Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Liverpool Mike Whitby BNP meeting shame.

Steven Greenhalgh (right) David Bell (middle). Recent photo taken from the newly formed Independent Liverpool Nationalist group meeting.

Last night saw a new low in Merseyside Nationalist politics, when Merseyside BNP stalwarts Steven Greenhalgh and current BNP Wirral Organiser David Bell were refused and excluded from the Liverpool BNP monthly meeting, with no reason given. Also in addition up to another twenty people who are part of the Nationalist scene on Merseyside and have long historical roots with the BNP were also refused entry to the meeting.

This decision was made by Mike Whitby the newly installed Liverpool " Nick Griffin Yes Man" Organiser (Pictured below) and assassin of fine long serving Nationalists with unblemished records. Mike Whitby should rise through the BNP ranks fast having such Griffinesque qualities. Quite an oddity though is the fact that Mike Whitby lives in North Wales and he thinks the job of Liverpool Organiser can be conducted from there.

The situation is that this current Liverpool BNP group are so bereft of talent and intelligence Clive Jefferson had to make the decision to give the job to an outsider, as long as he was a Nick Griffin yes man who would ask no questions.

Liverpool BNP Nationalist assassin Mike Whitby

and no doubt acting under instruction by Clive Jefferson, who appointed Mike to the post after Peter Squire resigned as organiser (after being asked to resign) for supporting Eddy Butler in the recent BNP Leadership challenge farce. A BNP leadership challenge that was deeply corrupted by the BNP leadership and Clive Jefferson by having only Nick Griffins name on the ballot paper!

Steven Greenhalgh was the Liverpool BNP organiser from 2004 until June 2009. He stood down at the top, after the election of Nick Griffin to European Office last year. He has stood five times as a local election candidate and was third on the European North West list last year, he was also a parliamentary candidate at the General Election in May.

David Bell who has battled through thick and thin to keep Wirral BNP on the map over the last few years despite serious illness and poor health was also refused, which was a mystery to him.

Both of these men are neither suspended or expelled by the BNP and both are fully paid up life time members. The group of twenty who were refused entry at the venue also by a group of pro Nick Griffin nutters on the venue door of which the democratic process, freedom of speech and freedom of association means nothing to them, a typical Nick Griffin trait.

Video footage of the appalling incident to follow.

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