. Blue State Digital have been hired by NuLabour's associates to run a massive e-mail smear campaign againt the BNP.

    Blue State Digital pay internet service providers (ISP's) to put them on a 'white-list': "Our anti-spam whitelist relationships -- among the strongest in the industry -- make sure that your email is deliverable, even to Internet service providers with high diversion rates. "

    The 'white list' allows them to distribute unsolicited 'viral' spam emails provided there aren't too many customer complaints. "Companies either pay for a time period to be allowed to e-mail their customers or the companies pay per complaint received by the ISP from their customers. These payments per complaint increase incrementally: ie. The first 10 complaints are $10 each. The next 10 are $20 each." from

    So if you receive their e-mails, COMPLAIN LIKE HELL! It will cost them dearly.

    Go viral with this information!!!

  42. Tuesday, 27 January 2009
    Prime Minister Brown warns against threat of 'deglobalisation' and hails 'new global order'

    'The economic crisis should be treated as "the difficult birth-pangs of a new global order", with new rules introduced on trade, Gordon Brown says. The prime minister set out a series of actions designed to "replace fear with confidence" and warned against just "muddling through as pessimists". During a speech defending his handling of the crisis he also warned against the "deglobalisation threat".

  43. Social services remove young children from grandparents and arrange adoption by gay couple
    Social services have removed two young children from the care of their grandparents and arranged for them to be adopted by a homosexual couple.

    By Lucy Cockcroft
    Last Updated: 2:45PM GMT 28 Jan 2009

    The five-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister were being looked after by their grandparents because their mother, a recovering drug addict, was not considered capable.

    But social workers stepped in after allegedly deciding that the couple, who are aged 59 and 46, were "too old" to look after the children.

    They were allegedly stripped of their carer's rights and informed they would be barred from seeing the children altogether unless they agreed to the same-sex adoption.

    The distraught grandfather said: "It breaks my heart to think that our grandchildren are being forced to grow up in an environment without a mother-figure.

    "We are not prejudiced, but I defy anyone to explain to us how this can be in their best interests.

    "The ideal for any child is to have a loving father and a loving mother in their lives."

    His wife added: "It's so important for children to fit in, and I feel our grandchildren will be marked out from the start when they draw pictures of their two dads."

    The case raises fears about state interference in family arrangements, and concerns about the practice of adoption by same-sex couples.

    Social workers at the City of Edinburgh Council have been accused of waging a "two-year campaign" through the courts to strip the grandparents of their legal rights as carers of the children.

    Social services intervened because of concerns over the age and health of the grandparents, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the children.

    The grandfather is a farmhand who has angina while his wife is receiving medication for diabetes.

    The children have been in foster care for two years while their grandparents battled the social services department in court.

    However, the cost of legal bills forced them to drop the case and relinquish their rights.

    The grandparents reluctantly agreed to adoption, provided the children were found a "loving mother and father".

    They were told last Thursday that two homosexual men had been chosen as the adoptive parents.

    Social workers dealing with the case told them that approved heterosexual couples had also been keen to adopt the children.

    When he protested to social workers, the grandfather alleges he was told: "You can either accept it and there's a chance you'll see the children twice a year, or you can take that stance and never see them again."

    On another occasion he was allegedly told: "If you couldn't support the children [back the gay adoption], if you were having contact and couldn't support the children, and showing negative feelings, it wouldn't be in their best interests for contact to take place."

    The City of Edinburgh Council said that it could not comment on individual cases.

    A Catholic Church spokesman has accused social services of "politically correct posturing".

    He said: "There is an overwhelming body of evidence showing that same sex relationships are inherently unstable and reduce the life expectancy of those involved.

    "With this in mind, the social work department have deliberately ignored evidence which undermines their decision and opted for politically correct posturing rather than providing stability and protection for the children."


    Saturday 31st January is the day we have been promised a large march and rally will be inflicted on Liverpool with a cocktail of Left Wing and Black and Asian Self Interest Groups led by Shahid Malik MP, Searchlight, UAF, Alec El Gobo Macfadden, Idi Amin lookalike Weyman Bennett, The Black Police Association Vinnie Tomlinson, The Somali Association and many others including Little Black Sisters of The Poor under the banner of 'STOP THE BNP'

    Sunday 1st February from 10pm - 2am a talk phone show run by Pete Price Talk City 105.6 telephone 0151 708 1059 txt 61025 put TALK space start message.

    It is expected Gerry Gable/Nick Lowles and others will be given plenty of airtime. Has a representative from the BNP been invited to respond?

    Supporters of the BNP should be encouraged to ring the Pete Price phone in, in order to have there views aired (but beware of making comment abouts Gays) Mr Price has stated in the past he is a conserative - whatever that may mean.

  45. Thanks anonymous 15:13, can ypu put that on the comments section for today's post. We do appreciate the comments and contributions you have made to the site also.