Monday, 8 November 2010

Defections to British Freedom - Onwards and Upwards!

The British Freedom Party is proud to announce that Mr. James Whittall has been appointed as Press Officer on the Executive Council of the party.
As an officer of the Executive Council and Press Officer James will be tasked with acting as the primary press spokesman for the party, being responsible for developing the party’s media image and also training regional press spokespersons in presentation and speaking skills.

James will also work with our Chairman Peter Mullins and others to develop and train the party’s public speaker list for local groups to request as speakers at party meetings.

As all those who know him are aware, James is widely regarded as the best political speaker in the contemporary nationalist movement and a man whose motivational and inspiring speeches can energise activists and officers alike. In an era of politics when the art of public speaking has been replaced by political spin, James, through his oratory has the ability to entertain and enthrall a meeting whilst simultaneously educating and motivating them politically.

James is respected as a dedicated British nationalist, and is well known in nationalist circles as a committed activist for the cause. James has stood as a Parliamentary candidate in his constituency of Shrewsbury, and his fiancee Christina Evans has stood previously as a parliamentary candidate in Ludlow. Both are tireless political campaigners with a wide range of experience in organising party members, running groups, organising meetings, running election campaigns and dealing with the media.

With both James and his partner Christina being regarded as two of our nation’s most dedicated, intelligent and committed nationalists, we know the pair of them will make a formidable team for the British Freedom Party.

Cllr. Michael Simpkins Joins British Freedom

The British Freedom Party would like to welcome our first councillor into the party, Corsham Town Cllr. Michael Simpkins.

Cllr. Simpkins, who recently resigned from the controversial British National Party, on the grounds of financial mismanagement states, “I have studied the policies of British Freedom in detail and they are clearly for the good of the whole country without being divisive or discriminatory to others.”
British Freedom’s ideology is one of cultural nationalism as opposed to the BNP’s racial nationalism.

British cultural nationalism aims to preserve and protect the culture handed down to us by our ancestors but will not rule out anyone belonging to that British culture out on the grounds of race, religion or ethnic origin.
Cllr. Simpkins added. “I can see a vacuum in British politics waiting to be filled by a party with moderate views while still wishing Britain to remain British. British Freedom ticks all the boxes for me.”

The British Freedom Party is the only political party in our ’democratic system’ that represents and promotes British values and culture.

Whilst all the other political parties regularly put their own party political interests before those of the nation and the British people, we alone represent the interests of the entire British nation. Ours is a party of national and cultural unity, not of class division or racial division. Where there is division, we will work to bring unity.

Unlike UKIP we do not want to eradicate the indigenous cultures, people and identities of the English, Welsh, Anglo-Irish and Scottish people of our islands in order to create some monstrous, politically correct artificial ’uni-culture’ based on ‘assimilation’ in order to replace our unique British national and cultural heritage.
Unlike the BNP we do not fight legal cases in order to exclude people from membership of our party on the grounds of their race. All are welcome to join the British Freedom Party as long as they are fully integrated British citizens who agree with, and abide by, our party constitution.

Unlike the Tories, Liberals and Labour we are not responsible for the tragic mess our great country is in. They alone bear the guilt for the decades of endless betrayals that have wreaked such havoc upon our nation and people.
The British Freedom Party is just over a week old.

Like all political parties, and like all growing things, there will be growing pains as we grow and develop as a political party and as a national political movement. It is a truism that there can be no growth in politics or in life without struggle.
But the fact that we are already attracting men of the calibre of Cllr. Simpkins, men who have the vision and discipline to put the cause of our country first and who will stand up and fight for what they believe in, bodes well for the future of the party. From such beginnings grow great things.

Welcome to the British Freedom Party Cllr. Simpkins.

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