Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Labour Party Scum!!


When it comes to calling the Labour Party "scum", I don't need much of an invite to use them particular words of description for them. I hate them, I detest the Muslim appeasing, anti British Labour Party with a passion. I have made it one of my life's ambitions to expose them as exactly what they are and that's a bunch of Communist traitors posing and masquerading as British politicians.

One of our regular contributors has contacted me with a Daily Mail article that was published on March 20th titled "Is there a sinister Labour plot to stop British troops voting in the election?".. I have to be honest I do not buy newspapers any more, however the Mail was my usual choice when I did purchase them. As soon as the Mail started printing nonsense and lies about the BNP regularly, without the BNP having any right of reply on comments sections, I then decided to save my money instead. Hey the online paper is free anyway.

Going back to the Mail article though and the question of Whether or not the Labour Party are trying to stop British troops voting in the election, I have to say it is patently clear that they are going to do anything and everything they can to stop the soldiers from voting at the next General Election. The reason for this is that the majority of the soldiers vote BNP, this Labour Party Government have to put a stop to this by any means they have at their disposal.

Gordon Brown is a traitor to Britain and so are the Labour Party. They send our troops overseas to fight in political wars, illegal wars and they come back in body bags every week. The only recognition the dead serviceman get from the politicians is a name announcement every week at Prime Ministers Question Time. When the day of judgement arrives for the Labour Party and the country needs a hangman for all the Labour Party traitors, my CV is ready for posting. The wages I will require is nil, to hang the Labour Party traitors will be my pleasure!

To read the Daily Mail article click on the ORANGE headline above.

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