Monday, 15 March 2010

Echo to print BNP reply to lies about the Fazakerley Incident!

The Echo has agreed to print the following reply in its paper on the 17th of March (Wednesday):

I am responding to the article of February 19 headlined “BNP targets home of city’s ex-Lord Mayor”.
The report stated that a group of BNP supporters had been accused of hurling abuse over a loudspeaker outside the home of Cllr Steve Rotherham on the day of the council by-election in Fazakerley.
The only thing that went out over a loud speaker was a pre-recorded message of “Vote Peter Stafford on 18th February”.
Liverpool BNP were carrying out their democratic right of campaigning when somebody phoned the police and made a complaint. At no time was this a “demo”.
BNP members were questioned by Merseyside Police officers, who decided that no offences had been committed or laws broken.

Steven Greenhalgh
Media liaison officer
Merseyside British National Party

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