Thursday, 18 June 2009

Peter Kilfoyle living in fantasy land.

Whatever you do don't criticise Peter Kilfoyle, heaven forbid you should question this "do nothing" member of Parliament. His latest garbled outburst against one of his own constituents who criticised him in the Anfield Walton comic 18TH June 2009 shows all the signs of a totally detached (from his constituents) member of Parliament.

Living in Kilfoyles warped irrational mind must be an interesting place. The disregard and arrogance which he displays by the man who's got fat (literally, see above picture of Kilfoyle in a white super size vest) from his 16,000 majority knows no bounds.

Kilfoyles world would go something like this:

"How dare you! Don't you know who I am, I'm an MP? So what if I claimed the maximum on the second home allowance. So what if I wanted to keep MP's fiddling (sorry) expenses secret from you the riff raff. So what if I received hundreds of emails requesting an EU referendum, then it translates to having received one on the EU...Oh lets not forget the flat earth society while we are at it, I have had loads,thousands in fact of emails on that subject"

I think everyone gets the drift. I know I say it every time Kilfoyle pops up on this blog, but his articles are hilarious in their content, because he is so hollow with his comments. Its highly likely that this do nothing Walton Labour Party MP will get re-elected at the next election, mainly because of his majority and this is a tragedy for the Walton constituency.

You know Peter Kilfoyle is living in fantasy land also when he states in his Anfield Walton comic that the "majority" of MP'S have done no wrong, "most are honest" (what??!!) and they are "hard working" (yeh eating in restaurants). Why should any of us give his comments any serious consideration, because Peter Kilfoyle say's "believe me" (oh dear)

Peter, I would rather believe a compulsive liar than believe anything you tell me.

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