Sunday, 3 October 2010

Liverpool Reforming BNP Goes From Strength to Strength.

First up on the agenda over the weekend was the continued Bring Our Boys Home Campaign. Teams were out in Maghull and Ormskirk town centre's and Steven Greenhalgh went back again to Orrel Park followed by a quick half hour in Walton Vale. The weather was not as good this weekend, but hey this is Britain and we do what we can when we can.

The Liverpool BNP reformers whilst supporting the essence of this campaign have not been using the BNP's own petition form but using the Yes to bringing our troop's home leaflet . It's inappropriate we feel for the public to sign the BNP petition when it may also be used for Party fundraising purposes also on the back of the Afghanistan military campaign.

Another reason for leafleting is that it is less intrusive than a member of the public offering their details on a very complicated BNP petition/form. As we have seen with the unfolding ugly scenes of lawlessness with other BNP groups getting attacked at table tops in City and Town centres by the UAF while the police stand by and do nothing, this is safer for the BNP member
and the member of the public.

Indeed this site believes that the unfolding ugly scenes in the Liverpool City centre this weekend with a table top petition held there, is counter productive which gives even more bad publicity to the Party, who's image is deeply tainted at the moment.

Although Wednesday night was a big disappointment with Steven Greenhalgh and stalwart Wirral Organiser David Bell getting refused entry to the monthly Liverpool BNP meeting, a meeting that Steven Greenhalgh had built up over the years, Thursday night was back to Nationalist business.

Ten members of the Liverpool BNP Reform team went over to the official Wirral BNP meeting chaired by David Bell who had been refused entry to the Liverpool meeting the night before. A strange fact is that now Peter Stafford Junior has been expelled from the Party he is free to enter any official BNP meeting, something he could not do whilst being a suspended member of it. Strange but true, but hey this is the BNP.

Peter Stafford Junior,second from the right, now able to attend official BNP meetings as he is no longer suspended but now expelled from the party!

Finally again back to Steven Greenhalgh. He has reported to this sites contributors that he has been a member of the BNP's elite Trafalgar Club for seven unbroken years. He recently received a letter from the Trafalgar Club Organisers that this years Trafalgar Club dinner will be in Brussels with a tour of the European Parliament, with the tour guide being none other than Nick Griffin himself.

He states that he will be allowed to take one guest with him on this "exciting trip" as the letter invite states. He has told this sites contributors that he has selected a shortlist of three names to choose from to accompany him to Brussels, the names being Antony Ward, Peter Squire and Peter Stafford Junior. He states that the three were and are still admirable servants to Liverpool BNP, the three of them once holding official positions for the party but all of whom were later suspended from the party, one now being expelled for supporting Eddy Butler's leadership challenge.

Steven Greenhalgh states that it will be a case of them drawing straws as the three of them deserve to go for past and current service to the BNP, although all the three currently now support for reform in the BNP.

More campaigning in Croxteth to come, also more updates and News to follow through the week.

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