Monday, 25 October 2010

Why A British Freedom Party?

No doubt you are one of the growing number of British people who are feeling totally disillusioned about the state of our great nation and who feel betrayed by each of the establishment political parties. So were we. That is why people just like you chose to form the British Freedom Party.

Within Britain, more and more people are becoming aware of the threat to our nation and traditional British culture from political correctness, multiculturalism and mass immigration. These problems are either encouraged by mainstream politicians, or completely ignored by them. At the same time as our British culture is being eroded and destroyed, what remains of British industry is being sold off to foreign corporations, and our national wealth is being given away in foreign aid as we close care homes for our own elderly and disabled citizens. British workers are being forced into unemployment as cheap foreign labour is imported into the country to take our jobs and young British people are being dumped onto our streets with no hope of gaining meaningful employment or securing a future for themselves. The list is endless. It looks to us as if this decimation of Britain and its way of life is deliberate.

Until now there has been no political party appealing to ‘the man in the street’ standing ready to challenge this state of affairs. There have been nationalist parties which have come and gone in the past of course, some lumbered with the baggage of financial impropriety, others which were seen simply as single issue campaigning parties and a few which propounded forms of racial extremism which repelled ordinary, decent people.

We in the British Freedom Party though are the first party to offer sensible, moderate and principled nationalist policies whilst being firmly determined to reverse the wrongs of the past forty years.

We are not alone. All over Europe people are waking up to the destruction of their nations, which is being engineered primarily by the European Union. The people of the Netherlands under Dutch MP Geert Wilders, have formed a Freedom Party which looks set, very soon, to become Holland’s ruling party. In Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy, similar freedom parties are also beginning to evolve into mass populist movements, ready to turn back the tide of enforced immigration, to challenge the corrupt political elites within their own governments and to prevent the destruction of their sovereign nations.

The British Freedom Party is proud to be part of this new Europe wide movement of national freedom and democracy, and we are proud to join the struggle against the common enemy we all face as nationalists and patriots. That enemy is the European Union and its political puppets in all the mainstream political parties who do its bidding.

The process of closer European integration is geared to generating a global system of government in which nations and their cultures are cast aside. The European Union actively demands the dismantling of our national borders, that we allow the free movement of foreign workers into Britain and the removal of our laws that seek to protect our national culture. Actions and policies of this nature were once labeled as communism, or even further back, Nazism. It is our aim to restore power back to the British Parliament so that the British people can once again live in a free country, where democracy and the rule of law ensure we remain a free people in perpetuity.

Britain has historically, kept the light of Freedom burning throughout the dark periods of European history. We are rightly proud of our nation’s record in fighting totalitarianism and tyranny, but so successful have the politically correct elite been at undermining our British identity and restricting our fundamental right of freedom of speech, that the British people are now being cowed into submissiveness and silence, even as our nation is being dismantled and destroyed. Fortunately, people like you remain to challenge these elites. The British Lion can still roar.
We are also proud of the fact that all our principle officers are ordinary people, and not members of the corrupt political establishment. Our Chairman, Mr. Peter Mullins is an retired RAF Vulcan aircrew operator, whilst our Executive Council is run by people who have lived and worked in the real world, as opposed to being ‘professional’ politicians who are more interested in making money for themselves than serving the interests of our great nation and people.


Our mission is to reverse the catastrophic wrongs inflicted by successive governments of all political persuasions upon our nation and people over the last forty years. We work on the principle of Cultural Nationalism and strive to create a Britain and a British people unified in defence of our freedom, democracy and culture. We aim to unite all our people in order to save our nation. You will have, attached to this document, our constitution and policies, so there is no need to detail those here, but the reason those policies were drafted was, in the first instance, to create a party that could be trusted by everyone and that put its members in a position whereby they could challenge the leadership if they felt things were not being done properly. Secondly, they were drafted to ensure that, when it comes to the governance of our nation, our policies have the necessary element of fairness coupled with a determination to re-create wealth and industry, jobs and futures, for all our citizens. We intend to work, not for our own financial benefit, but for the benefit of our nation, our people, and their children and grandchildren. No officer or member of this party will ever stand accused of ‘doing nothing’ or profiteering whilst our nation drifted into corruption and decay.

For too long has the lion slept and Britannia wept.

We have much to do, but if you join us you will be fighting alongside us on the moral high ground of patriotism in defence of our freedom, democracy and culture, secure in the knowledge that you are fighting for the very survival of our nation and people’s future.

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