Monday, 10 August 2009

Liverpool BNP to campaign at Communist TUC visit in September

The TUC congress which will be held in Liverpool this year will be actively campaigned by the BNP, against the Anti British Communists who will be attending. We will be having a few table top sales outside during the hate filled meeting and distributing leaflets and papers indicating to the public about the fascist nature and danger that communism in Britain poses.

The Russian and Chinese communist sympathisers will be shipping in "Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC) General Secretary Salvador Valdes Mesa" who will be addressing delegates at Congress to whip the communists attending into an hypnotic frenzy. The Communist event takes place between Monday 14 and Thursday 17 September 2009 in Liverpool.

Topics amongst the 85 motions to be debated in Liverpool during the 141st Congress include campaigning against the BNP.

Communism is responsible for more deaths in the last century than were responsible for deaths in the second world war putting Hitler to shame. A well known Merseyside Union leader has been heard on radio Merseyside talking to his mate Roger Phillips saying what a great job the Chinese are doing, despite the Chinese Government having murdered millions of their own people. No doubt this union leader struts around in a communist uniform whilst hero worshiping the Russian mass murderer Stalin.

Communists are not wanted in Liverpool and neither is their message of hate!

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