Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The reason I dont buy a TV licence, and never will

I stopped buying my Daily Mail newspaper a few years ago, that saved me three quid a week. But the biggest con and legalised theft to the country, apart from the crooked MP'S, must go to the scum BBC and their TV licence.

I wont go into too much detail here but since leaving school many many years ago I have only paid for that TV licence twice. I did this to keep the peace with my then terrified partner who was petrified of a bailiff climbing through an open window in the house during summer when I was at work.

All we have heard about on the news all day is about some crooked "convicted" filthy drug dealing Muslim being executed in China. The fact he was a crap singer is irrelevant. All the liberal left ethnic minority appeasers in this country can shout all they want, this Muslim got what he deserved.

The fact that the BBC find a "plastic British drug dealer" a more newsworthy story that deserves more airtime than three of our "true British" soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan is utterly appalling and merely enforces my decision never to give the BBC a penny of my money.

I will go to Jail first before I give the BBC a penny.

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