Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Merseysides biggest hero to Merseysides biggest McMuppet!!

Merseysides No 1 hero, Peter Tierney

Merseysides No1 pathetic zero and clown Alec McFadden

Reports are coming in that Alec McFadden was running around like a headless chicken this morning at Liverpool magistrates court. He had a face like a beetroot with embarrassment when the penny had dropped that him and his drug addict UAF mates had been set up.

Merseyside BNP decided in the interests of public safety to cancel our protest last week. The only thing was we didn't tell the Labour party sponsored rabble outside the magistrates court today!

Despite the best efforts also of McFaddens "hired UAF criminals" doing their best to intimidate Peter Tierney with "whispered threats" of violence in the waiting area, Peter just laughed at the pathetic low-life's.

In all fairness the reports I'm getting were that the police were magnificent today, inside and outside the court. Despite McFaddens criminals doing their best to pick a fight in the magistrates waiting area, the police were on top of their game and would have controlled the Labour Party rabble easily. So thank you "today" Merseyside police for controlling McFaddens fifteen protesters who turned up with the intention as usual of acting unlawful earlier, inside and outside the court.

Alec see you in September when Merseyside BNP will be having a "massive" protest!..Or will we?

From Merseysides number one hero Peter Tierney to the zero that is Alec McFadden, we go to Merseysides number one pervert and convicted paedophile and cannibal the Liverpool Echo's own Laurence Westgaph.

While "political lefty" headless chickens are the order of the day its also affecting the Liverpool Echo "spin doctors". Despite this pervert and paedophile Westgaph having a lust for under age girls the Liverpool Echo states they had no prior knowledge of his taste for under age girls or female minors! Also they deny the paedophile is in the Liverpool Echo's employ..What!!??...Not in their employ??. So he worked for free then?..Well who's articles calling the BNP fit to burn in the Echo have I been reading recently. It looks like Westgaph but hey it could be Gary Glitter in disguise eh!

What they stated "politely" to me is that they have had to let this disgusting pervert go... The Liverpool Echo have sacked him in other words. There is a new future proffesion for him in the boxing ring. The convicted rapist Mike Tyson would be a good mentor for Westgaph. The only difference is that Mike Tyson chews off peoples ears, While canibal and paedophile Westgaph has a taste for eating peoples fingers and for under age girls. Laurence Westgaph and Mike Tyson are made for each other.

To read the full Laurence Westgaph article click on the ORANGE McMuppet headline above. As for me I'm going to have a few shorts of the single malt kind followed by a chicken vindaloo. Yes that's right. Just because I am in the BNP I do eat Indian food. That's something else McFadden and the Liverpool Echo probably said we don't do and that's eat foreign food. Guess what I always give a very good tip as well, an extra generous tip after today's hilarious developments.

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