Friday, 4 December 2009

Fantastic Liverpool BNP monthly meeting

The Merseyside BNP contingent fresh from having a week off after our efforts in finishing an admirable third place in the Halewood South By Election held their monthly meeting last night in Liverpool South.

The sixty strong audience listened to the announcements from the Liverpool Organiser Peter Squire on what Liverpool BNP has been doing since their last meeting on Sept 24th.

Following on from these announcements there was a short speech from local activist Gary Aronsson on the Labour Party and the abandonment of that party to the Knowsley constituency voters. This was followed by the buffet break and raffle.

The main guest speaker of the night was Arthur Kemp who gave a speech on the historical indigenous people's of Britain and his slant on the equalities Commission's attempts to shut the BNP down. This speech had the audience transfixed and were treated to a half hour question and answer session to finish off the night. Arthur richly deserved the standing ovation he received at the end of the night.

The raffle and collection raised £310 which will be used for our upcoming Parliamentary challenges to the LibLabCon traitors in the coming General election in May 2010.

Click on the ORANGE headline above read the meeting report on the main BNP website.

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