Friday, 16 January 2009

Alec McFadden Police enquiry still on-going.

Earlier on in the week we commented on Merseysides own trouble maker and anti Democratic, anti British Communist Alec McFadden (picture above). The contributors to this blog had received letters last week from the readers questioning the Police enquiry that is being undertaken by Merseyside Police against him, for his illegal intentions concerning the BNP list which were a clear breach of the data protection act. We have now received confirmation from the complainants that the police enquiry is still on-going.

Some of the concerns mentioned on the letters were as regards the conversation/interview between McFadden and Roger Phillips of Radio Merseyside. The concerns being that the taped incriminating interview could become lost or deleted intentionally or by accident. Now it is quite clear that Alec McFadden is treated with kid gloves on Merseyside, however my understanding is that because of strict OFCOM rules the incriminating interview has to be kept by Radio Merseyside for six months. So happy days the Police will have full access to it, so no "friends" of McFaddens within Radio Merseyside can therefore tamper with the taped evidence.

We are not going to let this go with this "serial interfere" in the democratic process. It is clear the intention by Alec McFadden was to intimidate BNP members by using any means in unison with his Union friends. This was obvious as he admitted he was going to contact all of them by email concerning the BNP list. Again readers of this blog will be updated as we get any further news.


  1. can u up load this it is an eye opener!None of these are working!yet the council is in debt and closing libraries Etc; u tube
    BNP Muslim March Plaid Cymru

  2. Just heard that at Leeds Magistrates Court today, Labour Party supporter Daniel Searle was sent to prison for six months for trying to attack a British National Party member following the leaking of the membership list.

    According to the Liverpool Daily Post 15.01.09 Alec McFadden, known as El Gobo, with in his own ranks, is worried about his pension. I would be a little more concerned about recent convictions and arrests(see above statement) due to making threats on BBC Radio Merseyside over the alledged BNP Members List which El Gobo admitted he had this illegal data in his possession for the sole purpose of circulating for mischief, aided and abetted by 'Stinky Phillips'. There should be due to these event's several other spin off charges. 'Stinky Phillips should find himself in a two prong investigation from the Police and Ofcom. This mean's Ofcom, if it does it job properly will not let Radio Merseyside's 'Stinky Phillips' come out of this whiter than white. With a 10 second delay button for the very purpose of dampening down or cutting off abuse and threats, he can hardly plead ignorance. It is common knowledge that he associates and subscribes to the same dangerous left wing views as El Gobo McFadden.

    Regardless of an individuals or groups political views the public have every right to be protected from incitement by the likes of Roger Phillips and Alec McFadden via the media.


  4. Friday, 16 January 2009



    Our civil liberties, Constitution and Common Law are under attack and being dismantled.

    Governance of our country is being handed over to the European Union and other unelected and unaccountable supranational corporate bodies without our consent.

    Our economy has been handed over to a transnational corporate and banking oligarchy.

    Our privacy is being constantly violated and our democracy degraded.

    Our politics are dominated by a culture of stealth, deceit, treason, duplicity and criminality.

    Our law is no longer a friend and protector, but increasingly onerous, invasive, disproportionate, corrupted by special interests and institutional gravy trains, and itself illegal and unconstitutional.

    We will therefore:

    Reject the new political dispensation, whilst re-affirming the supremacy of our Constitution and Common Law.

    Outline the stepping stones to the creation of an active national network to defend and protect non-violently but effectively our Democracy. This is not a plan for another political party- this is a movement coming from the grassroots made up of honest and decent people, armed with practical and effective suppressed knowledge to frustrate and defeat the traitors and criminals who are destroying our country and communities.

    Prepare ourselves to make a solemn commitment to renounce citizenship of the European Union; to declare that our membership of the European Union, and all the treaties, purported laws, courts and institutions pertaining to it, having been foisted upon us by stealth, deceit and treason, is unconstitutional and illegal, and to defend our Democracy, Constitution, Common Law and Civil Liberties. All people of honesty, good will, energy, truth, courage and compassion must now stand together.


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  5. Labour-controlled Manchester City Council has organised a jobs fair at
    Manchester Town Hall on Tuesday January 20th.

    According to the Manchester City council website, attendees can
    “obtain advice on employment related matters, training and educational

    Free workshops will also take place, offering “practical advice on
    completing application forms and interview techniques”.

    The event will feature a range of employers including the Royal Air
    Force, Greater Manchester Police, HM Prison Service, and Greater
    Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and would surely have attracted a
    great deal of interest from desperate, unemployed local people thrown
    out of work by Labour’s disastrous economic and mass immigration
    policies. The only slight catch is that this council jobs fair is
    only for members of “black and minority ethnic communities”.

    Councillor Abid Chohan is quoted in the Manchester Evening News as
    saying: “This new jobs fair aims to ensure that all sections of
    Manchester’s black and ethnic minority communities are represented in
    the workplace.”

  6. Friday, January 16, 2009
    Labour Supporting Thug Jailed for Attack on BNP Man’s House
    Labour Party supporter thug has been jailed for nearly six months for an attack on a BNP member’s house in an incident linked by police to the leaked BNP membership list.
    Daniel Searle, of Roundhay Road, Harehill, Leeds, was jailed today for 24 weeks by Leeds Magistrates Court for an attack on a BNP member’s house on 28 November last year.
    The criminal had appeared previously in court before Christmas, and even though he had been warned that he would be sentenced to jail, BNP News’s correspondent reports that Searle was ashen-faced when removed from the court in handcuffs.
    He had been charged with causing criminal damage after admitting that he had obtained the BNP member’s address from the leaked list and had decided to attack the house at night.
    Searle had beaten on the door with a club, obviously hoping that someone would answer. Fortunately the BNP member had the good sense not to respond and to call the police instead.
    When arrested, the criminal thug said he had obtained the address from the leaked membership list.
    “It is my view that there should be further charges to answer here so far as certain militant left-wing organisations are concerned, especially when you consider that at least one of these organisations has stated that the publication of the membership list was not intended to incite violence ‘nor would it’,” Peter Hollings, BNP Leeds organiser said earlier.
    “Clearly the events have proven that incitement to violence has occurred.”
    In his response, BNP leader Nick Griffin said it was a first for a Labour supporter to be sentenced to jail for an attack on a Nationalist. “The sentence was rather light, as one can only imagine what the court’s reaction would have been if a BNP supporter had attacked a Labour supporter’s house,” Mr Griffin said.
    “Nonetheless, BNP members can be thankful to the police in this regard for their swift response to this outrage and we look forward to their equally unbiased reaction in the event of any other incidents.”

  7. OFFICERS of the UK Border Agency thwarted an attempt by 18 illegal immigrants to smuggle themselves into Merseyside – hidden in a lorry load of lettuce.

    The Spanish-registered lorry was stopped at Calais at 0550hrs last Sunday.

    A search of the load by border officers, based in France revealed 15 Iraqis, two Afghanis and one Iranian hidden in the load of lettuces.

    The lorry was heading for Knowsley but was stopped before it could board a ferry across the English Channel.

  8. Wife Beating Red Thug. When talking of Labour Party supporter and UAF supporter, Daniel Searle, who received a six month prison sentence for attacking the house of a BNP member, don`t forget to also mention that he is a Wife beaing piece of scum as well, as was revealed at his trial.