Monday, 11 October 2010

Time for our own Freedom Party?

The good news is that Nationalism and Freedom are on the march all over Europe, with the Front National in France making a come-back not too long ago reaching 25% in some areas, we have the Lega Nord in Italy part of the ruling Government and having the Roma Gypsies kicked out of their country, we then have the Swiss Peoples Party in Switzerland making gains and then forcing through a ban on minarets. We then have the great boost too Geert Wilders Freedom Party in the Netherlands where he is now set to be the king maker in the new Coalition Government there. We then had the Sweden Democrats get a stunning 20 MP’s elected for the first time and possibly set to be the king makers in Sweden.

The latest stunning victory is by the other Freedom Party in Austria, in Vienna they have just got 27% of the vote. This is even more stunning when you consider the circumstances, for example look at the description the Guardian gives:
“After the Netherlands and Sweden, another stunning electoral surge for the extreme right in Vienna, a city where the centre-left views governance as its birthright.
"Red Vienna" has been a socialist and then social democratic stronghold since the 1920s. There was never any chance of Michael Häupl, the incumbent and long-serving SPÖ (social democratic) mayor, losing his job. But the customary absolute majority in Vienna's gargantuan mock-gothic town hall is gone, perhaps for a long time. That makes yesterday's vote a bit of a watershed.”

So it is great to see that all over Europe our Nationalist kin are winning and making an impact, however what is saddening is that fact that in Britain the Nationalist cause is going backwards. Why is the Nationalist cause failing so much in Britain? Well I think it is down to the incompetence, un-ethical and sociopathy of Nick Griffin.

Lets look at the recent disaster of the last elections and what factors can be put towards the complete failure of the BNP and the Nationalist cause making very little progress if any at all, which Nick Griffin as Chairman is responsible for:
He withdrew the funds promised to local branches which would have given us more money to fight the elections.
He destroyed any credibility on Question Time.
He chose to stand in Barking our best seat.
He parachuted people into seats ousting local popular people.
He chose the useless theme which the electorate were not interested in.
He is the one that admitted to not having any input to the manifesto.
He is the one that has ballsed up the EHRC case.
He is the one that made the death threats public.
He is the one that allowed the marmite rubbish to go ahead.
He is the one that forced activists to put out trade union leaflets.

So since the BNP seems to be stuck with this dictator is it time those that have been cast out of the BNP and those that have willingly walked away to form our own Freedom Party and follow in the footsteps of our European Brothers? I think yes it is time for us to now form a new party and to unite the thousands of people who have been lost in the Nationalist cause because of Griffin.

As we sit here hesitating about what to do we are losing good people to the mists of political oblivion and to the English Dhimmicrats with their anti-Welsh and Scottish rhetoric. Time is running out and we cannot afford to keep losing these good people.

If the reformers manage to win the BNP back from the death grip of Griffin then what would stop the BNP and a Freedom Party merging and bringing a much more united and stronger Nationalist war machine? If they however fail which I think is now more than likely, then they will have a readymade party to join with some of Nationalism’s best people already working hard with a readymade infrastructure and network as Griffin will do whatever he can to stop the reformers getting anything from the BNP. Either way it is a win win situation for Nationalism which means our race and nation wins!

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