Friday, 19 March 2010

Peter Tierney Liverpool Crown Court Update.. RETRIAL 14th June.


Today was a day filled with drama at the Peter Tierney trial at Liverpool Crown Court. The presiding Judge discharged the Jury in light of new developments and penned in a retrial with a new sitting Judge for June 14th.

Obviously I would like to state what has happened and what these new developments are, but I cannot for fear of prejudicing the coming retrial in June. What I can say is that Liverpool BNP are "very happy indeed" that there is going to be a retrial. Peter Tierney would like to pass his thanks on to all the well wishers who have passed their best wishes to him by posting comments on this site. Many thanks to our friends over on the Green Arrow site also who have supported us every step of the way.

Lets be clear though, this trial from the very outset is politically motivated by this pathetic Labour Party government and it is a pathetic attempt to incriminate an innocent man with a crime HE NEVER COMMITTED!. It is an absolute disgrace.

I am also told that during the morning, serial fantasist and UAF lunatic Alec McFadden who was in an absolute rage over the retrial decision, inside the court, fell over his briefcase and fell flat on his face!!... Upon getting back to his feet he started swearing in all directions under his breath, his face looking redder than a beetroot so I've been told. I would have paid good money to have witnessed that happening!

Peter Tierney has had one day of support at this trial. For the retrial he has requested no further day of support at the Crown Court.The first one cannot be bettered he states and he knows every one's thoughts will be with him, when he hopes to clear his name finally from these false, politically motivated charges.

Many thanks again to Merseyside police over the course of the three day trial for keeping the rabble of the UAF under control. Without their common sense policing approach the UAF Communist lunatics under the orders of their lunatic, deranged Union boss would have kicked off like a pack of wild dogs without a moments hesitation. So Cheers to Merseyside police for that.

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