Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Above a new recruit to the British Police force, recently qualified.

So its all over the papers today that there are a couple of BNP members working for the immigration service. Wow,so what!..Does it not occur to people out there that the BNP are a legal political party with respectable British citizens who have to work for a living. The only people who don't want the BNP to hold respectable positions are the dishonourable trough slurping MP pigs in Westminster. Half of them crooks, alcoholics,bankrupts with driving bans.

One day the powers that be will get it into their "THICK" heads that people join the BNP because we want our country back. We want to be treated as proper British citizens and not second class citizens. I personally hate the people in Westminster with a passion, they are the people I hate not the invaders who are let into Britain just to Bolster the votes for the pigs in power.

This country is sinking faster than the Titanic thanks to positive discrimination against the indigenous British people. Perfectly qualified British people have been overlooked for jobs because they're skin colour was White instead of Brown or Black. This is a fact, soon it will be another rule that only ethnics can look after immigrants because they understand them.

Anyway there will be two openings available now at this immigration centre. I Understand that Prince Charles and his son Harry have already put in their application forms for the jobs!!


  1. Nothing will change until the great silent majority get their wake up call, which they surely will one day. Then they, (the silent majority) will be forced to take action if only to defend themselves.

  2. The Humiliation Victimisation and the deliberate destruction inflicted on the white British people of this land by the treason of LABLIBCON and there willing helper's. For this we must have revenge. Revenge must be our every thought, our driving force to bring the cursed scum down that would destroy us and ours. For the traitors have everything to fear, we have everything to gain.

  3. After a complaint from Liverpool City councillors Merseyside police arrested 13 BNP supporters for distributing the Racism Cuts Both Ways pamphlet. They were released on police bail while the CPS considered whether to charge them.(NAME'S PLEASE)



    CELEBRITY Big Brother was in crisis last night after evicted housemate Lucy Pinder lifted the lid on a shock Coolio cover-up.

    The American gangsta rapper has stunned other contestants with his racist language and sick comments about rape.

    But nervous TV bosses have kept it all secret.

    Evicted beauty Lucy Pinder says footage of the rapper making racist jokes, sexist comments and threats of violence has been axed.

    And, despite BB’s strict rules, he has not been reprimanded because producers feel they need him in the house to save the show.
    Over the past two weeks, Coolio, 45, has:
    * Said the “N-word” on many occasions and even made racist jokes in front of the other housemates.

    * Bragged that he has never raped a girl – “Because I never had to” – and told of violent sex and carrying a gun.

    * Physically intimidated the girls knowing he is “untouchable” because the lads are scared to confront him.
    Escaped any serious warnings because bosses know he is the only talking point on the show.
    Model Lucy, 25, said: “I will admit he is TV gold. But I think the public should know what he is really like. A lot is not being shown. Big Brother should have told him off a lot more.
    “I’d only been there 48 hours and he came out and told me: ‘I’ve never raped a woman ... I’ve never had to.’
    “He would say things like: ‘I’m going to elbow you in the face’, or tell stories about having violent sex.”

    Coolio reduced Michelle Heaton, 28, to tears by teasing her about supposedly fancying Ben Adams, 27.
    And Lucy added: “He said n***er several times. I was shocked. There was one time when there were a lot of racist jokes being made. But none of that got shown.
    “I can’t understand why he hasn’t been called in and given a proper warning.

  6. So look what now gets wheeled out of its coffin in order to 'poison the
    well' of international outrage at Israel's behaviour.

    Heavens above, do they think we're all morons ?? .I'm sure there'll be a
    word from Hitler a little later on, praising the anti-Israeli sentiments of
    so many countries.

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  8. Liverpool, the reds are using a flag Green Arrow blogger id.

    Readers can check which is the red pervert and which is the real Green Arrow by checking the profiles.

    Please delete the false perverts posts please. He is the red Mr Fister who is a notorious pervert to be found on the UAF sites and forums.

  9. well is there any website for passion parties schedule?

    Merseyside pension fund in £670m plunge

    Alec McFadden, president of Merseyside TUC, said the plunge in value was a “massive concern”.

    He said: “If they lose [money] continuously for two years they’re obviously going to have to increase dramatically the contribution or decrease the amount they are paying out, or alter their investment strategy.

    “It means the value of the pension in future is going to be in doubt. It stands to reason if they have made a loss in the last six months.

    “If this carries on into the winter or spring of 2011, that becomes a massive issue.

    “I retire in the next 10 years and there might not be a pension left. There needs to be an immediate meeting and all the pension holders need to be informed.”

    By the Zionist Bankster, Bernard Madoff in a pyramid scheme. Concerned shopper's reported Alec McFadden wondering around Seacombe Ferry area in a dazed state, frothing at the mouth, muttering curses, tugging at sleeves of passerbys and giving out leaflets demanding that people unite for Council Tax to be increased IMMEDIATELY, to make up the deficit(of his pension) in the Merseyide Pension Fund, (Spoken like a true Socialist). If not he would be forced to get a proper job. Later that day angry shout's where heard across the River Mersey, the life boat service was not called to attend.


  12. In Britain the “Friends of Israel” organization, in its various guises, has stooges occupying key positions at the heart of government. These individuals paralyse any effective action against the lawless regime they subscribe to. They ought to be treated as agents of a foreign military power and weeded out, especially with the European elections coming up and a general election just around the corner.

    Membership of Friends of Israel is nowadays a necessary stepping-stone to ministerial rank, I’m told. It is one thing for the Jewish community to back Israel but a much more serious matter if anyone in public office secretly places himself under an obligation to a foreign power and allows it to influence his work. Hundreds of our MPs may have crossed that line.

    It is deeply worrying to discover that our Intelligence and Security Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee and Defence Committee are all chaired by Friends of Israel. How can it possibly be in our nation’s best interest?

  13. Gay village plan set for approval
    Jan 15 2009 by Ben Schofield, Liverpool Daily Post

    Steve Radford, President of the national Liberal Party, and Liverpool's only openly gay councillor

    MEASURES to create a gay village in Liverpool should get final approval today.

    Councillors will consider closing three city centre streets, home to many of Merseyside’s favourite gay-friendly venues, to traffic.

    But a compromise over when the roads will be blocked seems to please no-one.

    Stanley Street and Cumberland Street will be closed to traffic between 10pm and 5am, Thursday to Monday, while Eberle Street will be permanently shut off.

    Liverpool City Council hope this will make the area safer for drinkers and clubbers in the area.

    Daytime businesses have complained the restrictions could harm their businesses. They also raised concerns about the state the streets are left in by drinkers.

    But representatives of the clubs and bars say the measures will not create the desired “cafe culture” in which a gay village will flourish.

    Councillors will vote on a plan to spend £260,000 installing telescopic bollards at one end of each of the streets. Residents and local businesses will be given key fobs to lower the bollards if they need access during the night.

    Cllr Steve Radford, who is also a member of the city’s Gay Business Association, told the Daily Post he plans to lobby the committee to extend the hours the streets will be closed.

    He also criticised council officers for apparently playing down the objections from the gay community asking for longer pedestrianisation.

    Cllr Radford said: “If you want to close Stanley Street to create a cafe culture, you close it from 7pm, not 10pm.

  14. BARMY council chiefs have been slammed for allowing female staff to have boob jobs at taxpayers’ expense.
    Public servants at Tameside council, in Greater Manchester, have been told they can take extra leave unpaid to have cosmetic surgery.

    Labour chiefs say they introduced the new policy because they have their staffs’ breast interests in mind.

  15. Council wants £500,000 to erect sound barrier to stop gypsies hearing abuse from motorists
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    15th January 2009

    A council is set to spend up to £500,000 on a sound barrier at a gypsy site - to shield the residents from a noisy road and abuse from passing motorists.
    Travellers at the Blackwell site in Milton, Cambridgeshire, have complained about the constant rumble of traffic from the nearby A14 dual carriageway.
    They also claim their lives are made a misery by truckers beeping horns, flashing lights and shouting obscenities as they drive past.

  16. Thousands of police officers are moonlighting as lingerie-sellers, hypnotists and TV extras in a bid to beat the credit crunch, it has been revealed.

    More than 4,000 officers in forces across the UK have other income sources or business interests .

  17. Thursday, January 15, 2009
    Canada becomes a colony.

    Canada used to have an independent parliament.

    1. Canada has become a very nasty place!

    It has lost its independence and become an ignorant little colony of a fascist-gangster state.

    2. Canada Stands Alone for the Terrorstate

    "Canada is all sewn up for Zionism.

    "You’ve got both major party leaders, a controlled and compliant media, and you’ve used your influence to make sure that all Canadians hear are the Israeli Press Release version of the news."

    3. According to - Canada votes alone for Israel

    "Canada stood alone before a United Nations human rights council yesterday, the only one among 47 nations to oppose a motion condemning the Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

    "The vote before the Geneva-based body shows the Stephen Harper government has abandoned a more even-handed approach to the Middle East in favour of unalloyed support of Israel, according to some long-time observers.

    "Thirty-three countries voted for the strongly worded motion, which called for an investigation into 'grave' human rights violations by Israeli forces, while 13 nations, mostly European, abstained.

    "The United States, regarded as Israel’s greatest ally, is not a member of the council."

    Harper, the prime monster of Zionist controlled Canada.


    "Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper ... claimed that criticism of and opposition to the Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing and apartheid against the Palestinian people amounted to 'anti-Semitism' ...

    "How could a state that possesses more than 300 nuclear weapons and has one of the most powerful armies in the world, and in addition to that, tightly controls the politics and policies of the only superpower in the world, be under threat?

    "Are you fornicating with words, Mr. Harper?

    "The truth of the matter is that Israel continues to threaten, bully and attack its subjects and neighbors and their citizens.

    "In the West Bank, Israel has effectively morphed Palestinian population centers into modern-day detention camps, thanks to this gigantic wall of shame built on stolen land, coupled with hundreds of hateful roadblocks manned by Gestapo-like trigger-happy Israeli soldiers who draw satisfaction from tormenting and humiliating their helpless Palestinian victims.

    "And in Gaza, the country which considers itself a 'light upon the nations' is effectively carrying out a slow-motion genocide against 1.5 million thoroughly starved Gazans whose only crime is their refusal to elect as their leaders Israel’s quislings and collaborators."

  18. Bank Of England To Secretly Print Money

    'The Bank of England will be able to print extra money without having legally to declare it under new plans which will heighten fears that the Government will secretly pump extra cash into the economy.

    The Government is set to throw out the 165-year-old law that obliges the Bank to publish a weekly account of its balance sheet -- a move that will allow it theoretically to embark covertly on so-called quantitative easing.

    The Banking Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament, abolishes a key section of the law laid down by Robert Peel's Government in 1844 that originally granted the Bank the sole right to print UK money.'


    In Islamic theology, the world is divided into Dar al-Islam - the lands where Islam is supreme, and Dar al-Harb - the domain of war which must be conquered by Islam.

    The population of the world is divided into Muslims and Kuffars (non-believers). Muslims are superior to Kuffars who are 'najis' (filthy or polluted).

    The Kuffars themselves are further divided into Dhimmis and Harbis. A Dhimmi is a Kuffar who pays the Jizya (protection money) and accepts the supremacy of Islam, and may be allowed to live. A Harbi is a Kuffar who does not accept the supremacy of Islam, and must be killed.

    So Islam is at war with us and always has been, and always will be until we submit, pay the Jizya and 'feel ourselves subdued', as the Koran says.

    Terror is an essential aspect of Islam. Mohammed himself said 'I have been made victorious through terror'.

    So remember folks...


  20. Green Arrow 06.16, noted my friend.

    Anonymous 11.02 and 12.37, those post cheered me up. Tremendous stuff.


  22. February 25, 2005

    Police race inquiry could end Cornish Darkie Day
    By Simon de Bruxelles
    AN ANCIENT Cornish tradition in which residents of the fishing village of Padstow blacken their faces and parade through the streets singing traditional songs is being investigated by police after complaints that it is racist.
    The event, known as Darkie Day, has taken place at Boxing Day and new year for as long as anyone can remember. Some claim it dates back to the days of the slave trade, others that its origins are even older — in pagan festivals suppressed elsewhere by the Christian Church.

    The revellers who paraded through the streets collecting money for charity were filmed by police officers, after a complaint from an organisation calling itself the “Cornish Council for Racial equality”. A file from Devon and Cornwall police has been submitted this week to the Crown Prosecution Service, which will have to decide whether the festival breaches the Race Relations Act. The police action has angered many Padstow residents, who fear that their traditions are under attack from politically motivated “do-gooders”.

    David Edwards, a town councillor, said: “There is strong feeling about what has happened and what is going to happen. Will there be a prosecution and who instigated it?”

    Devon and Cornwall police used four vans of officers to patrol this year’s festivals, despite the event’s virtually non-existent history of crime. Members of the town council, who have had requests for extra patrols during the holiday season turned down, believe that it was an unnecessary waste of resources. Despite its possibly pagan origins, this winter’s Darkie Days raised money for the parish church, St Petroc’s, and had the backing of the vicar.

    Locals have felt defensive about the festival since complaints from the same organisation seven years ago led to calls for a ban. There was concern that the event could become a flashpoint between anti-racism campaigners and the far-right National Front.

    The fears were unfounded and Padstow residents claim the festival is just harmless fun and a variation on the traditional West Country tradition of “guising”, in which poor people would disguise themselves and sing songs in return for money or food from richer neighbours.

    Linda Reynolds, 50, who runs a newsagent in Padstow, said: “I have always gone out to Darkie Day. If it was even vaguely racist I would be the first one to stand up and shout.

    “I was in a relationship with a black man. I can’t think of anybody who has a racist thought on Darkie Day. It’s a traditional event at which people get blacked-up. They are not imitating black people.”

    A pub landlord, who plays the accordion at the event but did not want to be identified, said: “I’m sick of all this commotion. Padstow is a small place with a close-knit community and this is festival should be kept for Padstow people.”

    A police spokesman said: “We took video evidence on Boxing Day and sent it to the CPS to see if any offences had been committed. We are now waiting for the file to come back.”

  23. anonymous 00.22, I wish I lived in Padstow. Now there are people with some character.

  24. City Talk Radio 9am The Duncan Barkes Show Wednesday Morning 15th January.
    Duncan Barkes enjoys a bit of a controversy playing the devils advocate and is normally a good show. The subject was about one of the numerous celebrations held in Cornwall, in this instance Padstow which has a 4,000 year old history.
    One of the yearly celebrations on boxing day was called 'DARKIE DAY' the name has now been changed to 'MUMMERS DAY' to appease our new Colonial Masters. After intense police monitoring of the event in 2005. Not a hint of new age racism was found, but still not satisfied with the name change, the over paid talking head of the so called racist Black Police Association(black is nothing to do with colour states their website) Vinnie Tomlinson(Witchfinder General) who obviously knows very little about white history even though he is mixed race proves yet again he is a bigot and rightly so with all the black and left wing associations he is immersed in. Tomlinson is in a time warp and would like to keep everyone trapped in his era of history.

    We Britons do have a long history of serfdom/slavery. The last serfdom being the Isle of Sark was abolished in 2009.

    Only the ignorant and the uneducated with political motivation or financal renumeration would have the audacity to intimidate through communist political correctness and so called hate police enforcers who prop up the likes of self delusional Vinnie Tomlinson.

    The celebration of 'Darkie Day,' personally I dont think it has anything to do with what has been suggested that the thousands of white people kidnapped and enslaved by the Arabs and Moors from that part of the country centuries ago, probably more to do with the Winter Solstice, the ancient britons used to paint themselves with complicated exotic markings in blue. The Romans first encountered this and commented about it. Corking up is quick and simple it is a form of masking, in Germany today the ancient Rosenmontazugen everyone celebrates wearing masks. An African once told me that the tribal scars were not really tribal but it was to make themselves look ugly so that the village chief would not sell them to the Arab Slave traders - )long before the so called Atlantic slave trade). Even today Africans and Asians paint their faces with white ash for various celebrations. How long would Vinnie Tomlinson last in Africa or India with his inteferring antics?

    Vinnie Tomlinson also stated that he did not like white lips on a dark background, I dont like red lipstick on a man but thats showbiz. Tomlinson is a farce and anybody who gives this man any credability are totally ignorant or gaining a financial reward. Billions of pounds of tax payers money have been spent and still being spent on people and organisations that have no legitimate role other than to oppress white Britons. Nobody likes an oppressor. Now could that be racist of me?? CORNISH MEN DEFEND YOUR PASTIES (XofPi=)

  25. FAMILY of 13 Saudis are housed in a £2million mansion at taxpayers’ expense — and have trashed it.
    The Al-Ameri clan have spent four years at the plush six-bedroom home — at a total cost of more than £166,000.

    They live on income support and a council pays the rent of £41,640 a year.
    Swanky ... cars outside house

    But landlords Marc and Marlene Roberts are desperate to see the back of the family — accusing them of causing £30,000 damage.

    The 3,500 sq ft home boasts a Jacuzzi and huge kitchen with oak panelling and marble tops. The last tenant was a top diplomat.
    But as these photos show, there are now SMASHED windows, BURST pipes caused by nails driven into the floor, doors RIPPED off their hinges, DAMAGED electrical sockets and ceilings COATED in cooking grease.

    Marlene, 44, said the family — whose immigration status is not known — refuse to do repairs, claiming they have no money.

    But a flash Mercedes S500 and Nissan Skyline are among four cars parked on the drive.

    A woman in Muslim dress who answered the door in Hendon, North-West London, told The Sun: “We are very happy with the house. It is plenty big enough for us. We wouldn’t want to move.”

    Marc, 42, said: “I’ll have to gut the place when they finally leave and I just don’t have the money.
    Hairdresser Marlene said: “It’s wrong, very wrong. They have no respect. I put the property for let with the council because I need to pay the mortgage. But they’ve wrecked the place. That home was my pride and joy.

    “I really think that councils should make more enquiries when housing families.”

    A spokesman for Barnet Council said anyone on income support was entitled to housing large enough for them.

    A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: “The Government is committed to a fair system.”

    He said housing allowance was capped at five bedrooms and the system was under review

  26. Respect forfeits illegal donation

    The Respect Party has agreed to forfeit a donation from an Arab businessman after it was judged impermissible under UK electoral law.

  27. Singing butcher legal bid dropped

    Brian Clapton was asked not to sing and chop in the mornings
    A bid to stop an east London butcher from singing while chopping during the mornings has been dropped by the local council.

    Brian Clapton, 51, was told by an enforcement officer from Barking and Dagenham Council that the council was responding to a noise complaint.

    On Thursday, Mr Clapton was told the case had been dropped. The council said both parties had come to an agreement.

    Mr Clapton said he felt like a great cloud had gone.

    'Great support'

    The butcher, who owns Brian's Meat Store in Longbridge Road in Barking, has been in business for more than 13 years.

    He said: "It is good news.

    "I'll continue to sing and carry out my business. I can get by in the credit crunch.

    "A great cloud's gone and it is sunshine."

    He had been fighting four charges of breaching noise abatement orders since he was first visited by council officers in November 2007 after an upstairs tenant, who has since moved out, complained about his singing and chopping.

    The issue reached Barking Magistrates' Court after Mr Clapton refused to cease chopping and singing between 0600 BST and 0800 BST each weekday morning and before 0900 BST on weekends.

    When the council asked him to sound-proof his shop the butcher said the building was owned by the council and the work should be done by them.

    Mr Clapton, who lives in Basildon, Essex, said he had "great support" from his customers and local residents.

  28. Labour paid sex offender for work

    Russo helped the Labour Party during the 1997, 2001 and 2005 elections
    The Labour Party paid a sex offender convicted in the United States more than £2,500 to help it with its 2005 election campaign, the BBC has learned.

    Activist Tim Russo, 41, was a visits co-ordinator in the East Midlands but did not have a UK work visa.

    The Labour Party said it was unaware of Russo's past. It said it had not hired him but only paid expenses.

    Russo was convicted in 2002 of trying to arrange sex with someone he thought was a 13-year-old boy.


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