Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Onwards and upwards

After drinking everything that is alcoholic for the last two days I suppose that I can now put a few sentences together to say a few words about those anti democratic lunatics that are Merseysides own sponsored idiots . I recall someone saying that Merseyside has always been a fascist free zone.

This is not exactly correct, in fact it has never been correct, because the fascists have always been on Merseyside. They are the fascist Labour party and their paid UAF, Searchlight scum thugs. A typical fascist thug is pictured below, they work in the shadows and in groups generally attacking BNP democrats when they are on their own.

Now that we have a legally elected BNP representative in the North West we have at long last a voice of ours on Merseyside. The police have for example a duty of care to protect the BNP member of the European parliament Nick Griffin. I certainly hope the police will come down heavily now on the likes of Alec McFadden and the fascist criminals with which he associates with when he continually tries to disrupt the democratic process, a tactic which he copies from his communist Russian hero Stalin.

Another one who has to get a mention is Steve Radford. Whilst I do believe that Steve Radford is anti European his motives for joining Alec McFadden in the false flag party "yes to this no to that" party are all to obvious. Just a few words of advice to Steve Radford as well as regards his dress sense. Its obvious that he trys to model himself on Simon Cowell, but come on Steve you must know where your waist is. When you put your trousers on why fasten your trousers at armpit level, Simon Cowel gets away with it because he is a millionaire, you are not a millionaire and you have a terrible style of clothing sense.

For any reading this who think I have exaggerated, I am just getting news that Nick Griffin has been attacked by a mob throwing eggs and bottles in London. You guessed it, the UAF are responsible.

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