Monday, 11 October 2010

Bring our boys home, last day campaigning.

Steven Greenhalgh at Bootle Oriel road station.

This weekend just gone our BNP teams went out for the last time handing out Bring our troops home leaflets to the public. Over the last four weeks the BNP reformers have handed out several hundred to a very receptive public.

Steven Greenhalgh a war veteran of numerous tours and military campaigns abroad stated that this four week campaign was close to his heart and he thoroughly enjoyed conversing with the public, as well as meeting the odd armed forces personnel when he was out and about over the last few weeks.

Now that this campaign is now over an analysis of events that have unfolded over various table tops around the country must be looked at. Regardless of the BNP's and Nick Griffin's motives for this campaign the behaviour of the UAF as well as the non action of the police must be questioned, its an absolute disgrace. The ugly scenes that unfolded against BNP activists in Liverpoool City centre last week, while the police stood idly by and did nothing is another disgrace!

Steven Greenhalgh has stated to this sites contributors that he has had various phone calls over the weeks by people purporting to be from the police. He states that the people on the phone could have been anyone in reality. One example of a call he received was from an Inspector Mark Morgan who phoned him to see where he and the other teams would be campaigning. Steven replied to Mark Morgan that historically in the past that every time the police had intervened or assisted, the BNP activists had been met with violence from UAF extremists whilst the police have done nothing.

Consequently because of this Steven Greenhalgh refused to cooperate in any way with Inspector Mark Morgan by giving him any information of the BNP reformers leafleting teams over the last four Weeks. My understanding is that the BNP activists group in Liverpool City Centre had been liaising closely with the police which turned out to be a complete waste of time with the unfolding ugly scenes and lawlessness that we saw from the UAF there.

We have to say that the police now cannot be trusted to keep law and order with such events. Steven Greenhalgh is also suspicious that even cooperating with the police may lead to confidential information being passed onto fascist groups such as Liverpool UAF and that mumbling bumbling buffoon and old scrote Alec McFadden. (pictured below and not the one giving the Churchill salute).

The BNP reformers have had absolutely no trouble anywhere over the last four weeks and that is with not letting the police know where we would be campaigning. The BNP group who have had all the trouble is the group who have liaised with the police. Steven Greenhalgh states "It doesn't take much working out does it?"

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