Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Liverpool Crown court BNP heroes to UAF zeroes

Today saw "super activist" Peter Tierney along with a few of his Liverpool BNP supporters appearing at Liverpool Crown Court. Peter appearing on what we know is a false charge of "ABH accusations" instigated by fantastical accusations made by the Labour Party sponsored UAF paramilitary terrorist organisation and James Roberts (pictured below). Roberts was confrontational throughout the day,and Liverpool BNP had to be alert to his schizophrenic spontaneous violent outbursts!

, the UAF henchman was later to be convicted of a despicable violent offence against one of the innocent BNP public patriots! Some photo's for you to look at of today's developments below.

Liverpool BNP hero Peter Tierney along with a few of his supporters today.

During the proceedings from magistrates to Crown Court a particularly nasty piece of work is pictured below. "Liverpool tool", UAF Phil is a tormented soul who always seems to have a bad case of the worms, forever fidgeting with a contorted pained expression on his face, speaking into a mobile phone. When he is not crying to serial fantasist and Communist liar and tom pepper Alec McFadden he's moaning to the Police about Liverpool BNP tactics about photographing everything the UAF do.

Below we have another three lowlifes as of yet two are unidentified, the person in the overcoat with the scarf we believe is a high ranking solicitor from a North Liverpool solicitors firm, his name is Frank Dillon. Why did you try and get the photographer arrested Frank?.... More to follow on this, watch this space!!

Frank's gone... Now what are they saying?... Typical Merseyside police tactics, after Dillon complained the police moved in and moved the freelance photographer on.

All in all a great day apart from the "UAF MOANING SCUM" and indirect support from an "identified person" to the UAF, which is deeply troubling and an affront to the legal profession and its impartiality. Merseyside BNP whilst being law abiding find it "deeply worrying" that a solicitors firm appears to have sympathies with a highly violent and Labour party sponsored paramilitary terror group, which is the UAF. More to follow.

A part of the UAF paramilitary philosophy against "super activist Tony Ward"...Liverpool BNP are truly blessed by having such outstanding activists in their ranks as Tony and Peter. Without the both of them Liverpool BNP would not be where it is today.

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