Sunday, 20 December 2009

Liverpool BNP City street activism, despite UAF threats.

Liverpool BNP were out in the city Saturday to distribute our literature to the Christmas shopping public.Despite a concerted effort of intimidation from the Communist Labour Party sponsored thugs our BNP activists stood their ground. The usual rabble of UAF drug addicts and layabouts were there to throw their incoherent insults and threats but we will not be intimidated by these Labour Party Communist fascists

Here's an interesting photo, a Communist with a new banner the BNP in Liverpool had never seen before, what its got to do with politics is anyone's guess. I wonder if this fellas employer knows what he's doing when he should be tramping the Liverpool City centre streets publicising his employers shop instead of throwing insults at us here.

More insults and threats are directed at us by this UAF labour thug. Even his mate had to tell him to keep quiet as he was scaring the shoppers away, but a lot of good that did and hardly a good advert for his employers shop!. By this time a passing BNP supporting member of the public, horrified at the threats directed at us phoned the police. Credit to the Police who must have been watching the unfolding events from one of the camera lamp posts were there in no time.

The police telling the Labour Party UAF thugs to shut up. This was a good moment and one which vindicates the BNP'S right to "freedom of expression". We will have NO ONE telling us where and when to distribute our literature, especially from this bunch of Labour Party UAF Communist traitors.

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