Sunday, 14 June 2009

Diane Abbott, untalented window dressing?..I think so.

After listening to all the ungracious crap that I've been listening to over the last week from political parties opposed to the BNP due to our MEP victories, I find it easy to understand why people are flocking to and being drawn to the BNP family in their hundreds of thousands.

Opposing views we at the BNP have no problem with especially if the points raised are of particular value and of reasonable intelligence which can be debated. But it is particularly galling when "professional Blacks" such as Diane Abbott continually come out with bile and crap with her worthless contributions denouncing the BNP. People like her who inwardly detest "white British identity" I suspect keeps the Nationalistic drive going in me.

Her latest worthless contribution and I quote "Nick Griffin is entitled to protection from acts of criminality. Furthermore, he is entitled to express his views. But throwing eggs at politicians is not a crime - it is a grand British tradition. I am surprised that a party that claims to be British nationalists is not more appreciative of it"..(Observer Sun 14/6/2009)

A few months ago on the "This week" BBC1 with Andrew Neil programme she came out with another "Diane Abbott pearler" stating that she had received a BNP leaflet through the door and that she was horrified with the message of hate that was inside the leaflet. Andrew Neil obviously intrigued what the message of hate was asked her what did the leaflet say, Diane Abbott who clearly had made up the story about the leaflet was left stuttering, umming and arring thinking of what response she could give having not expected the question from Andrew Neil.

If telling porkies makes Diane Abbott feel important then go for it. Be careful what you say though about "grand British traditions", as the next time you are in Liverpool I hope you don't complain when you are wearing an omelette overcoat which has been dispensed over you from a patriotic Nationalistic bystander.

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